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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by Jeff on 23rd August 2017  

G said that not many people wear plastic macs when it rains. True, but I am one of the few who do. I mainly wear
my see-through plastic mac or jacket when on holidays, Blackpool, Edinburgh, North Yorks Moors Railway, Derbyshire, Northumberland, Llangollen, Scilly Isles, Stratford-on Avon and many more places. Only a couple of weeks ago I could be seen walking in the rain near Abergavenny (not far from where I live) wearing my see-through plastic mac.

Rob described Beth's mac as "transparent but not completely, if that makes sense". Of course it makes sense, Rob. It could also be described as semi-see-through or translucent (a term used to describe plastic macs in the mail order catalogues of the 1950's).

I hope that Rob, G, Susan and others continue to leave comments on this site as I, for one, find them very interesting.

Thanks, Jeff

Comments by Rob on 17th August 2017  

Hi G we are going to Wales so if we have any rain this week I will definitely put another comment on here.

Comments by G on 16th August 2017 

Hi Rob yes please let's hear your comments plastic macs nylon macs pacamacs people comment on them all they are macs that's what is important

Comments by Rob on 15th August 2017  

Hello G Ok I really will if you are sure they are great. If you like to hear more about unfolding macs and putting them on when it starts to rain then I can write some more about this because it happens quite a lot especially in the summer with sun and then all the showers and also thunder storms! Rob

Comments by G on 15th August 2017 

Hello Rob good to hear from you thought we had lost you love that unfolding of a plastic mac and a new one out of the packet marvellous I don't live in Wales now but you are correct it does rain a lot there feel free to email me and please keep posting these great comments

Comments by Rob on 14th August 2017  

Hi G thank you for your nice comments it is nice that you enjoy ours. We havent got any pakamacs but as other people are posting other comments on here now I thought it would be OK especially when we read about the lady in Berwick because this happens to us a lot. When we were at logan gardens in Scotland a lady said she liked our macs and asked us where we got them and because Beths was brand new we could actually tell her. You asked if it is transparent well it is but not completly if that makes sense and you said you remember how ladies used to fold up their plastic macs and then when it started to rain they would unfold them and put them on well this is exactly what happened because it was still folded up in the packet it came in. Because they fold up so easily they are really good for days like this which is probably why other people ask us about them. It only rained a few days so I hope this is OK but I think we might be in for a lot more rain when we go to Wales because I think August is one of the wettest months. Hope that is OK. Robin

Comments by beverley mr on 14th August 2017 

Have clicked on alans e mail but nothing happens

Comments by Susan on 14th August 2017

I was wearing one of my Airforce Blue nylon Pakamac style macs on Friday when I was shopping in a Morrisons supermarket, where the checkout lady said how much she would like a mac like that. It made me think that if there were more ladies like that, traditional nylon macs would still be available.
We had only a shortish conversation about macs and that I was always in that branch wearing one of my many macs. Which is true because it rains regularly in Berwick and I always have a nylon mac on or sometimes a plastic mac.

Comments by Alan on 4th August 2017 

Whilst I do enjoy leaving comments on this site l find it difficult to have any direct conversation with anyone because of other comments about other things are entwined.
l would really like to chat in depth with any genuine plastic raincoat lover, so please feel free to email me if anyone feels the same as me. Alan

Comments by beverley mr on 28th July 2017 

What is it about a plastic mackintosh, like alan i was first drawn to plastic macs at about 11. loved to see the girls wearing their macs. longed for wet summer days so could see them. shame they are all but gone. What do i get out of wearing my mackintosh can't explain . Just know when i have got my plastic or nylon mackintosh on just do not want to take it off.

Comments by G on 27th July 2017

Hi Rob yes I do enjoy your comments and sure many others do as well it will be a rail shame if you stop other people leave comments that are not to your taste just read the ones that are really hope that you and Beth continue to comment it makes the site great

Comments by Rob on 23rd July 2017  

Hi G yes we think we have experienced our share of rainy days and it is nice that you enjoy hearing about them. But I also understand that it is perhaps not interesting for everyone and i really understand this. But thank you for your nice comments. Rob

Comments by G on 20th July 2017 

Hello Rob yes I would love to hear about your experiences in the rain I respect your views about this site I can't off hand think of another site feel free to contact me hope I don't lose your fantastic comments really enjoy reading them G

Comments by Rob on 19th July 2017  

Hi G we just found it by luck it was quite small so I don't think it would have a website or anything like that. Perhaps you can buy these macs from another online shop? Thank you for your nice comment and it is kind of you to say this but reading some of the other comments I think this site is perhaps really for pakamacs and we don't have any experiences like this. If you would like to hear about us in the rain perhaps there is a another site for this? Rob

Comments by G on 18th July 2017  

Hi Rob yes fantastic comments has the shop a web site not many shops sell plastic Mac's love to visit the shop did you find it by luck or do you know about it give my regards to Beth.

Comments by Stephen on 18th July 2017 

Hello Alan, I fully agree, and understand, everything you have said, for I too was in eactly the same situation, so wanting one of those soft smooth filmy grey Pakamacs, and like yourself, there were many around at that time. But more luckily, I actually persuaded my parents to get me one, and I just loved wearing it, thinking nothing of the jeers I sometimes got from other boys, calling me Pakamac. I still have some, and will never part with them, So please don't think you are alone in this, thare are others about who would truly like to see this site return to what it was initially entended to be. Thank you for reminding us all of that, Stephen.

Comments by Alan on 16th July 2017  

Just been reading some of the old comments left here on this Pakamac site. l along with several others are there making our comments when the site first became available in 2007 where have those ten years gone. The site was here for comments on the Original Pakamacs which were as most of you know Plastic. l was around 11 years old when l first got the chance to try one on. l was drawn to them and not really sure why, l was at school this particular wet day and Pakamacs were very very popular and the cloakroom was filled with them. L ask to leave the lesson for toilet.

making straight for the cloakroom l made sure no one was about and l slipped a pakamac of the hook and put it on me and fastened it up. The effect was unbelievable and at that age found it difficult to understand the feeling l got.

coming from a poor family l dare not ask for one so l waited and waited and noticed that someone had left a pakamac in the cloakroom and it had stayed there for weeks and weeks. l eventually decided that no one wanted or needed it so l took it home that afternoon.

l walked the back way home through the fields and by the allotments it was very secluded so out came this mac and l slipped lt on again and the effect was the same again.

The reason l write this is because 1200 or so comments no one has actually said what the real effect of wearing plastic pakamacs is, has you all guessed from my story my first sexual experience was induced by wearing a plastic pakamac.

l would love to hear others experiences in plastic pakamacs, after all that is what this site was all about.

Comments by Rob on 16th July 2017  

Hello G thank you you always make nice comments here. If you are sure then yes I will write as much as I can but I think it is not always very interesting to hear about other peoples holidays! We got the macs from a shop that sold lots of different things that were mostly low cost it was near Ayr. We have not really needed them since we got back from Scotland because it has been mostly sunny but that is only two weeks ago. Yes they are completely transparent and similar to the ones Beth has already. They are made by RAIN. On the packet it says ladies vinyl raincoat and says heavy waterproof vinyl and full size and folds compactly so I think this is exactly what you were saying a lot of ladies used to have. We are really pleased with them I hope this is OK I will write a bit more about the holiday and especially the wet days when we had to wear them if this is OK for you? Rob

Comments by G on 15th July 2017  

Hello Rob yes I would love to hear more about it have you had a opportunity to wear your Mac's since Scotland love to know were the shop is are your Mac's transparent great stuff Rob keep it coming please G

Comments by Rob on 14th July 2017  

Hi G, yes definitely. Because there are quite a few houses and gardens in this part of Scotland we had to visit some even when it was raining. And we were also quite lucky this time because we found a shop that sells plastic macs and we have been trying to buy new ones for a long time. We found this was before we went to Culean castle so that was really good because we had them when we went there. I don't know if this is the sort of thing you would like to hear about but please let me know if you would like me to write anymore. Rob

Comments by G on 13th July 2017  

Hello Rob I not familiar with the places you mentioned did you both wear your plastic Mac's on the wet days?not many people do these days unfortunately

Comments by Rob on 12th July 2017  

I think it probably depends where you are G. I think I read somewhere that it has been quite wet in some places. We have just come back from Scotland and one day it was lovely and the next day it was raining. The day we went to culean castle it absolutely bucketed down and it rained when we went to logan garden last week.

Comments by G on 9th July 2017  

Where has everyone gone? I know that the weather has been dry sure somebody has some Mac tales to tell you gone quite Rob have you got any plastic Mac experiences to tell us

Comments by G on 19th May 2017  

Hi Susan sadly I have to agree with you the times have really changed why I really don't know I still think. if someone young in the headlines where to be seen wearing a plastic Mac it would start a trend well I live in hope

Comments by Susan on 16th May 2017

Is it possible that the demise of the nylon pakamac is related to the gradual passing of a generation rather than a changing of tastes in fashion? There simply weren't enough of us left to keep it viable. This forum is our last refuge, along with our dwindling collections.

I only say this having been party to many a conversation with older ladies in the past, over a shop rail of nylon macs. As I am in my 60s now, many of these ladies I guess, will have passed on.

Comments by G on 15th May 2017  

Hi Rob maybe you are right but I.think.there has been a large change with. people women used to carry a mac over there arm if it wasn't raining how often do you see that now sadly I. don't think we will ever see again

Comments by Beverley mr on 13th May 2017 all mails answered

Comments by Rob on 12th May 2017  

Not really G but we have had quite a lot of practice trying to put on plastic macs and not get wet getting out of the car in the rain. I can think of lots of times we have had to do that and I think we are quite good at it now! It is not very easy to stay dry so perhaps this is why some people just run for it.

Comments by G on 10th May 2017  

Hi Rob do you or Beth wear a mac when driving in a downpour I see ladies jump. out of cars into the supermarket in just t-shirts just wondering what your observations are

Comments by G on 8th May 2017  

Hi Susan just been looking at your web site what a wonderful collection of macs you have the transparent mac and the original plastic Mac are wonderful they look so clean and new well done thank. you for sharing them

Comments by Susan on 5th May 2017

Just in the north east of Scotland G, but that was around 9 years ago, in shops that have now sadly closed. I preferred to look in places that would cater for passing visitors rather than locals. People passing through who might just need the protection of a 'cheaper' mac when the weather caught them out.

Comments by G on 4th May 2017  

Hi Susan yes I wear a mac myself when driving just wondering if you have come across a stock of pac a macs when driving about?

Comments by Susan on 3rd May 2017

Well I personally wear a mac while I'm driving, whether it's a plastic mac or a nylon mac. It's always a trat to be driving somewhere new in the vain hope that I'll find some undiscovered backwater that still has a stock of Pakamacs!

Comments by G on 2nd May 2017  

Hi Susan good to hear from you I do remember macs on the parcel shelf of cars I asked one lady in a downpour didn't she have a mac she said I got the car can't drive wearing a mac what ever the reason its a shame

Comments by Susan on 1st May 2017

I'm not so sure what part cars have played in the demise of the Pakamac. At one time, when I was younger, the sight of a plastic mac or nylon mac rolled up on the parcel shelf, was
a common one.

Comments by Rob on 25th April 2017  

yes I'm sure that's right and many shops are also covered now so perhaps there is not quite the same demand for them. A lot of people have asked us where we got ours so I still think it is partly because you can't buy them in the shops. That's the thing I don't really understand. My wife says if you fold them carefully you can get them smaller to take on days out.

Comments by G on 25th April 2017  

Hi I sometimes think cars have played a part why don't seem to wear macs now they just dash out of cars into the shop most women seemed to have a mac once and if not raining they would carry it over the arm can't remember the last time I saw that

Comments by G on 24th April 2017  

Hi Rob I remember buying a nylon mac from Army and Navy stores the young lady assistant folded it up so expertly I could never fold them like that I think some ladies use to roll plastic macs up. sadly there is nothing like that these days.

Comments by Rob on 23rd April 2017  

Sorry I meant I can't really understand why they stopped making them. We've had lots of people ask us where we bought ours.

Comments by Rob on 23rd April 2017  

Yes I know what you mean. I think there is a special way because my wife can fold them up really small. Because they fold up easily is why I think people really like them. You can take them anywhere and put them on when it rains. Which is usually does! As I said I can really understand why they stopped making them.

Comments by G on 23rd April 2017  

Hi Rob you said you fold your macs up I remembered how ladies use to fold so tidy their plastic macs up then when it started to rain they would unfold them and put them on happy days never see that now most a pity

Comments by Rob on 22nd April 2017  

I agree G they might not be fashionable but they are really practical and its nice not to have to worry that it might rain if you are out for the day which is what usually happens to us!

Comments by G on 22nd April 2017  

Hi Rob I am no follower of fashion but a lot of women are and whatever is new in the shops usually sells I am getting on myself but still love pac a macs

Comments by Rob on 20th April 2017  

I'm not sure about other countries G. The furthest east we've been is Norfolk and the weather was really nice there! I haven't really thought about plastic macs being in fashion. I don't think ours are! But then you don't worry so much when its pouring down and you just want to stay dry but maybe thats just us and our age!

Comments by G on 20th April 2017  

Hi Rob good to hear your comments again plastic macs seem to be more popular in Asian countries and some South America countries sadly here everything has to be the latest fashion think you would need a celebrity to start wearing one welcome back Rob

Comments by Rob on 19th April 2017  

I don't know if it helps but I think ladies wear macs just to stay dry and plastic macs because they fold up easily and you can take them with you when the weather is changeable, at least that's my wife anyway! I think the reason you don't see people wearing them so much now is because it's really hard to find them in the shops and not because people don't want to buy them. I'm really surprised no-one has started making packamacs again because I'm sure they would still be popular.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 15th April 2017  

Hi Jean thank you for your honest comments it's refreshing to hear honest answers I searched for a lady who really likes plastic macs but in vain don't really THINK one exits sadly but you right life is to short

Comments by Frank Barnard on 15th April 2017  

Hi Jean thank you for your honest comments it's refreshing to hear honest answers I searched for a lady who really likes plastic macs but in vain don't really THINK one exits sadly but you right life is to short

Comments by Jean on 15th April 2017  

Frank, I am male and wear plastic macs and nylon macs for myself. I don't hide my interest in the hope that I please a woman, nor do I search in vain for a woman who shares my interest. Logic dictates that some women must share our interest in wearing plastic macs or even nylon macs but life is too short for fruitless searches and should be enjoyed if possible.

I am easily recognisable where I live through my 'trademark' navy blue nylon mac, which I wear most days, rain or shine. I am proud to wear these foldaway raincoats. My plastic macs come out on occasion but tend to be kept for the more inclemment weather, to limit perspiration.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 5th April 2017  

Hello Jean I read your interesting comments with great interest but am confused to knowing if you are male or female?