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Posted by John Mellor on 11th July 2007 

This is such a well presented and professional looking site I was looking for the catch and guess what there ain't one.Just a fantastic site WOW, if you need any pics for your site let me know what you need.If I can help I most certainly will. Thank-you so much for putting it all together

Posted by George Dickinson on 7th July 2007  

Thanks for the opportunity of viewing the Hick Hargreaves photos. They are quite remarkable,beautifully sharp, and technically fascinating. The varieties of flywheel construction are most instructive.
All done without computers!

Posted by Robert on 3rd July 2007  

Wonderful site - well done. Many memories rekindled.

Posted by edith winstanley on 2nd June 2007  

just got back from sons down south, it made his day wehn i gave him wigan world website it is excelent.

Posted by Razov Effworth on 14th March 2007  

Excellent photos & well constructed site - a credit to webmeister- especially private collection of Wigan Miners - my family were involved in mining in Wigan & Leigh area - so very interesting to view characters and conditions. Keep it up

Posted by Jim on 4th March 2007

Another great site from Brian, a very big well done to you...Content is great and growing by the minute, and presentation is excellent as usual.

Posted by Scotty on 13th February 2007  

Very nice site - I really like the crisp appearance of the pages, so much nicer than so many nowadays being cluttered up with stuff. Definitely a case of "less is more".

Great content, all interesting material to researchers like myself.

Thanks, Scotty.

Posted by Ian on 28th December 2006  

Fantastic site just a pleasure to view and look through and if this is going to be as good as wigan world then it will be great really enjoy wigan world and looks like im gona enjoy view this site THANKS BRIAN

Posted by Jainne Groves on 25th November 2006 

brilliant site need more info on champion and wilton any knowledge would be greatly appreciated thanks

Posted by Kera on 28th October 2006  

I needed to print out information for my school project and i coudn't print out any pictures because they where to big lenths wise to fit on one piece of paper and i really needed the pictures

Posted by Claire on 17th August 2006

I like your site better than the site with a similar name.

Posted by gater on 8th August 2006  

Looks like another great site Brian.Well done

Posted by Jacko on 1st August 2006 

Excellent new site - congratulations - look foward to seeing more of the old stuff, I have added already your photo - Wigan Miners Strike 1921 - to my collection.
Thank you & good luck

Posted by mary on 22nd July 2006 

looks as though another great informative and lively site is up and running.... well done.. love it

Posted by Will on 25th May 2006 

This has the potential to be an extremely good and useful site there is not enough photographic / pictoral history available on the net yet!
Wiganworld is terrific and this is in the same league.Thank tou Brian

Posted by copperhead on 19th May 2006  keithguest 

Great addition to the site Brian. Look forward to seeing it develope. Thanks.

Posted by John Cottom on 17th May 2006 

A big well done Brian yet another great ideia from you i shall be watching this site often.

Posted by christy on 21st April 2006  

I am new to the computer, but very interested in Wigan. I just could not beleive the extent of the contents on Wigan World. Only today have I found the history site. I must say a BIG well done. You must have put endless hours of work into this, you deserve our heartiest congratulations.

Posted by geoff on 3rd April 2006  

i can see historyworld will be every bit as interesting as wiganworld.hours of interest and pleasure for all.fantastic!!.keep up the good work brian.

Posted by Dave Marsh on 2nd April 2006 

Looks very much like yet another site that I will be returning to again and again.A good book always grabs me on the first page and I can't wait to see what's coming next on historyworld.Another winner for Brian.