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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by Beverly mr on 15th October 2019 

At present i have on seethru blue plastic mackintosh with hood and belt. Later i will be out wearing nylon mackintosh for all outside time today.

Comments by Beverly mr on 12th October 2019 

now well into what i call mackintosh season. In season wear a mackintosh for all outdoor time. In house this morning doing my housework wearing my girdle knickers and petticoat under my thin navy blue pakamac . MMMM that shhrart noise from my pakamac as i move about.

Comments by Hugh on 22nd August 2019 

Anyone living, or visiting the North Wales area, interested in a meet?

Comments by Beverly mr on 14th August 2019 

looks like set in for good ole wet day. any outdoor time today i will be wearing my navy nylon mackintosh even if rain stops and sun comes out. spending morning at home in cream c & a mackintosh.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 13th August 2019  

Hican anyone tell me where I can buy a full length nylon Mac only rain jackets for sale man told me no demand for full length

Comments by Hugh on 12th August 2019 

I fail to see your frustration frankly, Frank. Where' your serious contribution to the discussion, then?

Comments by Frank.Barnard on 11th August 2019  

Hi I have been away for a while nothing much changed no serious talk about Macs just silly talk about wearing macs in the house give me strenthmp35q

Comments by Beverly mr on 9th August 2019 

rain here today and forecast for the day of shower.I will be out in my mackintosh fully done up and hood up for all outside time today.Even if bright spell.

Comments by Hugh on 5th August 2019 

Me too, Beverley. It is important to broadcast the fact. Always carry a spare too, just in case....

Comments by Beverly mr on 4th August 2019 

I never go out without a mackintosh. Even in hot dry days. I carry my mackintosh so it can be seen. So anyone that cares to notice they can see i am a mackintosh wearing person.

Comments by Hugh on 3rd August 2019 

Well done Susan and Beverley for keeping nylon macks in the public consciousness. If only we were geographically closer, we could go on a wonderful mackintosh walk together.

Comments by Beverly mr on 1st August 2019 

just had few days by sea. Tues day windy with lot of showers. So had day in nylon mackintosh with hood up. Kept mackintosh on with hood up including sunny periods.

Comments by Susan on 1st August 2019

I don't know Hugh, there have been some lovely downpours lately. I spent a lovely full day out last week, in heavy rain, wearing one of my Genuine Pakamac Plastic Raincoats all the time, shopping. The rest of the time, I've never been without one of my beloved navy blue nylon macs, just in case.

Comments by Hugh on 31st July 2019 

It seems that posts on here, like the weather, have been running dry, of late. Let's hope the recent change brings out the mackintoshes.

Comments by Beverly mr on 10th July 2019 

starting the day wearing my red nylon mackintosh as a house coat. Nothing over it if fam come down not going to worry this is my house.

Comments by Beverly mr on 9th July 2019 

Having a bit of time in my yellow plastic mackintosh while family in bed.have house coat over mackintosh in case fam come down. In a while will do my ironing in my bedroom then can get house coat off and work in just my mackintosh and bra.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 8th July 2019 

Any time, Hugh. Rainwear enthusiasts, and Pakamac enthusiasts in particular, deserve the best, and ONLY the best.

Comments by Hugh on 5th July 2019 

Ah, poetry, and in my honour too. Thank you, Brian.

Comments by Beverly mr on 5th July 2019 

well done . I have family with me a present. However when alone i always start the day in mackintosh. Always wearing a mackintosh when viewing this or any rainwear page. Beverly

Comments by Brian Humphries on 4th July 2019 

Good for you!
Mac-clad Hugh,
In your navy blue!

Comments by Hugh on 3rd July 2019 

Well the weather, of late, has not been great for the likes of us discerning gentlemen, keen to don a mackintosh at the slightest hint of rain.

I'm sure that others amongst you adapt to this by dressing at home. I, for one, am writing this, at my desk, enveloped in a navy blue nylon mackintosh.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 28th June 2019 

Me too. I have three wardrobes in the bedroom, and all of them hangers, chockers full of plastic or nylon macs. Again, no better way to start the day.

Comments by Beverly mr on 28th June 2019 

I have 2 plastic mackintoshes hanging on outside of my wardrope. So they are first thing i see when i wake. Is good way to start my day.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 25th June 2019 

Rainwear beats football any day.

Comments by Beverly mr on 25th June 2019 

It is the people that do not love mackintoshes that are hard to understand. Raining here going out soon mackintosh will be worn even if becomes dry. Beverly.

Comments by Brian Humnphries on 24th June 2019 

Susan, me too. I am a rainwear enthusiast/fetishist/pervert(?)/hopeless case, but I wouldn't be anything else. We're all in this together. Love to you all!!

Comments by Old friend on 22nd June 2019  

Hi Susan yes that photo is the best I have ever seen it's been a big part of my life thank you for it.

Comments by Susan on 21st June 2019

After all these years of wearing plastic macs, I still can't comprehend just how much they have dominated my life. When it comes to Genuine Pakamac Plastic Raincoats though, they completely eclipse any other type of plastic mac, in my opinion. It's no surprise therefore, that I am sitting here wearing two of my men's Genuine Pakamac Plastic Raincoats and it's not even 7 am. I'm just a hopeless case.

PVC-U-LIKE is a wonderful resource along with their sister fashion rainwear site, that Brian refers to. The plastic mac that Old Friend refers to came from there and is indeed one of my favourite plastic macs of all time. I still wear it now again and I feel wonderful in it.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 5th June 2019 

PVC-U-Like, and their associated company, Fashion Rainwear. Just try their zip-up cagoules. Once you have bought one, you will want MORE AND MORE of them, no kidding. Best waterproof wishes to you all.

Comments by Chad on 4th June 2019  

I did a quick look on line and that company is PVC-U-Like if that helps

Comments by Beverly mr on 31st May 2019 

how do i contact the firm in brackly please.

Comments by Nicholas Green on 30th May 2019 


Comments by Old friend on 27th May 2019  

Hi Susan yes I still look at your photos the one with you sitting crossed leg in the transparent plastic mac has had a big effect on me thank you all the best

Comments by Susan on 20th May 2019

I was wondering if anyone here saw a particular men's Genuine Pakamac Plastic Raincoat for sale on eBay, a couple of months ago, that had a less than flattering description alluding to the type of person who might be tempted to buy the mac, let alone wear it? I must admit that even I was surprised.

Basically, the description played upon the stereotype of the sort of guy who wanted to wear a plastic mac. I would have said that it was a stereotype I grew up hearing in the 1960s, not something from the 2010s. It referred to the type of guy who wanted to go out naked, only wearing a plastic mac, seeking sensual fun. Someone who struggled with such desires and was unable to resist the allure of a plastic mac. A stereotype that has probably caused the stigma amongst so many guys, who would never want to be seen in public wearing a plastic mac.

I honestly don't know if it was a joke but I wonder if it backfired and put lots of bidders off.

Why do I ask this? Well, because intriguingly it didn't put me off and I won the auction with little difficulty. I received the plastic Pakamac promptly after the auction ended and was incredibly pleased with it. The garment was a credit to the seller. It has become one of my favourite plastic raincoats. It has pride of place hanging on the back of my bedroom door.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 20th May 2019 

Lovely comment, Susan, as always. Indeed we know who we are, and what a wonderful community this is. Have a lovely waterproof week, Susan, and everyone here.

Comments by Hugh on 20th May 2019 

Sitting in my bay window, which over-looks the towns main thoroughfare, on an over-cast and drizzly morning. such as today. I am constantly disappointed at the distinct lack of any real rain wear being worn. Are all plastic and nylon mackintosh wearers contained within, and limited to, members of this site, I wonder?

Comments by Susan on 17th May 2019

Thank you Beverly, it's lovely to be appreciated. It's important for me to be seen in public as I want to be seen, especially wearing the macs that I adore. It's also so lovely to have made so many friends here and to have developed relationships that I treasure. You know who you are.

Comments by Hugh on 13th May 2019 

Wow, Brian, I had no idea that M&S still did pakamacs. I have one or two nylon ones, I think dating back to the seventies.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 12th May 2019 

I have bought 4 Pakamacs this week-is this a record? From Marks and Spencer, e-bay and Rainmac Trader. One cannot keep such extravagance to oneself. Have a good waterproof week, all of you, especially Susan.

Comments by Hugh on 8th May 2019 

Thank you Brian. I was, in fact, referring to the idea of a pakamac wearers society, and for the gathering of like-minded people, together in one location. Just imagine the rustling and swishing.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 7th May 2019 

Hugh, you already in! Please stay in! Waterproof wishes.

Comments by Hugh on 6th May 2019 

Count me in.

Comments by Beverly mr on 4th May 2019  

susan what a lot of pix on flickr you have gone to a lot of trouble well done.

Comments by Beverly mr on 4th May 2019 

sounds great idea but guess we are spread all over the country .Be nice to have pakama wearers page i would send comments and pix

Comments by Brian Humphries on 3rd May 2019 

We should definitely make a film, "50 Shades of Pakamac Grey".

Comments by Susan on 3rd May 2019

For years and years I've been saying, Brian, that we should have a Pakamac Wearers Society.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 2nd May 2019 

Perhaps all the regular contributors to this website should meet up and have a Pakamac convention-in showery weather, of course. How about it?

Comments by Brian Humphries on 18th April 2019 

At school, every boy's plastic Pakamac told its own story. No two were every exactly alike, especially when rolled up. Pakamacs...plastic pakamacs...sheer heaven. Have a lovely day!

Comments by Beverly mr on 6th April 2019 

plastic mackintoshes are my favourite. But i also have nylon mackintosh for going out. Unless very warm i wear my mackintosh to go out even when dry. always fully done up and if cold or even chance of rain hood up. I have a kink that a strict person is making me wear my mackintosh.

Comments by Plastic Pakamac on 5th April 2019 

I quite agree Beverly, for I wear my plastic rainwear whenever I can, I like them that much, and always have done, ever since I was a young lad.

However, without such long lost manufacturers such as Pakamac – my favourite – and Jiffymac, as well as PlastiMac and others such as Woolworth's used to retail, who flourished in the sixties through to the early eighties, we wouldn’t have the nostalgia we have for them for them today.

And I so agree with you Beverly, plastic raincoats - or whatever you may wish to call them - are so nice to wear whenever one can, to get that – oh so good protective feeling – that nothing else can compare with.