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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by Hugh on 28th March 2020 

All is well. A knock on the door, first thing this morning, postie calls up, signs the item for me and leaves said item on the door step. No points for guessing what 'm wearing as I write.

You are probably right Susan, it has only been the one f its type recently on ebay. Navy blue, four buttons... the usual. I a large size.

P.s my new email is:

Comments by Susan on 27th March 2020

Iíd love to hear more about your new Pakamac, Hugh. I think it may have been the one I was going to bid on but couldnít be around as the auction was ending.

Comments by Beverly mr on 27th March 2020 

sun is out but going to shop soon will be wearing my navy nylon MACKINTOSH.Time home now working and resting in MACKINTOSHES.

Comments by Hugh on 26th March 2020 

Disappointed, this morning, with the Royal mail, whose driver chose to leave me a card, instructing me to go to the sorting office for the package which he should have left for me. He didn't even knock.

Anyway my latest ebay purchase, a navy blue nylon mackintosh, a Pakamac original, still in its packaging, will now have to be redelivered on Saturday. Thankfully, I have several other mackintoshes to keep me entertained'till the. Be nice to talk 'mackintosh' with any of you, and soon.

Comments by Beverly mr on 14th March 2020  macnhood62@mail com 

doing my house work this morning rustling in my navy blue nylon pakamac.

Comments by Beverly mr on 1st March 2020 

I am spending morning wearing my pink plastic mackintosh it is very long and shiny. the belt is tight the hood is up. sun is out just taken some pix in garden with mackintosh on curtsy to all Beverly.

Comments by Beverly mr on 28th February 2020 

what is in word. plastic mac pakamac mackintosh all depends on what you called it when first loved it . myself just love the word mackintosh. would love to hear a woman say i wear a plastic mac or pakamac. or love rainwear. however if the same women said i love to wear my plastic mackintosh and hood i would melt. Bev.

Comments by Hugh on 27th February 2020 

Thank you Old Friend. Glad someone got my point. I, too, agree with you.

Comments by Old friend on 26th February 2020  

Hugh you are correct the word mackintosh is exciting far better than waterproof and when it's said by a lady is really is.

Comments by Susan on 17th February 2020

Thanks Hugh. Men's plastic Pakamacs are the same. People who know me will be aware that I've started buying men's plastic Pakamacs and like you say Hugh about nylon Pakamacs, some have pocket slits, some just pockets and some no pockets at all.

I just received delivery of a man's Quelrayn nylon mac and was delighted to see that it had pockets and a slit to reach inside the mac. It's an instant favourite.

Comments by Hugh on 15th February 2020 

Some do, Susan, others don't. Some even come without a pocket, just the opening and the outline of the pocket.
I have all the above!

Comments by Old friend on 15th February 2020  

Hi Susan I had one years ago from Army and Navy stores think the make was Empire but don't qout me.

Comments by Susan on 14th February 2020

Did menís nylon Pakamacs have those pocket slits giving access inside to trouser pockets, like the plastic Pakamacs did? Iíve not noticed any on menís nylon macs before.

Comments by Plastic Pakamac on 12th February 2020 

Please don't be upset, but I so prefer the word Pakamac, for that was what I was brought up with, Pakamac plastic rainwear that is, and so would use the word Pakamac,or even mac, or raincoat, sorry.

Comments by Hugh on 11th February 2020 

I do, of course, have my tongue firmly in my cheeck when ask if you will join me in a movement to restore the use of the word 'mackintosh', when referring to any form of rainwear. I lament the loss of its use. I am not referring to Mackintosh the brand (with the upper case 'M') but rather, mackintosh' as a generic term for rainwear.

Or is it me that is obsessed with the word?

Comments by Old friend on 2nd February 2020  

Hi Susan your macs on social media and are fantastic.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 28th January 2020 

Susan, you are famous, and so you should be.

Comments by Susan on 19th January 2020

There's a ladies red 1960s Pakamac raincoat currently on sale on eBay that caught my attention because of the internal label. The coat is a "miss pakamac" raincoat. I didn't realise Pakamac used that label, a surprise to me because I use "miss pakamac" for my username for my Flickr account.

Comments by Beverly mr on 14th December 2019 

just got a lovely pink ankle length plastic mackintosh from e bay love it have on in the house every morning just do not want to take it off.

Comments by Jack on 30th November 2019  

There are very few "mackintosh" wearers because there are very few manufacturers in business. I know of only about 3 in the UK such as Weathervain and Hamilton Classics and one other whose name escapes me.

So instead there are these people who wear thigh length, if you are lucky, garments so there are folks who have a "Wet Knee" fetish.

And I do not understand wet knees. LOL.

Comments by Susan on 25th November 2019

I donít think that traditional nylon macs are available anymore, Frank. Apart from used ones on eBay and maybe the occasional unworn one, we may have witnessed the end of these lovely garments.

Comments by Jeff on 24th November 2019  

Just been out walking the dogs this morning in the rain so I wore my nylon rainmac. I was a bit disappointed that it had a slight leak on one of the seems. However, having just treated the mac with a waterproofing spray I am amazed with the results.....the mac is crisp again and with a silky finish !!!!

Comments by Frank Barnard on 11th November 2019  

Excellent post by Susan but who in the UK sells nylon Macs these days

Comments by Susan on 6th November 2019

I have always said that a thin nylon pakamac can keep you warm Beverley. I know from experience of wearing them in all weathers, especially through the autumn, winter and spring. Maybe if they are older and have lost all proofing do they become less wind proof and sodden in heavy rain. Maybe itís the lovely warm glow that I feel inside when Iím wearing one. I wouldnít go out in anything else other than, of course, a plastic one.

Comments by Beverly mr on 1st November 2019 

always keep warm when i am in mackintosh.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 31st October 2019  

Beverley be carefull you don't catch a chill😀😝😝

Comments by Beverly mr on 26th October 2019 

going to do house work this morning. so have on thin navy pakamac over undies.

Comments by Beverly mr on 24th October 2019 

tried to contact pakamac direct but can't get e mail to open. anyone can contact me on

Comments by Brian Humphries on 22nd October 2019 

I think rainwear enthusiasm is really coming into its own now, and I like to think that we lucky ones, who knew and wore the original Pakamacs, started it all. As always, best wishes to all our regulars.

Comments by Plastic Pakamac on 21st October 2019 

I too so like wearing genuine Pakamac raincoats along with plastic pants, with conventional clothing of course, and have no problems about what others may think.
After all it is just a raincoat, albeit a rather nice one, and over many years no one has ever blinked an eye about my attire. So please do contact me if interested in my special liking for plastic.
Plastic Pakamac

Comments by Beverly mr on 15th October 2019 

At present i have on seethru blue plastic mackintosh with hood and belt. Later i will be out wearing nylon mackintosh for all outside time today.

Comments by Beverly mr on 12th October 2019 

now well into what i call mackintosh season. In season wear a mackintosh for all outdoor time. In house this morning doing my housework wearing my girdle knickers and petticoat under my thin navy blue pakamac . MMMM that shhrart noise from my pakamac as i move about.

Comments by Hugh on 22nd August 2019 

Anyone living, or visiting the North Wales area, interested in a meet?

Comments by Beverly mr on 14th August 2019 

looks like set in for good ole wet day. any outdoor time today i will be wearing my navy nylon mackintosh even if rain stops and sun comes out. spending morning at home in cream c & a mackintosh.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 13th August 2019  

Hican anyone tell me where I can buy a full length nylon Mac only rain jackets for sale man told me no demand for full length

Comments by Hugh on 12th August 2019 

I fail to see your frustration frankly, Frank. Where' your serious contribution to the discussion, then?

Comments by Frank.Barnard on 11th August 2019  

Hi I have been away for a while nothing much changed no serious talk about Macs just silly talk about wearing macs in the house give me strenthmp35q

Comments by Beverly mr on 9th August 2019 

rain here today and forecast for the day of shower.I will be out in my mackintosh fully done up and hood up for all outside time today.Even if bright spell.

Comments by Hugh on 5th August 2019 

Me too, Beverley. It is important to broadcast the fact. Always carry a spare too, just in case....

Comments by Beverly mr on 4th August 2019 

I never go out without a mackintosh. Even in hot dry days. I carry my mackintosh so it can be seen. So anyone that cares to notice they can see i am a mackintosh wearing person.

Comments by Hugh on 3rd August 2019 

Well done Susan and Beverley for keeping nylon macks in the public consciousness. If only we were geographically closer, we could go on a wonderful mackintosh walk together.

Comments by Beverly mr on 1st August 2019 

just had few days by sea. Tues day windy with lot of showers. So had day in nylon mackintosh with hood up. Kept mackintosh on with hood up including sunny periods.

Comments by Susan on 1st August 2019

I don't know Hugh, there have been some lovely downpours lately. I spent a lovely full day out last week, in heavy rain, wearing one of my Genuine Pakamac Plastic Raincoats all the time, shopping. The rest of the time, I've never been without one of my beloved navy blue nylon macs, just in case.

Comments by Hugh on 31st July 2019 

It seems that posts on here, like the weather, have been running dry, of late. Let's hope the recent change brings out the mackintoshes.

Comments by Beverly mr on 10th July 2019 

starting the day wearing my red nylon mackintosh as a house coat. Nothing over it if fam come down not going to worry this is my house.

Comments by Beverly mr on 9th July 2019 

Having a bit of time in my yellow plastic mackintosh while family in bed.have house coat over mackintosh in case fam come down. In a while will do my ironing in my bedroom then can get house coat off and work in just my mackintosh and bra.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 8th July 2019 

Any time, Hugh. Rainwear enthusiasts, and Pakamac enthusiasts in particular, deserve the best, and ONLY the best.

Comments by Hugh on 5th July 2019 

Ah, poetry, and in my honour too. Thank you, Brian.

Comments by Beverly mr on 5th July 2019 

well done . I have family with me a present. However when alone i always start the day in mackintosh. Always wearing a mackintosh when viewing this or any rainwear page. Beverly

Comments by Brian Humphries on 4th July 2019 

Good for you!
Mac-clad Hugh,
In your navy blue!