12 years

4th April 2018

Can't believe this website is now 12 years old!

I haven't updated for a long time but still look after it and vet/add the many comments.

I hope to add more material soon, I have piles of old mags and photos.

I've made a couple of updates recently. Two photographs alone have attracted well over 3,000 comments, wow! Rather than load all the comments each time the photo is viewed, I have finally got round to adding pagination.

There are now 50 comments per page, loading time will be far quicker.

One final change was a bug-fix. If you've left a comment and it didn't appear, its because the database record was blank. All sorted now, so no more comments will be missed.

Thanks for reading.

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More Cards

15th February 2012

Thanks to Brian Thurston for scanning more cards.

I've added more collections, there are now 6 to choose from.

View the Cigarette Cards.

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Cigarette Cards

3rd February 2012

J. A. Pattreiouex of Cheetham Hill, Manchester made Senior Service Cigarettes. They were noted for producing specialist photographic collectible cards during the 1930s.

A new page has been added with a couple of collections, more will be added soon.

Thanks to Brian Thurston for providing me with the cards.

View the Cigarette Cards.

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13th January 2012

Although the guestbook isn't busy, it seemed strange that no-one had signed it since May.

My bad! Since the rewrite at that time, a bug had crept in there. It's now been fixed. ;)

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Unknown Photos

16th June 2011

Family photos

I found an old photo album a few years ago which contained quite a few family photos.

It would be great if I could return it to a family member. If by chance you recognise anyone please get in touch.

Notes in the album include "Willie, Nellie and Me", "Fountain in Williamson Park, Lancaster" and "Arthur".

View the Unknown family photos.

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15th June 2011

Seems like an age since I wrote anything (because it has been!) but I won't leave it as long next time.

Decided to re-launch the site with new, cleaner code so the pages should now load quicker.

Hope to find more time to add more, particularly to the Nostalgia and Attic sections. If you have any suggestions for new content please contact me or leave a comment, thanks.

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Time for an update

14th September 2008

I haven't updated the blog for a while. Since my last update I have added more fashion, more ads and more old photos.

I have also received many more old books and magazines so will be updating a lot more in the next few weeks.

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18th May 2008


There are now over 1,500 vintage ads online.

It took a while - there are more on the way, the next target is 2,000.

More soon...

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Is your name?

20th April 2008

Another new page has been created in the attic section of the site.

It makes interesting reading for those whose names are listed. It also makes interesting reading for Lancashire folk as it contains lots of history from the county.

View the surnames page.

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1960's Fashion

7th March 2008

1960's fashion

1960's Fashion is now online.

Some super images depicting probably the best decade in recent history for fashion.

View the 1960's fashion section.

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