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Posted by Molly on 11th June 2019 

I have found the 1970s tv show pictures quiz. I want to use it for a group of elderly people who meet at a church group tomorrow am. How do I get the answers to the questions. Do I have to pay. Thankyou

Posted by Gerald boucher on 24th March 2019 

any value/interest information on pre 1940 badminton racket "the cranbourn" manufactured in england for/by wisden & co ltd

Posted by Nigel Bramman on 24th February 2019 

Posted by John Kuper on 3rd December 2018  

Is there anyway to buy a high res version of your adverts from you, like on a CD-ROM or download?

Posted by Frederick W.A. Collins on 21st August 2018 

I want to say thanks for providing me with the information I was looking for. I wanted to confirm that the ancient world transmitted correspondence in writing about events equivalent to letters. Somehow some people have concluded that the gospels relied upon memories which would have of necessity faded with time. The information your website provided confirmed the implausibility of that conclusion (for me at least). Thanks again.

Posted by Elspeth King on 23rd February 2018

Thank you very much for the advertisement which gives me a date for the GEC Bride's Iron, gifted to the Stirling Smith collections today.

Posted by Gavin on 24th September 2017 

I think this is such a wonderful web page you've set up, and I was wondering if a new page under Childhood might be set up for a boarding school. Let me know if this might be considered. Thanks

Posted by EDWARD BROCKLEBANK on 31st May 2017 

as a young child i was brought up on milk and honey buiscuits its a real shame they stoped making them they were far supiria to what you buy today

Posted by Roz Campbell on 8th April 2017 

I was so glad to see some of those old photos as I could recognise some of the era's in the photos, as Britain was a long time in them (or so it seemed) we never had bright colours and the places + the people sometimes looked older than they were, I grew up in the North East, Near Newcastle upon Tyne but it was a good childhood, no shootings, stabbings etc., just normal. But I recently viewed a newish book on the slums of Glasgow, & it was so pitiful it brought me to tears to see how a lot of those people lived or just got by. Plus you forgot to mention about the Jarrow Marchers who were going down to London & the Govt' to let them know how they were living at their wits end to make money to put food on the table. It was such hard times but the Govt' didn't seem to care. Life is funny how it repeats itself & as if we didn't learn the lessons well enough the first time around.

Posted by alan winstanley on 27th March 2017

This is my first time viewing history world and i was thrilled at seeing the capture of all these photo's it give's one a true glimpse into what working life was back-then a real eye-opener i wish to thank all who have contributed to this wonderful site.And it will not be my last visit.

Posted by Steve Osborn on 23rd February 2017

Come and join Talking Antiques on facebook and meet some of the top collectors and dealers

Posted by Dave Grimshaw on 13th October 2016 

Brilliant site, even has the ad from my 1st employment at Blakes Motors Ltd, Salford, great memories.

Posted by Oxfam Shop King's Lynn on 20th September 2016  

Great site. My job is to put Oxfam donated items onto Ebay. I looked up Senior Service Cigarette Cards and thought you might like to know we just put up the complete set of Britain From the Air, all 48 cards. (I saw that you don't have all of them.)
Thanks, Will at Oxfam Shop King's Lynn

Posted by william walker on 26th August 2016 

Hi - great site but one little point - where do you find the answers to Nostlgia picture quiz

Posted by Andrew Atkinson on 29th June 2016 

The book 'Formby's Lost Love' - the Limited Edition Biography of ukulele legend George Formby's fiancee Pat Howson - is now available to purchase by contacting me directly. Email for details.

Posted by Mrs Joan Racheru on 23rd May 2016 

Can anyone remember an advert with a profile figure with a queue , single pigtail. I think on a porridge oats packet?

Posted by Brian on 31st March 2016  

Gentle Touch

Posted by David Bailey on 31st March 2016  

what is the answer to #19 on 1980's tv shows

Posted by Brian rigby on 26th February 2016  

Does anyone remember the Italian p o w s down woodhouse lane where pem caravans was I think they left about 1946

Posted by Patricia Entwistle Altomare on 10th November 2015  

I came upon this website by accident. My grandfather was born in (I believe) in Wiggens, UK, March 29, 1860 and died July 5, 1918. Not sure when he and my Gram married their first child was born in 1889.