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To meet a real need in small homes... Doric Cooker & Water Heater - most wonderful little cooker in the world at the price! Burns anything economically including wood and peat...

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Comments by charlie bell on 17th November 2015  

Where can i get a part for my Doric

Comments by Richard on 4th October 2015  

I have 2 of these available I may consider breaking for parts or sell complete one left hand oven one right hand oven if anyone'slooking for one or parts for one drop me an email

Comments by John brett on 30th January 2015 

Hi I looking for the cast iron plate for the door which has the name on it. I live in Ireland. Hope you can help. Thanks John brett

Comments by Kiwi bloke on 17th March 2014 

Aren't these brilliant wee cookers.! Basic but they work just fine if the flue is the correct size.
We are able to supply many parts for the early Doric's. The best supply is for RH oven cookers. We have a Early LH model turning up here Apr 14. Its the second model with casting # 1/1 cast into the bottom base of the cooker. (seen from the floor side of the panel) Its LH oven.

Comments by m shaw on 29th November 2012 

where do you get parts for the doric cooker and water
heater ?

Comments by Miss C Rose on 30th October 2011 

Hi - I've recently moved into a new house with the original Doric stove which I love. If anyone has any tips on cooking/using it I would love to hear them! Thanks

Comments by David Crawford on 5th April 2011 

I have one of these in my kitchen. It was converted to burn oil many years ago and to this day has never given any trouble.

With the price of oil beyond all reason I would very much like to reverse the conversion, but the parts removed have long since been lost. So, if anyone has any ideas where I could obtain spares for this "wonderful little cooker", do please let me know!

Thanks in advance.