Sharps Toffee

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Sharps Toffee

Sharps the word! Sharps the word for Toffee.

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Comments by Patricia allison on 19th December 2015 

I think I have an original advert for Sharp's super Kreme toffe.
Dated on the back 1927

Comments by Chris Somerville on 20th September 2015

I have the puppet of Sir Kreemy Knut - well actually two versions for the puppet was changed when a new artist drew the graphic. The puppets were made by Buster Stavordale. The Staavordale Marionettes appeared at the Festival of Britain, and also toured, with the Sharp's Puppet Theatre. S.K.K. and the Parrot acted as comperes to the show.

Comments by DT Kelly on 11th October 2012

This is my great-uncle. My father's grandfather, RJ Kelly, illustrated newspapers before WWI. One of his advertising jobs was for Sharps Toffee, basing the look of their mascot on his son Howard, my father's uncle, a dapper man by all accounts. My father can remember seeing these ads and being told, "that's your uncle Howard."