Procea Bread

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Year: 1952         Item #: 1298         Views: 9,853         Comments: 2

Procea Bread

Procea Brown is so much better it deserves a capital "B"... Better to eat because it's tastier - Better for you because it's fortified with wheat protein - This truly delicious Procea Brown Bread promotes health, strength and nourishment, because it is fortified with wheat protein...

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Comments by Mike Osborn on 26th November 2014  

Always asked my Grandmother for a buttered Procea crust when coming home from school in the 50's but the loaf was definitely white from memory.

Comments by Ann on 3rd August 2013 

Nice to see an advert for procea bread - I have 10 original procea bread tins bought when the bakery in Lyme Regis in Dorset closed down many years ago. Just found them again and cleaned them up to use so is the 1st time I have looked for procea bread on the internet