Maclean Brand Stomach Powder

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Maclean Brand Stomach Powder

...Talking of Indigestion It's Just About Now I Feel It. For pains after eating, Heartburn, Flatulence or Acidity due to Indigestion Maclean Brand Stomach Powder is a widely approved formula...

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Comments by Dave Jones on 10th July 2019  

Just interested to see what the advertising was like. I found a small bottle of this brand in a bottle dump.....(somewhere in Worcestershire, ssshh) Obviously it's hardly worth anything, but is a pleasant (but flatulent) reminder of far better days in the 1950's / 60's.

Comments by Bill osborne on 16th September 2015 

This awful tasting stuff was death to warts. What made it work so well?

Comments by bill osborne on 11th February 2011 

What were the active ingredients in Maclean Brand Stomach Powder