Fynnon Salt

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Fynnon Salt

Fynnon Salt - best thing I've ever taken for Rheumatism. I'm subject to rheumatism - and a nasty thing it can be. But lately I've been getting the better of it - simply by taking Fynnon Salt...

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Comments by linda hales on 25th April 2019  

this was in my household growing up my gran swore by it can you still get it

Comments by halliwell on 14th November 2015  bellehalliwell2@hotmail.com 

could you send me details as to how to buy Fynnon salts

Comments by Judith Edwards on 11th January 2015  Celeste249@hotmail.co.uk 


A lady approached me on 10.01.2015 and ask whether or not this product is still being sold in England. She said it is very good for people who have Diabetes.

I mentioned that this product had been replaced by good old fashion Epsom Salts, which is also very good and does the job it suppose to, just like Fynnon salts.

Comments by nickybutts on 13th December 2013  kerrybutters@hotmail.com 

ive got an old tin exactly the same as on the picture, must be 1940's as it says on the tin

this new fynnion tin has been adopted to comply with war-time regulations, designed to economise packing space and actually contains a larger quantity of salt.

trying sell it on ebay if anyone is interested in this collectors item email me - kerrybutters@hotmail.com.

Comments by brendarhodes on 4th January 2012  

I tried to buy it at Boots.They said it was discontinued.Iwanted to add it to my bath as it helps back pain.

Comments by vivien adamson on 14th July 2011  

can I still buy this product

Comments by celia on 5th May 2010  c_buddery@yahoo.co.uk 

Can you tell me where Fynnon Salts can be purchased now, please