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The Torglow 1A Solid Fuel Stove. This new and most attractive stove will solve your heating problems.

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Comments by james carter on 7th May 2012 

hi there

i have one of these fires please can you tell me what they are worth second hand



Comments by Shona Brunskill on 9th December 2010  

Bizarrely I also have the other version(1953) of this fire, and I have also just finally fitted it after owning it for 14 years..... had mine black enamelled, looks fab :)

Comments by Katie Fletcher on 10th May 2010 

I think I have a version of this fire! Mine doesn'y have the ridges in the sides. I just had it fitted but I have owned it for about 14 years. It came from an old farm house in Cornhill On Tweed. It's working just fine with some minor repairs :-)