Keating's Powder

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Keating's Powder

Keating's Powder Kills Beetles.

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Comments by Lewis on 13th September 2018 

Itís mentioned in Maurice Drakeís 1913 book WO2, ch xiv as an aid to cleanliness onboard their cutter.

Comments by Richard Preston on 15th October 2017  

It was sent to the troop in 1st WW because if lice on the body in the trenches

Comments by Francis Dove on 23rd February 2013  

Poirot mentioned in in "The Clapham Cook".

Comments by Dawn Jones on 13th September 2012  

I just looked Keating's Powder up, as I've been typing my Dad's memories up again this evening. He writes:
"...and then the crickets came. We had to put Keatings powder down and you could hear the crickets chirping behind the skirting boards, and also the female ones jumping on the floor round the edge in the bedroom! Once one got behind the skirting board near the dining-room fireplace, and Dad tried to catch it on a piece of stick smeared with malt extract, but it licked the extract off the stick much to Fatherís disgust." (1930s)