Motoluxe Coats

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Year: 1950         Item #: 454         Views: 5,927         Comments: 2

Motoluxe Coats

"Motoluxe" Coats are tailored in exclusive fur fabrics. A coat bearing this famous label will be worth waiting for.

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Comments by Katie on 17th May 2012  

I also have one like this (faux, not real fur). It's black with leopard print collar and cuffs. Stunning, it makes you feel like a film star. I wore it when I went to see 'The Mousetrap' in London a couple of years ago.


Comments by avril keith on 24th December 2011 

ive just bought a motoluxe faux fur coat in a vintage shop for £40 and as far as i can tell its hardly been worn..its purchase in many years