Colthurst & Harding Ltd, Bristol

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Colthurst & Harding Ltd, Bristol

That's a clever girl! She painted it herself. It's easy with these 5 ways to home beauty - Darkaline High Gloss Satin, Wallcharm Satin Wall Paint, Japlac Gay Lacquer, Evenglo High Gloss Paint, 'Liquid Lino' Floor Paint.

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Comments by Alastair Pringle on 22nd January 2018 

Many years ago I bought an old car and in the inside pocket of the front door was a bundle of cards and two badly damaged receipts (?) from Colthurst & Harding dated 1929. Anyone researching this company/family is welcome to them!

Comments by Charles Earl on 27th March 2016 

Hello Victoria Colthurst
I am searching Harding family history and the Harding part of Colthurst Harding seems to derive from a Thomas Harding born c1826.
I am pleased to share information on this enterprise.

Best regards
Charles Earl

Comments by victoria colthurst on 18th March 2012  

I wonder if anyone knows which member of the Colthurst family started this business in the 1850s? All my ancestors are from the Somerset and later Bristol area and I woul
d love to find out more. Many thanks