San Izal

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Year: 1953         Item #: 939         Views: 9,385         Comments: 5

San Izal

For keeping away germs and smells - I like this strong disinfectant. Black in the bottle - white in the water.

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Comments by jacqueline Prouse -HENDRICKS on 7th July 2018 

I loved the smell of this stuff and Jays fluid just cut the biscuit

Comments by Roberta brown on 5th April 2015  

my mum used it all the time . I loved the smell of it .i wish you could still get it.

Comments by Jean on 18th August 2013  

I remember my mum using San Izal disinfectant as I was growing up and I used it myself when I got married in 1970 it was a great disinfectant and its main competition came from Jey's fluid so I don't think it changed it's name to Jey's fluid as they were both sold at the same time by different manufacturers

Comments by big d on 18th March 2012  

now called jeyes fluid

Comments by joachim harold quolke on 12th January 2012 

desperately wanting to buy this stuff as parents used it all the time in the 1960s and it proved to be brilliant,can you provide a supplier or conta\ct details of the manufacturer please?