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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by Rob on 13th March 2013  

I came across your site by chance because I am interested in advertising but when I saw the Pakamac advert it reminded me that when I was a child Pakamac, like Hoover, was a widely used name, and I wondered what had happened to it. I hadn't realised it was so fondly remembered but having read many of the comments here I think I now understand why. Wearing a Pakamac clearly embodies those two essential British qualities of always being prepared and enjoying yourself whatever the weather! And perhaps we are nostalgic because, sadly, we seem to live in a far less practical world. But if it is any consolation there are still ladies wearing plastic macs, including my wife. Always prepared she never goes out without her plastic mac if rain is forecast and we have lost count of the number of ladies, often middle aged, who have stopped to ask where she bought it. There is clearly a demand for plastic macs and given our climate I am amazed they are not more readily available in the shops. I was also surprised to see how many ladies have said that their husbands enjoy seeing them in their rainwear. Perhaps this is also just an expression of a more chivalrous age; I have to confess I always want to hold my wife’s brolly for her when she goes out in the rain. With climate change who knows, perhaps the Pakamac with reign again. Or should that be rain?

Comments by Alan on 27th February 2013  

Ken can"t agree more with you pity we have to result in this kind of thing to make anything happen, I honestly can not remember the last time I saw someone wearing a plastic mac outdoors. Its almost as if they have been banned. When I think back over the years when it rained the towns were awash with ladies especially clad in plastic macs, I find it very sad. Especially for people like us .I think we should also make a little better use of this site to give us all the chance to chat to like minded people either here or one to one,

Comments by Susan on 25th February 2013  

Brilliant observation Ken. We'd be assured of shops full of them.

Comments by Ken on 19th February 2013  

Pity someone could not get Pippa and Katie to wear a pac a mac then all the women in the UK would want one.

Comments by Alan Alpha3 on 13th February 2013  

Hi again Janice. When I first discovered this site I thought yes great what a way to get to know people with the same or similar interests. But l like many others below seem reluctant to post the more personal stories relating to the gorgeous Pakamacs that once were available. However I have provided my phone number for anyone wishing to exchange emails or messenger names to chat more in depth about some of the experiences in the past. so I will always be happy to chat on a one to one basis about my life`s experiences in Pakamacs.

Comments by Janice on 22nd January 2013  

Alan you can tell us all your experinces on this page .

Comments by alpha3x on 18th January 2013  

Hi Janice I was thinking the same. I looked the other day and I was suprised there had not been a message since Deccember. I too could talk all day about plastic macs and my true experiences. if you would like to hear some of my experiences I would sooner email you you can always leave your email address by texting me on 07503276676 and I will gladly tell you of some of my many many experiences.

Comments by Janice on 18th January 2013  

Where is every body I love hearing your tales of plastic macs.

Comments by Gareth on 28th December 2012  

Happy new year to all pac a mac fans.

Comments by rainhatc on 21st December 2012  

Hi, do any of you ladies still wear the accordian folded rainbonnet?fan of rainbonnets.rainhatc.Merry christmas.

Comments by Scotty on 20th December 2012 

Hi Rainhate

I love to see girls wearing rainmates too, especially the retro pleated fold up type. I was lucky to find a couple that were never used and are in great condition. I may be lucky to get my girlfriend to model them.

If you search the web for Rainbonnet you can find lots of good pictures.

Comments by Regenhoedje on 19th December 2012  

Hi Rainhate

I have lots of rain bonnet photos send me an e-mail:

Comments by rainhatc on 18th December 2012 

does anybody have any photos of accordian folded rainbonnets im a huge rainbonnet to see the ladies wear them.thank you.rainhatc.

Comments by Scotty on 12th December 2012 

Hi Rainweargirl

Sounds like you found a great buy. I recently droped in to my local redcross shop however no luck on the mac front. If your wearing your pakamac over your nylon mac do you wear a rainbonnet as well.

Comments by Rainwear girl on 11th December 2012 

Lucky fined on Saturday in charity shop found lovely grey mackintosh looks good as new is nylon and polly etc but could pass as gaberdine so will call it my school mackintosh.
Have been out in it today nice and warm. If wearing in rain will wear plastic pakamac over it.

Comments by Gareth on 10th December 2012  

Anna merry Christmas to you and your son and all pac a mac fans.

Comments by Colin Porter on 5th December 2012 

Another way of mending plastic tears is to buy a length of colourless shower curtain (I have a shop which sells it by the yard or metre), cut it into strips and glue both sides of the tear to a strip.
It helps to tape the edges together first as I expect many of you do. Gaffer tape can also be used (and sewn into place if necessary) if the material is not transparent.

Comments by alpha3x(Alan) on 30th November 2012  

Hi Susan glad you were able to resurect your plastic mac with the Wilkos soft plastic glue I recommended. I keep a couple of tubes in now for every kind of plastic mishap.
I would recommend that every serious plastic lover keep a tube in for that heart sinking tear that appears almost without reason. Over the years I have gathered a number of remedial type repairs, Any one of you wanting more info can always email me, Alan

Comments by Ann on 30th November 2012  

Yes he said he always liked macs from a early age the transparent ones he loved I have still got one somewere I will have to dig it out.

Comments by Susan on 30th November 2012  

I have to thank you Alan for the Wilkos soft plastic glue tip. It worked a treat on a parted arm seen on my black plastic mac.

Comments by Alpha3x on 29th November 2012  

Hi Ann. I can assure you you hubby was far from being alone with his love of plastic macs, Years ago before our cyber world opened up I too thought I was strange and my wife thought that I was strange with this strong desire to want her to wear plastic macs as well as wearing them myself.
I have always accepted it as a extra gift that was given to me to be able to enjoy that sensual material.Did your late Husband have his liking from a early age ? or from the time you first knew him?

Comments by Scotty on 29th November 2012 

Hi Ann

Your late husband was a lucky man indeed. Did you have a favourite mac to wear which he liked and do you still have them. I do also enjoy seeing a girl in a nice mac. I used to think it was just me, however it seems as you say quite a few other men enjoy macs too. My preferance is the semi transparent retro type, with a belt just like the pakamac,coupled of course with a nice pleated polkadot rain bonnet to set it off.

Comments by Ann on 28th November 2012  

Mylate husband used to like me wearing plastic macs I thought it was just his thing but there seems to me a large number of men think the same.

Comments by Gareth on 7th November 2012  

Hi BJ I have been to Australia I only had a small shower in Melbourne the rest of the country was red hot I did not think anybody would buy macs there but I did like Australia very much you could do with some of Welsh rain we get here.

Comments by BJ on 6th November 2012  

I know in Australia you can still get nylon raincoats, full length, in good condition in charity and second hand shops. I have built up a collection of about a dozen that way.

I have two tips: one, always check the pockets. Nearly more often than not I've found a bonus concertina rain hat which was a vital accessory with those (usually hoodless) macs; and second, wash or at least warm rinse them before you wear. If you're sending them on as gifts or for somebody to model that's generally really appreciated and some of those shops are more conscientious about their stock being clean than others.

Comments by louise on 3rd November 2012  

Hi Scotty i shall try that,thanks for your advice,Louise

Comments by Scotty on 2nd November 2012 

Hi Louise

As you will gather original Pakamacs are pretty rare to find these days. I have only seen a blue nylon mac recently in the original packaging. You might try posting on the Rainwear forum site as I gather Gary will be selling off some of his vintage collection of macs. If anything comes up will let you know.

Comments by louise on 31st October 2012 

hi just wondering if someone could help me get a leopard print pakamac from the late 50s/early 60s,your help would be very appreciated thanks

Comments by Old Friend on 27th October 2012  

Susie how do I get to your plastic mac shop.

Comments by Colin Porter on 25th October 2012 

Hi Susie,

Apparently you have an artwork page. How do I find it please, assuming you don't mind it being available for viewing?

Comments by Gary on 25th October 2012


Just came across this site and thought our story would be of interest to all you Mac enthusiasts.

Comments by Gary on 25th October 2012


Just came across this site. I thought this may be of interest Link may be of interest. We are a plastic Injection Moulding company, based in Stockport. We manufacture plastic Injection Mouldings for Industry. Our founder, Mr Wheatley, started the business to help out an old friend who invented a new revolutionary Raincoat. Please read our story....

Comments by Gareth on 13th October 2012  

Anna thank you what will your son do when he leaves school.

Comments by anna on 12th October 2012  

Thank you Gareth. Yes i am of course. And whyever not?! LOL

Comments by Gareth on 11th October 2012  

Anna Its good to hear you are both well are you wearing your nylon mac as well.

Comments by Anna on 10th October 2012  

Hello all

Just passed by as i do from time to time

To those who've enquired, my son is now 17, And yes he still wears his nylon pakamac and regulation school mac under it when needed. He's looking forward tp buying an anorak apparently but i suspect he'll be wearing his macs fpr a gppd while to come.



Comments by Old Friend on 10th October 2012  

Susie your artwork page is really good very clever and the plastic mac is heaven.

Comments by Gareth on 9th October 2012  

Does any one remember double breasted nylon macs a girl I dated in the sixties had one sadly she only put on when it was raining.

Comments by Cole Porter on 8th October 2012 

I believe Susie and Alan have retired to Spain of all places where they won't have much reason for wearing their macs.

Comments by alan on 6th October 2012 

Brian Thanks for that password. And yes you are right Susie is gorgeous, It does make you wonder why they have ceased to trade.I hope both her and Alan are ok.

Comments by Gareth on 6th October 2012  

Brian its great to hear your comments again you did say once you would tell us about someone called Isobel I agree with you I think we should hear from Anna.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 5th October 2012 

Thanks for your comment, Alan. The user name for Plastique Unique Gallery 2 is "muddy" and the password is "puddles". In viewing these galleries, you have shown that you are a rainwear enthusiast of real taste-a conoisseur and a real pundit. Isn't Susie fabulous? And so is her friend, Vicky. And you are so right about the pungent odour of some of the later styles of Pakamac-but they are STILL fantastic. I'm sure we will be exchanging more comments.
And, Anna, let's hear from you!! Your comments are brief but so meaningful and "spicy"! How are the battles going with your son and his nylon macs?
For the rest, best wishes to everyone, and happy macking!!

Comments by alan on 5th October 2012 

Brian re: Pakamac Sportsman. You are correct abouit the Tartan but that was the lining the outside was a quiet glossy beige colour and could possibly be worn out today without attracting too much attention. But like you yes its got to be the good old semitransparent black ones . Pakamacs did change towards the end as the last ones were actually made in china and besides the embossed texture they had an acrid odour which to me was totally unacceptable. Not the traditional Pakamac style and quality at all. Can anyone tell me how I can nowe get the password to Plastique Unique gallery 2 as they no longer trade but the site is still there for viewing.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 4th October 2012 

If I remember correctly, the "Sportsman" range of Pakamacs were characterised by check patterns and tartan patterns-very attractive, but give me the grey-black semi-transparent Pakamacs every time! A "Made in England" Pakamac turned up on e-bay recently, possibly a design from the late 60s, but certainly not a truly original from the 50s/early 60s. The pockets were not square, and the buttons were less elaborate, but nevertheless it finally changed hands for over £40.
Another stunning item on e-bay was a BHS lady's nylon mac, and this fetched a head-spinning £100+!! The demand is certainly there, and it simply beggars the imagination why such garments are not retailed and seen regularly on our streets these days. Things are not what they used to be. Get those violins and rose-coloured glasses out again....

Comments by Old Friend on 4th October 2012  

Susie I have seen your new photos they are very good email me .

Comments by alan on 3rd October 2012 

I was quiet suprised to hear that several of you had heard of Rainstar Macs because I spent many many years and visits to many town in search of plastic macs. I was visiting a shop specialising in outdoor camping and equipment in Coventry when I came across the Rainstar plastic macs, They
were really nice macs, They only had a few left so I bought two in my size and I still have one of them. That would be around the late eighties. I have ask before on this site but has anyone at any time heard or seen the Pakamac
Sportsman range of vinyl macs or am I the only one now to
remember them. They were more expensive than the originals but really nice,I just wish I had preserved mine,

Comments by Brian Humphries on 2nd October 2012 

Yes, Rainstar macs, both plastic and nylon, were very good indeed, and they have been described as the successor to Pakamac. I have a grey Rainstar plastic mac and, although it is not see-through, I love wearing it very much. I bought it second hand from "Susie High", and I particularly loved Julia Moore's description of it as ideal for "splashing about" in the rain. She implies, of course, that we should enjoy our inclement weather rather than complain about it, and with Pakamacs we can do just that!!

Comments by Scotty on 29th September 2012 

Hi Susie

Its been a superb rainy year indeed. Have you many pakamacs in your collection and whats your favourite one. Have you any rain bonnets to accesorise. Need to promote macs to bring back into fashion..

Comments by Gareth on 26th September 2012  

Yes I have heard of Rainstar they changed my life for the better.

Comments by Susie on 26th September 2012  

I remember Rainstar Alan. I've had many Rainstar nylon macs plus a polka dot plastic mac they made. I don't know if they were around while Pakamacs were still being produced. For me they appeared to take the place of Pakamacs and were themselves succeeded by Y.B. Wet macs.