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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by Gareth on 30th July 2013 

Hi Old Rascal I think Shona got married a couple of years ago not sure whats happened to Pamela.

Comments by Alan on 29th July 2013  

Hi Beth l read your posting with interest. I remember too when I used to go to C.& A and buy several plastic macs at once. We also had a chain store called Van Allen who also sold gorgeous plastic macs in the 70s. but these days l get most of mine from pvc-u-like not cheap but fantastic to wear gorgeous soft sensual plastic. I tend to wear mine more indoors these days unless l get a chance to wear them out. its a pity that they do not become popular again so we could all enjoy them again. but since the Pakamac company finished they seem to die in popularity and are now frowned upon My wife will not wear them and she don`t let me wear them out. but l secretly still manage it. has where I live e have lots of canals an woodland areas which are quiet secluded. I do get some interesting looks from people and the very occasional comment.

Comments by OLd Rascal on 27th July 2013  

Shona are you and Pamela still wearing your rainstar nylon macs.

Comments by Gareth on 23rd July 2013 

Hi Beth thank you for the info I was hopeing you could persude her to wear a mac have a girlie chat together I bet you look gorgeous in yours Rob must think he is in heaven really is lucky will you ask him to pick six lottery numbers for me and email them ASP please .

Comments by Beth on 20th July 2013  

Gareth although it's not really the weather for a raincoat if your wife does want to buy a plastic mac there are some lovely ones on ebay at the moment. I saw a mac that is similar to the transparent one I have. It is advertised as a ladies full length 100% PVC raincoat.

Comments by Old Rascal on 16th July 2013  

Shona are you still wearing your blue nylon macs get in touch please I need some info.

Comments by Gareth on 4th July 2013 

Hi Beth its great to hear your side of things Rob really is a very lucky man i have been to Bodnant garden its very good email me when you are both comeing and the four of us can have a coffee if you wish and keep writeing its great.

Comments by Beth on 3rd July 2013  

Thank you Gareth and thanks for all those reminders to my husband about how lucky he is! Perhaps your wife will get a mac if she knows how much you like them. Unfortunately I haven't seen many in the shops lately but you never know they may come back into fashion. I used to think that plastic macs were practical rather than attractive so she may feel the same. Now I am less concerned about how fashionable or unfashionable something is, especially when it's pouring down! To be honest the alternatives aren't any better as the cagoules you find in most outdoor shops are really expensive and far too short. Of course the other reason I bought my plastic mac was the rainy weather we had on our holiday but as I think you live in wales that shouldn't be a problem! If you think that seeing other ladies in rainwear might encourage your wife try visiting a few gardens in the summer, with our weather it is pretty much guaranteed! I want to visit Bodnant Garden sometime and as it always rains when we visit Wales you might even see us!

Comments by Gareth on 2nd July 2013

Beth that was very good hope you write more wish you could meet my wife she might want one then I live in hope.

Comments by Gareth on 1st July 2013  wynngareth47' 

Hope she does Rob it would be good to hear hes side of things not many ladies write anymore.

Comments by Beth on 1st July 2013  

Hi, after a little encouragement I've read many of the comments but I'm not sure that I can add very much as you obviously already all like Pakamacs. If it helps I bought my plastic mac from Dunnes when we were on holiday in Ireland. Actually I should say plastic macs because someone has encouraged me to buy a few more since then! I remember buying it because it poured with rain all week and I wanted a raincoat that was really waterproof and long enough to keep me dry. If I think the weather's going to be wet I just fold it up and take it with me and to be honest I wouldn't be without it now. I am sure we bought Rob's mac from another department store but I can't remember exactly where, it has Go printed on the pocket if that helps. Although I would be the first to admit that plastic macs aren't very fashionable I don't like getting wet and I have actually had quite a few nice comments from other ladies. Some have even asked me where they can buy one. One thing we have both noticed is that people do seem friendlier and more inclined to talk to us when we have our rainwear on but I'm really not sure why? It's probably just sympathy for the weather and the fact we are out in it! The only slight issue I've found with plastic macs is that they do suffer a bit from wear and tear, particularly around the pockets and poppers, so buying a couple was a good move and it's quite easy to repair them. As with most things I think it's worth paying out for a good one. As the weather has been atrocious recently I am surprised that you don't see more in the shops. I do remember C&A and Primark used to sell plastic macs but I haven't seen them for a while and now C&A is closed. Perhaps the wet weather will encourage other shops to sell them. The other thing I recommend for the rain is a dome umbrella. I bought one recently and it's the best brolly I've ever had. hope this helps, Beth

Comments by Rob on 30th June 2013  

I'll ask her.

Comments by Gareth on 29th June 2013 

Rob you are very lucky I think its just because macs are just not in fashion at this moment in time does your wife read this blog maybe she could comment on the subject of macs.

Comments by Rob on 28th June 2013  

Perhaps your wife just doesn’t like this type of rainwear Gareth. I guess she is not alone because it seems Pakamacs are not as popular as they used to be. I can’t think lifestyles have change that much and our weather certainly hasn’t so it is a bit surprising, particularly given the popularity of wellies! That said I am sure if they were more readily available and sensibly priced we would see more. If it helps to persuade your wife here are a few reasons why we like ours. They are really practical and keep us dry whatever the weather. The fact that they can be folded up and are completely waterproof makes them ideal for our unpredictable weather; we've had lots more rain again today! The second is probably just nostalgia on our part for summer holidays and C&A rainwear. Finally, based on the comments my wife gets from other ladies when we are out in the rain lots of people clearly think that a plastic mac not only keeps the rain off but look good too. Hope this helps.

Comments by Gareth on 27th June 2013  

Rob I wish my wife could meet yours maybe she could convert her to wear plastic macs.

Comments by Rob on 25th June 2013  

Like many ladies Gareth she just doesn’t like getting wet. She always takes a brolly if rain is forecast and wears her plastic mac and wellies if the weather‘s really wet. I think she is just well prepared and I‘m just really lucky. Other ladies seem to like her rainwear and as I always encourage her to wear it she certainly knows I do! Although our macs aren’t actually Pakamacs they are just the same and great if you like being outside in the great British weather like we do.

Comments by Gareth on 25th June 2013  

Rob does your wife know what a pac a mac does for men like us.

Comments by Rob on 23rd June 2013  

Another nice day spent visiting gardens in between torrential downpours and a thunderstorm. Sheltering under my wife's umbrella in our Pakamacs and wellies, one lady said ‘you look well prepared”. Well with our summers you have to be!

Comments by Gareth on 21st June 2013  

Anna how are you and your son still wearing your pac a macs

Comments by Max Zimmerman on 18th June 2013 

Remember old Alan Coren short in Punch (1980) - " about to be eaten alive.
At such times, head fills with random thoughts; rather expected whole life to flash past, cf. drowning, but no luck. Pity, really; was looking forward to remembering name of people who used to live upstairs when we had flat in Well Walk, ought to return his Pakamac, been fourteen years, he must be soaked."

Comments by Rob on 29th May 2013  

As a chance visitor to this site I was happy to find that so many people share an affection for Pakamacs. Over the past few days I have seen again why the Pakamac was inspired in Britain. With the prospect of a holiday weekend ahead we took a few days for that traditional pastime of the forty-somethings; visiting gardens. After a sunny weekend it was all change yesterday and by mid-morning the sky was grey and rain wasn’t far away. Reassuringly it took us just a few minutes to pull on our plastic macs and transform our summer wear ready for the rain. By the afternoon it was pouring down but apart from slightly wet pumps we spent the rest of the day doing what we always do, enjoying ourselves whatever the weather. I noticed there were quite a few people in Pakamacs of one sort or another and, as often happens, one lady stopped to compare rainwear with my wife. So perhaps they are on the way back. They are definitely made for our gentle but changeable climate.

Comments by Gareth on 28th May 2013  

Hi Ken I know the shop you mean but I can not rember the name of the hotel the shop was closed when I was there they looked like they had a shop full of macs.

Comments by Ken on 14th May 2013  

In Tronto Canada one of the shops inside one of the large hotels near the CN tower sold plastic macs does anybody know anything about it.

Comments by Alan on 24th April 2013 

Hi again Roger. Not being a tv addict I guess I missed lots of these clips. But have since seen quiet a few of them. MrMcrain does a slendid selection of vid clips of ladies in plastic and pvc macs. I enjoy watching them over and over again. That goes for any plastic clad females. There are a few sites here in the web that offer the same but most are paysites which is a shame, but there are a few isolated ones where girls can still be seen wearing Pakamacs or near equivalents. I still think pvc-u-like are as near as you will get to the real thing.

Comments by Roger on 23rd April 2013  

Hi Alan the Hi Dee Hi was wet in the ballroom I think Alfe wife in till death do us part wore a plastic mac once.

Comments by Alan. on 19th April 2013  

Roger when l read your comment if l remember rightly and l usually do where macs are concerned Mildred did wear a shiny black pvc mac in one episide but l can not honestly remember which one. L think you will find that at around that time quiet a few of the ladies in the sitcoms wore a plastic mac at some point as they were popular then.Another was HiDeHi episode called something like rain off day in the Ballroom. several of the stars in that wore plastic macs in that. worth a look.

Comments by Roger on 16th April 2013  

does any body remember if there was a episode of George and Mildred were Mildred wore a mac?

Comments by Ken on 11th April 2013  

sadly women do not seem to like wearing plastic macs the old story you can take a horse to water but you can not make it drink.

Comments by Gareth on 8th April 2013 

Thanks Rob get in touch maybe if my wife sees your wife wearing a plastic she will want one I live in hope.

Comments by Rob on 5th April 2013  

We may well do Gareth. We visited Betws y coed when we were courting and I’m sure that at the time the shop by the station sold Pakamacs. We also camped at Beddgelert several years later and had one of the wettest holidays I can remember. As if to illustrate my point about just what a friendly combination camping and rainwear is, I remember the lady in the campsite shop made a lovely comment about us not bringing good weather but being well prepared when she saw us in our plastic macs. We certainly needed them!

Comments by Gareth on 3rd April 2013  

Rob I live in Wales I hope you both vist Wales soon .

Comments by Rob on 2nd April 2013  

These memories certainly make me feel nostalgic for simpler times. I grew up in the late 70s and early 80s when every downpour seemed to be greeted by an absolute rainbow of rainwear, in particularly orange and blue cagoules, bright Dunlop wellies, and lots and lots of transparent plastic macs in different colours. My mother worked in a C&A store and they seemed particularly eager to keep the women of Britain dry. Like many people I look back on rainy holidays in this country with real affection and Wales certainly features quite a bit! We all seem very fond of our Pakamacs so perhaps we never really lost that carefree feeling. And they clearly inspire a lot of affection in others too; I am pretty sure that my wife and I could wander around all year in our overcoats and nobody would say a word but as soon as we put on our plastic macs and go out in wet weather we get lots of lovely comments from complete strangers, complimenting us for being prepared for bad weather or ready for the rain, and asking us where we buy our rainwear; mine is from Go Travel and my wife has several St. Bernard and Primark plastic macs. Somehow wearing a Pakamac seems to break down social inhibitions in the same way that campers speak to one another on a camp site. In our case our camping holidays usually coincide with plenty of opportunities to make good use of our wellingtons, Pakamacs, and brollies so we really do have a sociable time! The best example I can give is a visit to an open garden last summer when, as she was about to go out in an absolute downpour, my wife put on her rainwear and put up her transparent dome umbrella and the lady guide, smiling, said ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong type of clothing‘; it’s true and she seemed genuinely happy to see us enjoying the garden regardless of the weather. I could give many other examples and if 2012 is anything to go by we should be in for lots more. We are also, apparently, using public transport and holidaying at home much more, so perhaps the climate (economic and meteorological) is just about right for the humble Pakamac to make a comeback; after all wellies and see through brollies seem pretty fashionable. I was also interested to read that lots of husbands enjoy seeing their partners in rainwear and while I don’t consciously wish for rain I am always pleased when I hear that ‘heavy rain’ is forecast because it invariably means that my wife will say ’I’ll need my plastic mac today’ and needless to say I don’t discourage her. I’m no internet expert but a little research suggests that there are no high street stores currently selling plastic macs. I did find a few ‘specialist’ shops selling, amongst other things, rainwear but I'm not sure how many ladies will be inclined to buy from them; not least because I know my wife wouldn’t spend well over £20 on a plastic mac. So if I owned the Pakamac brand, and presumably someone does, I would seriously think about re-launching it with those styles made popular by Pakamac and C&A in the eighties. Given our climate I am sure it wouldn’t take much for us to be happily packing, and unpacking, our plastic macs once again.

Comments by Beverley mr on 26th March 2013 

years ago in the happy days when plastic mackintoshes were common. I noted a woman wearing a blue plastic mackintosh with the hood up holding hand of a small boy wearing the same thing. Boy was only young guess about 8 even so he must have felt strange knowing her was wearing the same mackintosh as his mummy. I wonder if it lead to anything. Bev

Comments by BasilP on 22nd March 2013   Retired School Teacher

I remember the late 50's, when I was 10 years old, my mother took me into Woolworths to purchase me my first plastic mac, I remember at least four clothing racks full of plastic macs, only one rack contained men's macs, they were all black or grey in colour and felt, completely different to the womens macs, I tried on two of the macs, but didnt like them, as they were made from really harder plastic, so she chose a bright blue mac with a hood attached, it fit me very well, including the hood, she bought the mac and said, its for your holiday, my fetish for pvc macs was born, and I still have the fetish now that I am 68 years old.
I have been very lucky that my good wife of 47 years loves pvc and rubber items of clothing.
My father had a Pakamac which he seemed to be wearing most days including on our holidays, well they were always in Wales.

Comments by Beverley on 21st March 2013 

Hi Paul i always wear my mackintosh buttoned right to neck
and have by belt really tight. If hood is up i have it tied neatly Bev

Comments by Gareth on 19th March 2013  

Thanks for the info Rob hope you will both come to Wales.

Comments by Rob on 16th March 2013  

Gareth mostly in Ireland I think. We visited many times and bought several because we really liked them, all plastic but slightly different styles. I call them Pakamacs but they are branded St. Bernard if that helps.

Comments by paul on 15th March 2013  

hi beverley
this site is a loveley find for me ,to be able to share my enjoyment of plastic macs. recently wore my
mac buttoned to the neck together with a rain bonnet and
and carried a see through umbrella to match on a shopping
trip arond town. such a thrill.

Comments by Gareth on 15th March 2013  

Hi Rob just as a matter of intrest were did your wife buy her mac it must be well over Twenty years since I saw a lady wearing a plastic mac she must really like it lucky man.

Comments by Beverley on 14th March 2013 

Hi Rob you are lucky to have a wife that wears a pakamac.
Not many people wish for rain but in your place i would.
So many men like women in macs. Also they are so often needed yet almost died out strange world. Bev

Comments by Rob on 13th March 2013  

I came across your site by chance because I am interested in advertising but when I saw the Pakamac advert it reminded me that when I was a child Pakamac, like Hoover, was a widely used name, and I wondered what had happened to it. I hadn't realised it was so fondly remembered but having read many of the comments here I think I now understand why. Wearing a Pakamac clearly embodies those two essential British qualities of always being prepared and enjoying yourself whatever the weather! And perhaps we are nostalgic because, sadly, we seem to live in a far less practical world. But if it is any consolation there are still ladies wearing plastic macs, including my wife. Always prepared she never goes out without her plastic mac if rain is forecast and we have lost count of the number of ladies, often middle aged, who have stopped to ask where she bought it. There is clearly a demand for plastic macs and given our climate I am amazed they are not more readily available in the shops. I was also surprised to see how many ladies have said that their husbands enjoy seeing them in their rainwear. Perhaps this is also just an expression of a more chivalrous age; I have to confess I always want to hold my wife’s brolly for her when she goes out in the rain. With climate change who knows, perhaps the Pakamac with reign again. Or should that be rain?

Comments by Alan on 27th February 2013  

Ken can"t agree more with you pity we have to result in this kind of thing to make anything happen, I honestly can not remember the last time I saw someone wearing a plastic mac outdoors. Its almost as if they have been banned. When I think back over the years when it rained the towns were awash with ladies especially clad in plastic macs, I find it very sad. Especially for people like us .I think we should also make a little better use of this site to give us all the chance to chat to like minded people either here or one to one,

Comments by Susan on 25th February 2013  

Brilliant observation Ken. We'd be assured of shops full of them.

Comments by Ken on 19th February 2013  

Pity someone could not get Pippa and Katie to wear a pac a mac then all the women in the UK would want one.

Comments by Alan Alpha3 on 13th February 2013  

Hi again Janice. When I first discovered this site I thought yes great what a way to get to know people with the same or similar interests. But l like many others below seem reluctant to post the more personal stories relating to the gorgeous Pakamacs that once were available. However I have provided my phone number for anyone wishing to exchange emails or messenger names to chat more in depth about some of the experiences in the past. so I will always be happy to chat on a one to one basis about my life`s experiences in Pakamacs.

Comments by Janice on 22nd January 2013  

Alan you can tell us all your experinces on this page .

Comments by alpha3x on 18th January 2013  

Hi Janice I was thinking the same. I looked the other day and I was suprised there had not been a message since Deccember. I too could talk all day about plastic macs and my true experiences. if you would like to hear some of my experiences I would sooner email you you can always leave your email address by texting me on 07503276676 and I will gladly tell you of some of my many many experiences.

Comments by Janice on 18th January 2013  

Where is every body I love hearing your tales of plastic macs.

Comments by Gareth on 28th December 2012  

Happy new year to all pac a mac fans.

Comments by rainhatc on 21st December 2012  

Hi, do any of you ladies still wear the accordian folded rainbonnet?fan of rainbonnets.rainhatc.Merry christmas.