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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by Suzi on 20th January 2012  

Scotty, I still have the folding style macs that were bought for me but I don't know if they are genuine pakamacs. Until I read this, I didn't know that pakamac was a make. I thought it was just the word to describe the type of mac that folded up and could be carried in my bag. I'm in my thirties, my ex was much older which might explain his interest. I don't remember the macs that I grew to love being popular and it's probably for a similar reason that I didn't continue to wear them. When I return from my holiday, I must check them out. My ex bought me both plastic and nylon macs.

Comments by Scotty on 19th January 2012 

Hi Suzi, yes the fold up clear plastic rain hoods were called rain mates up here in Scotland. Do you still wear them and do you have any pakamac raincoats.
Your ex-husband was indeed a lucky fella and takes an interest in his mac interest.
I did confide in my ex wife and let her know of my love of plastic macs, this was possibly because I did wear a pakamac raincoat when younger as part of my school uniform and I loved it, however like you she thought they were frumpy too, so she never really took an active interest or indulged me. It would be nice to have a walk in the rain with a girl in hand both wearing macs, there is something magical when the rain is beating off a mac and you are perfectly dry. Oh to dream.

Comments by Gareth on 19th January 2012 

Hi Janice your late husband sounds very self centered If you had been my my wife I would have treated you with respect If you were wearing a mac or not maybe you will find someone else.

Comments by Janice on 18th January 2012  

Hello Suzy well my husband never took no notice of anything I was wearing all he ever wanted was his food golf and football I did not know some men are turned on by macs.

Comments by Suzi on 18th January 2012  

Well Scotty, if my assumption that a Rainmate is a plastic rain hood, then you sound just like my ex. He was indeed putty in my hands.
If a lady loves their hubby, then this harmless indulgence can be really rewarding. I've just discovered this blog. I didn't realise there were still men out there interested in the subject of pakamacs.

Comments by Scotty on 17th January 2012 

You are spot on with your comments that we men
enjoy you girls wearing macs. I can say this for me that
I would be putty in your hands if you would model a mac and perhaps a matching rainmate. Sheer heaven!

Comments by Suzi on 17th January 2012  

Well Janice, my ex-husband just like the men here, loved his pakamacs and was forever buying me them. Once I agreed to wear them for him, I started to enjoy them too. I was really reluctant at first, I thought they were really frumpy but after a while I learned to love them too. I think it may have been his reaction to me in one!

I must start wearing them again.

Comments by Gareth on 16th January 2012 

Hi Anna and a happy new year to you to yes that was a bit of luck that will keep him going for a bit If you find any that will fit me let me know please.

Comments by Anna on 15th January 2012  

Hello Gareth

Yes, we had a stroke of good luck, when my mother was sorting through some stuff in her house, and we managed to find a few of my younger brother's old school macs in the attic. She'd forgotten they were there, but they fit perfectly, and had been well stored (no dampness or bugs) so are in immaculate condition. So one young man is now the proud new ownr of a lined gaberdene mackintosh, plus 2 pakamacs, one in navy and one beige

Thank you for enquiring, and Happy New Year


Comments by Gareth on 12th January 2012 

Anna did your sister ever help you find a shop that sold nylon macs.

Comments by Gareth on 9th January 2012 

Shona can you email me to tell me what happened to our mutual friend please.

Comments by Janice on 7th January 2012  

I nerver knew so many men liked macs my late husband did not care what I was wearing as long as he had his golf why do they excite some men ?

Comments by Gareth on 28th December 2011  

Hi Anna great to hear from you have you got your son a new mac yet I just seen some for £12.99 in a loacal market seems to be of good quality happy new year.

Comments by Anna on 24th December 2011  

Hello Gareth

Yes I'm still here and keeping well

Comments by Thomas on 14th December 2011  

I would like to wish all pac a mac fans a merry Christmas.

Comments by Gareth on 11th December 2011  

Hi Peter I got from the fashion centre in Llandudno Its a rainy days mac they were just makeing them for ladies but are trying a few for men try a market trader or a shop selling for both sexes they are very smart and the price is right . Also Its a bit soon but I would like to wish all mac lovers a very merry xmas and keep the comments comeing.

Comments by Peter on 9th December 2011  

Hi Gareth

Perhaps you could tell me who is selling nylon macs at that price..I was looking at one on a site...just umder £40.00

Comments by Gareth on 2nd December 2011  

After months of looking today I found a place that sells gents nylon macs He had about a dozen brand new macs for £9.99 each I bought a grey one.

Comments by Gareth on 17th November 2011  

Anna are you well you have gone silent email me to tell me you are well.

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 7th November 2011 

So wonderful to hear that Shona has married, and I hope her partner enjoys Pakamacs and other rainwear as much as she does. Many congratulations!!

I have good new too, in that Susan Mackintosh has announced, in another internet location, that WE are an item. You can imagine how pleased and excited I am at this, and Sue, it is an absolute honour to be so close to you. We have both loved nylon and plastic Pakamacs all our lives, from schooldays onwards, we have both been involved with other rainwear enthusiasts, but we feel that we have now found the ultimate and lasting relationship, and it is an absolute joy to both of us.

Susan, I have almost finalised my latest letter, and I hope to "post" it later this week. Mmmmm, there's something for you to look forward to. In the meantime, happy macking, and that goes for all of you

Comments by Gareth on 5th November 2011  

Shona congratulations I heard you got married all the very best to you both.

Comments by Gareth on 1st November 2011  

Thank you Peter for the info but I will buy a new from rainmac.

Comments by PETER on 31st October 2011  

Hi Gareth

Just found a gents nylon mac on ebay...not sure if it is your size...colour

If it helps the ebay no is 310350240624

Comments by Gareth on 29th October 2011  

Thanks Peter I had a email from rainmac all the gents nylon macs in the sale have gone .

Comments by PETER on 27th October 2011  

Hi Gareth

As regards Rainmac...I am sure their shop is open to the general was in 2009 as I actually visited there too dry on various macs before I decided

Indeed if you are able too visit them you will be spoilt for choice and the customer service is second to none

Hope this helps

Comments by Gareth on 25th October 2011  

Hi Peter I do not live in Belgium I was just in europe for a break thanks for the info I have seen the site its just I like to go in a shop and try it on before I buy.

Comments by PETER on 24th October 2011  

Hi Gareth...haven"t been this site for a few weeks so apologies for delay in helping you out with your quest for a supplier of mens nylons macs

One such supplier is RAINMAC situated here in the UK...I see you live in Belguim..I feel sure they deliver outside the UK but underestandably postage charges may be high

The price I think was and still is £39.00 for the nylon mac but they are as far as I am concerned good quality compared with the more "flimsy" ones that used to be available

Look at the RAINMAC site...see what you think...Good Luck!

Comments by Gareth on 12th October 2011 

Are there any menswear shops that sell nylon macs I am in Belgium at the moment and no joy here Anna whats your sister say.

Comments by Gareth on 10th October 2011  

Anna get in touch with me personally I want to ask you something

Comments by Anna on 8th October 2011  

Gareth - I've just seen your email, so it seems I need to go bak to the drawing board



Comments by Anna on 6th October 2011  

Gareth, I'll see what I can find out, and speak to my sister soon. She doesnt live in Shrewsnury itself, but travels there 3 or 4 times a year from her rural home. She mentioned a traditional outfitters there that sells them, but of course, she could be mistaken


Comments by Gareth on 6th October 2011 

Thank you John Paul I did ring that shop they have not sold them for a long time I did ring a few others in North Wales but the same tale no demand so lets hope your sister knows of one Anna no pressure

Comments by Gareth on 5th October 2011 

Anna will you email me please when your sister tells which shop sells gents macs or they will be all gone and thank you John Paul I will ring that shop Its wonderfull how when you buy a mac they fold it up so neat I could nerver do it as good.

Comments by Susie on 5th October 2011  

Commiserations John-Paul. If it's not too obvious, set up a search on Ebay for 'pakamac' and have it regularly email you with updates. It might be a good time of year to look on Ebay, what with Xmas approaching.

Comments by John-Paul on 4th October 2011  

Anna and Gareth .... I live in Shrewsbury and I really cannot think of an outfitter that might sell you Nylon macs.Your sister, Anna, might have been thinking of Halon which is a very traditional Gents Outfitters but I am almost 100% certain they do not sell Nylon macs anymore - I guess a phone call to Halon would sort it out ? 01743 344804.
In the mean time I have had a total disaster!!.
I have had my lap-top stolen and in my lap-top bag was my wonderful black plastic Genuine Pakamac!!. The great irony is that I had been wearing it - and parading down the Kings Road in an unexpected downpour - with a whole raft of "looks" and quizical stares....
I got to The Bluebird Cafe ( my destination), and had taken off the wet mac and hastily folded away into my lap-top bag. The thief lifted my bag off the back of the chair I had momentarly vacated... nobody noticed or saw who the theif was. The Police were called, details taken. Bizarely the(young) Officer insisted upon puting "pac-a-mac" type raincoat - despite the fact that I had clearly said PAKAMAC!!.
So NO lap-top ( which fortunatly I only really use as an access tool) BUT my beloved Plastic Pakamac too!!. I am bereft!!.
If anyone out there has one they could spare - or see's one PLEASE contact me.
I need a LARGE, SMOOTH black/dark grey PLASTIC "Genuine Pakamac". I really hope somebody can help!!.
I've set up a hotmail account for contact - so, if you can help, PLEASE contact me on I cant tell you how much I miss it!!.

Comments by Gareth on 4th October 2011 

Hello Sarah the shop is called Clares and is on Mostyn St It is very good it has ladieswear and menswear a very nice restaurant I have had many a nice meal there its also got a floor that sells kitchen things and suitcases the nylon macs are Rainy Days let me know how you get on I thought the Lilac colour mac was really nice there details are on the web look forward to hearing from you.

Comments by Sarah on 3rd October 2011  

Gareth.Please can you give us the details of the shop in Llandudno that sold the nylon macs.I might like to go and pay them a visit. I wonder if you went into the shop and what it was like.


Comments by Gareth on 2nd October 2011  tiger1935@hotmail 

Hi Anna I do not live to far from Shrewsbury I have never heard that I did get a showerproof one from there navy blue in colour about five years ago i hope you will let me know what you get there is a shop in Llandudno i was there Friday It had plenty of ladies nylon macs in a range of colours but nothing for men I like to try something on before I purchase It thats why I not keen to buy on line keep me informed please .

Comments by Anna on 2nd October 2011  

Gareth - My pleasure. I need to find an alternative supplier though, I like to keep one in reserve in case of damage or loss. My son would prefer something more modern, but he needs something smart and traditional in my opinion. I'm told by my sister that there's an outfitters in Shrewsbury that sells them, so I may take my son there when I visit her soon

Comments by Gareth on 1st October 2011 

Hello Anna thank you for the info I have been and bought one a long time ago from there the shop on Duke St you mean is it I had forgotten all about it I do not come down to the capital very much the army and navy stores used to sell them too but they seem to have gone a bit to hot for macs this week the mac from Calders was grey in coulor I supose they have gone as well thanks for your help

Comments by Anna on 1st October 2011  

Hello Gareth

I got the mac in an outfitters in Cardiff called Calders, but I was in there the other day, and they seem to be having a little bit of a clearance sale, and wasnt able to see any. I asked whether they had any so I could reply to your post, but the shop assistant didnt think so, saying they didnt have much demand for them anymore.

Previously, I got one in Millets, but this too is no longer an option looking around the shop there.

Sorry if this isnt much help


Comments by Gareth on 29th September 2011 

Anna your son sounds very smart in his mac i need a new one can you tell me where you purchased it and do you recomend them I could do with your advice.

Comments by Gareth on 24th September 2011  

Hello Anna you are amazing getting your son to wear a mac he sounds a fine young man maybe you could use your skill to get more women in the UK to wear a pac a mac.

Comments by Anna on 22nd September 2011  

Hello Gareth

No new mac, no. But he still wears the one I got him earlier this year. Navy blue, below knee length

Comments by Gareth on 21st September 2011  

Anna have you got your son a new nylon mac for winter.

Comments by Gareth on 11th September 2011  

Brian your comments are great I bet you could write a book on pac a macs If you ever do I would love to read it.

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 7th September 2011 

Alpha, "good on yer" for mentioning Chadderton, Oldham, the true home of the British Pakamac! Another stimulus for my schoolday waterproof experiences to come "flooding" back(forgive the pun!) As I have mentioned before, schooldays were both Pakamac days and formative days-where my waterproof madness started.
I remember Hazel, the blonde bombshell of our 1962/3 fifth form. She owned a grey-black semi-transparent plastic Pakamac, which I spotted folded up on top of her domestic science basket. But-TARNATION!!-I ever actually saw her wearing it!! Probably just as well, though, as I may not have been able to "hold back"! The apposite words for Hazel were "corrrrr!!!" and "WOW!!!"-even Pamela Anderson had nothing on Hazel(although I would love to see Pamela mackintoshed.)
But, on a much gentler note, there was Joy, who joined our third form, when I was in the fifth form. She lost no time at all in displaying HER grey-black see-through plastic Pakamac whenever it was raining, and it certainly made lunchtimes more interesting, as she walked home in the same direction as myself! But, believe it or not, I met Joy again, a few years ago, in a completely different context-and, apart from middle-aged weight increase, she had hardly changed at all. In particular, that long sweep of the hair was still there. We spoke, and I was almost tempted to ask if she still had her plastic mac, or what she had done with it. Joy had married, and so we couldn't take things further, but it has led me to think that it should be possible to harmonise a romantic attachment with a waterproof one.
Susan and I have been sharing some wonderful correspondence, with this in mind, and, Susan, I am almost ready to e-mail my latest message. Susan writes beautifully, vividly and excitingly, and has a tremendous knowledge and experience of the Pakamac scene as it has evolved over the years.
I have had some wonderful rainwear sightings over the last few days, with all wearers being older women. Outside our local Sainsbury's, was a navy blue nylon mac, hood up, with a slightly gathered smock-like effect at the back. But, an even more exciting sight awaited me as I went in-a nylon mac, light sage green in colour, normal Pakamac length, slightly see-through, and, as if this were not enough, a pair of olive green rubber boots too. Susan and I have been discussing purchasing rubber macs, and Weathervain do a heavy latex rubber mac, in this olive-green colour.
And, also in Sainsbury's, one of the staff was sporting a hip-length navy nylon jacket with black quilted lining, obviously an occupational garment.
The Pakamac, and simliar garments, are not dead, and whenever they appear on e-bay, it is encouraging to see healthy bidding, and an even more healthy interest and enthusiasm.
I'd better go now! Till next time...

Comments by Susie on 30th August 2011  

Further on the New York/London link regarding nylon. I've heard this before and also heard that it is disputed. Have a look at the Etymology paragraph on the Wikipedia entry for Nylon.

Comments by Susie on 28th August 2011  

It's lovely to read the contribution from Alpha and I for one am looking forward to the next entry. Tell all Alpha.

I remember those shop stickers even in the 80s, one in particular in the window of an exclusive ladies outfitters that catered for the more discerning lady. I think that says something about the popularity of the Pakamac even then!

Comments by Alpha on 27th August 2011 

Only just found this site, very interesting reading, I like many of you have been a staunch lover of pakamacs since a very early age,Whilst at High School in the late 50s I just loved rainy days and used to get sent out of class on purpose so I could head straight for the cloakrooms a as soon as I entered the aroma of wet plastic macs hit me,
Coming from a poor family I never had one but I got great pleasure from seeing others and having contact with there macs. Also seeing the girls the other end of the school leaving on a rainy day, Like many of you I thought I was alone with this strange feeling.
But once I started work I soon owned several macs of my own, I can even now remember the stickers in shop windows
STOCKIST OF PAKAMAC THE GENUINE PLASTIC RAINCOAT, (D`ont take a chance take a PAKAMAC!!) I soon built up a collectiion of my own. Then around the middle to late 60s Pakamac then based at Chadderton in Lancashire started to produce lots of different types of mac ie: the sportsman which was a beige mac with a printed inside the pvc was a tartan pattern, they were a little more expensive but nice to wear, Then came the introduction of Nylon derived from
New York/ LONdon, i was never a great lover of nylon and still love the smell and feel of vinyl macs, I could go on for ever telling stories of my life with plastic but await any welcome feedback.