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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by Gareth on 26th August 2011  

David get to the back of the queue my name is down first.

Comments by David on 25th August 2011 

Wish i could meet the mature lady that loves mackintoshes
I am 68 live bedford england loves rainwear all my life both wearing and seeing ladies in.

Comments by Gareth on 24th August 2011  

I think the marks and spencer nylon macs had plastic buttons Brian do you have a warehouse to keep all your macs by the way Brian you nerver did tell us about Isobel.

Comments by Susie on 24th August 2011  

I too have heard about M&S selling nylon macs but I don't remember them. They must have done so because absolutely every department store sold them. If my memory serves me well, the likes of BHS and the COOP sold them under their own label whereas lots of others sold the genuine Pakamac, especially the small local stores. C&A of course was a fabulous source but always a different style. Call me old fashioned, but I generally preferred the traditional style of nylon and plastic mac, so the C&A continental style macs didn't always appeal to me. The 'own label' nylon macs elsewhere used to be slightly different too, in some way, from the Pakamac or Rainstar style of nylon mac and again, for me, weren't quite as appealing. I liked the House of Fraser for their range of nylon macs, lots of styles that appealed to me in a large range of colours.

As I look back, what I find incredible, is that they appealed to ladies of all ages whether they were well off or not. For me, I still love to wear an expensive skirt suit under a nylon mac. I love the look. Of course they were cheap enough to be a staple for the less well off or as rain protection for a precious wool coat. Again, a look I still love.

Even as they started to disappear from regular sight, I loved to visit and buy from the shops that continued to stock Rainstar nylon macs, the likes of John Lewis, Joplings and a number of ladies clothes shops well into the nineties and even early 2000's. Rainstar nylon macs became my favourite, so I loved it that I knew exactly where to go for the macs I loved, even when Rainstar seemed to morph into YB Wet.

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 23rd August 2011 

Although I do not personally remember Marks and Spencers retailing nylon macs, John Paul referred to them in an e-mail he once posted to me, so perhaps he can shed some light on these.
Admirer of M&S though I am(I think their prepacked sandwiches are delicious!), I have always found them slightly disappointing when it comes to interesting rainwear. However in the mid 1980s, there was a range of plastic macs which was very appealing. Generously oversized, the basic colurs were emerald green, deep pink, black and deep metallic blue-in fact, the other colours were slightly metallic too. They had a faint all-over star-like pattern, which added to the appeal. The blue was especially attractive, and I remember seeing a girl wearing one and going into the former "American Food Factory"(YUK!!!) in New Street, Birmingham. Her taste in rainwear was exquisite, which is more than can be said for her choice of eating venue!! These macs do occasionally turn up on e-bay and it is worth keeping an eye open for them.
More recently, M&S sold a quilted mac, beige outer shell with a beautifully delicate pink-orange sheen-possibly one of their "Per Una" styles. Not really a Pakamac type item, but it does deserve a mention here. I saw a lady wearing one, in her seventies perhaps, and she looked ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, a reminder that attractive rainwear is for everyone, male or female, any age.
And, Gareth, I have read about your dating girls in nylon macs-YOU LUCKY SO-AND-SO!!! And, yes, like you, I wish we could go back in time, to those irreplaceable items of the fities and sixties, but holding on to the waterproof experiences we have accumulated over the intervening years(if that makes sense!)

Comments by Gareth on 23rd August 2011  

Does anybody rember the nylon macs Marks and Spencers used to sell once.

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 22nd August 2011 

In a website like this, one must occasionally be allowed a post that "shocks" everyone(in the nicest possible way, of course!), so here is mine: To date I have 795 macs, waterproofs etc, of various types, filling my wardrobes and cupboards. Can anyone exceed this number? Well, I know Susie Boult, of Plastique Unique, can as she claims to have 1500 items. As long as my accumulation is less than her's I don't feel as "guilty"!
The point is that, as well as being a rainwear enthusiast, I am one of those people that has to go for everything in a really big way(and that goes for my other interests too!) But, then again, one has to be allowed at least one mad interest in our lives-the ability to go 99% insane, as a safeguard against going "the whole hog". Agreed?

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 22nd August 2011 

Another assemblage of interesting comments, and I am particularly interested in the comments as to when nylon macs first appeared on the streets.
But before anything, can I recommend the Stay Dry nylon macs yet again, comfortable, relaxing, exciting, beautifully rustly(the mac swishes at your every move!), and light as a feather. They are beautifully ventilated and incredibly breathable, lovely to wear indoors or out. They swish and fill with air, which ventilates the mac even more. When I wear one, I just don't want to take it off(I am wearing one now), and they bring back wonderful memories of nylon macs I have seen in the past. I have no fewer than 25 of these beautiful macs already and I know I will be buying more. I simply love them. They are lovely, incredibly lovely, macs. When I am out, I can wear one of these macs for the whole afternoon without overheating, which would be impossible with any of my plastic macs. I remember Gore-Tex were very proud of the high transpiration rate of their waterproofs. Well, I would imagine that Stay Dry nylon macs and capes exceed even those in that respect.
Their semi-transparent plastic macs are lovely too, and, again, are so comfortable to wear. For me, in so many ways, Stay Dry are the true successor to Pakamac-practical, inexpensive and, again, lovely to wear. I just cannot praise them enough. And what sensible trade names Pakamac and Stay Dry are-smart, concise and yet telling you all you want to know. And, while I am thinking about it, full marks to everyone here for spelling P-A-K-A-M-A-C correctly, unlike some of the weird versions on e-bay! This is a real connoisseur's website with some wonderfully interesting and exciting contributors.
The first nylon macs that I remember seeing on the streets were in 1965, but, as Gareth says, they had been around for a couple of years previously. I can recall a Pakamac advert in 1962 which listed both plastic Pakamacs and Bri-Nylon(as it was called then)Pakamacs.
I remember seeing a girl, in 1965, wearing a fairly short, unbelted nylon mac in light blue, fairly tight-fitting, allowing one to see the mac pulsating with her every move. And, later on in the same year, at a university interview, a group of us were taken round the Nottingham University campus, and one of the girls, beautifully dressed in a light blue 2-piece jacket and skirt, was carrying a handbag, and a rolled up nylon mackintosh. Her mac was brown with a hint of grey, recalling the colour of the later plastic Pakamacs. and also appeared to be almost see-through. I wished it would rain so I could see her wearing it but no such luck!! Why does it never rain when you want it to?!
Talking about university and college interviews, and student days in general, why doesn't one of them offer a degree course in "rainwear", with a Ph D follow up? I imagine there would be several likely candidates from our regulars on this site!
This brown/grey colour was very fetching, rivalling navy blue. I recall Norma, a secretary at one of my career-realated interviews. Before I saw her mackintoshed she was a beautifully attractive young lady. When I saw her in her brown-grey nylon mac, she was a VIBRANT SEX BOMB(!!!,with the wind filling and inflating her mac beautifully.
The first schoolgirl I saw, wearing a navy blue nylon mac, was in the summer of the next year, 1966. She was about 12 or 13, and her mac was always neatly buttoned and beautifully smart, conforming to the ideals of our good friend Anna!
At the school I attended, girl’s nylon macs made their first appearance in 1967, mostly in navy, although I can recall a particularly fetching one in sage green. At first, these macs were somewhat sparse, and didn't really start taking off until 1968. By that time, I was in my student period, and this merits a further contribution, which I have yet to compile. However, I feel I must post this now as I have not contributed to this site for some time. Hope you enjoy this, and that it sparks off more feedback!! To be continued........

Comments by Scotty on 22nd August 2011 


I think you are right that the rainbonnet is getting scarcer and scarcer. I do remember my Aunt having the nylon covered rainbonnet, think it was a blue colour. I do love the 50/60 raincoats also. I have a semi clear Almar raincoat with matching rain scarf,think its late 60/70's era. I did notice that Plastique unique sell a 50's type of raincoat, dont think it has a matchimg rainbonnet. These macs are also getting harder and harder to find, good for you that you still have a couple in your collection. Like you I do also favour the polkadot rainbonnet also. Love the retro look.

Comments by Susie on 19th August 2011  


I have lots of rain bonnets. That includes different folding ones and accordian style ones. If I find different styles or labels, I like to buy a few, some for wearing and some to be kept pristine in their packaging, for the time when they disappear as I'm sure they ultimately will.

As to my favourites, it would have to be polka dot ones, whatever the colour to match my mac. The polka dot ones on coloured plastic might just be my favourite. I also have some that feel a very old fashioned/mature lady style, in plastic with a nylon net lining.

I particularly love the older macs though when they came with a matching rain bonnet. I still have a few of those and I love them. Very 1950s/60s.

Comments by Scotty on 18th August 2011 

Hi Susan

Thats great that you prefer to wear the retro look fold up accordian rain bonnet or rainmate as I remember them. I have a couple that I collected, however, I dont wear them myself as prefer to see females wearing them. Think they are really nice and practical. My favourite is a small semi transparent fold up polkadot pattern one in black, have a few plain ones also. have you got many in your collection and one that you like to wear.

Comments by Gareth on 18th August 2011  

Anna I hope your son gets good grades today may be you will buy him a new pac a mac if he does.

Comments by PETER on 18th August 2011  

Hi Susie

Sorry I can"t help you with when the plastic mac first came onto the scene but whoever decided that a thing like plastic could be used in the manufacturing of a mac

Well I dare there are a lot of people over the years have said THANK YOU

Not only the practical side of it...a fold up mac that can be carried on every journey but for those that wearing a plastic mac has other reasons

My first memories...1952...the year I started school....kitted out with the first school gaberdine mac for the winter and a plastic mac from Woolworths for the Summer showers and we always took them with us on our holidays....a week away in a caravan...but saying that we all looked forward to that week or if we were very lucky two weeks away from home

Plastic macs for me had another meaning and my introduction of my attraction to macs designed for the fairer sex....

The fairer sex...we don"t see ladies labelled as the "fairer sex" anymore

And now nearly sixty years on that attraction too macs...not only plastic grows stronger and this includes those macs designed for ladies

I keep thinking I have so many macs...not going too buy another one but then I look on sites like ebay....I see a mac...reasonably priced and temptation gets the better of me

I bid for it...I suppose it is the thrill/buzz one gets when they try on a new mac

As regards wearing ladies macs outside....I have done it with a dark blue hooded nylon mac as the colour does not draw buttons the ladies way but how many people...with their busy lifestyle are going too notice that

Heavy rain expected here in the South East later on...looks like a day for mac wearing....My kind of day!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments by Gareth on 17th August 2011  

Pamela and Shona Its good to hear you friends again.

Comments by Susie on 16th August 2011  

Does anyone know when plastic macs first made an appearance? The 'lakelandelements' film list dates one of the earliest appearances in the cinema as being in a 1929 film. I would assume that people were wearing them a little earlier than that but perhaps not much earlier.

Comments by Susie on 16th August 2011  

It was interesting what Peter and Gareth said about nylon macs and when they started to appear. I think my memories of seeing other people in macs, whether nylon or plastic, are from 1965 onwards as I headed towards my teens. At some point I remember seeing a broadcast of 'All Our Yesterdays' with Brian Inglis with an article on fashion towards the end of WWII. It particularly looked at materials that were developed as part of the war effort and showed a lady in a foldaway nylon mac.

Yes Scotty, I do wear folding plastic rain bonnets. I love them and they are still relatively easy to find in chemists.

Comments by Scotty on 15th August 2011 

Hi Susan

Noticed your comments regarding mac, rainbonnet and boots, sounds very stylish and retro. Do you wear the fold up rainbonnets, all the girls during highschool used to wear them, alas they seem not to be used. I gave a folding bonnet to a girlfriend who said she would use it, hope she does as she may restart a new trend

Comments by Gareth on 14th August 2011  

1963 was a good year for nylon macs all the girls seemed to have one I dated many them and took them to the cinema for about three hours of necking in the back seats anybody got a time machine I could loan .

Comments by PETER on 13th August 2011 

As promised how many fellow mac wearers did I see on my walk into town this morning...sadly but no real surprise very few...just the odd polyester cotton mac that seems to be the fashion with the younger set now...although I am more for the plastic,PVC and nylon macs I do find these do look good and knowing the possibility that macs will not completely vanish from the streets all the time the odd few do wear them

Comments by PETER on 13th August 2011 

In response to Susan"s always interesting regards the fashion of rainwear these days.some pseudo mountain rescue look...reading this as well as having too accept it really depresses me and a way out of that depression...Slip on one of my macs and think back to yesteryears...Everyone from infants to adults wore a mac should the weather call for it

Sadly too wear a plastic mac OR to be seen in one these days ...Not fashionable...isn"t seen to be cool

To many a plastic mac or any kind of mac is considered as boring thus the end result... the lack of sightings of people in them

Susan"s mention of "even on a good day it can be rolled up in a bag in readiness for a shower"

Thank you for that Susan...reminds me of my mum(bless her!)...always made sure we had our plastic mac with us as we headed off to wonder I still do the same now..and I think back to what Mum told us...Mother knows best

I must admit I have on many occasions had the last laugh whilst out being the only one dry...looking smug whilst others...bedraggled...cold ..wet and looking throughly stupid

Like me Susan you wear your mac at the first opportunity

Why should it rain before one wears a mac

I dare say on the three occasions Susan went out sensibly dressed not one person took any notice but possibly a few admiring glances how nice she looked

I know she would have got one from me...I would be the one wearing a plastic mac or nylon mac

Comments by PETER on 13th August 2011 

Hi Gareth

Yes I think it was the early 1960s that nylon macs first came onto the High Street...I am thinking when I first saw them and bought my first nylon mac

1964...I was 17 years old...amazing how things stick in your mind...just browsing in our local C&A and there on individual hangers....nylon macs...all styles...a variation of colours..and that was only those designed for us men folk......and relatively cheap although I can"t recall the actual price...must have been cheap as I wasn"t earning much money being a hard working shop a greengrocers

I tried it on...looked in the mirror in the store....I was hooked if that is the right word...took it off...and took it to the paying the shop assistant laid it out and took care to fold it up before putting it in a bag

Got home and no one there so took it out of the bag and tried it on.....

The end 50 years love of not only nylon macs but all types of macs is part of my life

It is dry here this morning but so cloudy so my brown nylon mac is going too get an outing....I will be looking for any others who have decided ..Why should a mac just be worn when it rains

I know this is another debatable subject as Susan has commented on....looks like I will adding something to her interesting comment when I return from my mac wearing expedition

I will add a comment on how many mac wearers I see later on

Comments by Susan on 9th August 2011  

Although it's August, where I am there's been at least 48 hours of constant rain and it's still raining now on the third day. Why is it that the fashion for rainwear these days seems to be some pseudo mountain rescue look. Modern fabrics may well have been researched and developed scientifically over the years to work but also a price tag reflecting that.

The thing about a long plastic mac though is that it is relatively cheap, it keeps you dry if worn over boots and with a plastic rain bonnet it looks fabulous. Even on a good day it can be carried rolled up in a bag in readiness for a shower. Obviously I prefer to be wearing mine. Best of all maybe, is that I can have loads and choose one that best suits my outfit rather than the same old rain coat/jacket that has to be teamed with everything else and worn because it is too bulky!

A pakamac doesn't have to be 'fashionable', despite me thinking they are, but surely it is a staple. I've been out in mine, with the boots and rain bonnet down to my supermarket and the high street on over three seperate occasions in the last two days, 100 percent dry, feeling so good about myself and the way I look.

Comments by Gareth on 2nd August 2011  

Does anybody know when nylon macs first came out when I just left school in 1962 I had a part time job serving petrol in a garage one day a Vauxhall Cresta drove in a women jumped out wearing a nylon mac that is the first time I saw a nylon mac.

Comments by Gareth on 30th July 2011  

Yes Peter I read that article the mac is back I also had my hopes up maybe one day macs will make a comeback but I will be in my dotage by then.

Comments by PETER on 27th July 2011 

Hi Gareth

Yes you are so right

I remember a few years ago a High Street store in their Spring collection included a plastic mac designed for the fashion conscious trendsetters

A friend told me about them and I just had too have a look and there displayed in the shop window was this "model" in a plastic mac...looked really nice but I can"t recall seeing any young ladies actually wearing them so obviously it never appealed to youngsters

I also recall an article in a national tabloid headed "The mac is back"...not so much plastic macs but macs designed for ladies...dead fashionable....but did that article really catch ladies eyes...sadly not

So a negative outlook for us mac enthusiasts but just a good job there are websites still being able too supply us with them

Comments by Gareth on 26th July 2011  

If some female fashion icon or someone always in the press were to start wearing plastic macs maybe half the females in the UK would wear them well live in hope.

Comments by PETER on 26th July 2011 

Hi Susan

Now I know one shouldn"t mention a lady"s age but I assume you are in the same generation/era as me

ME...remembering the 1950s and 1960s with affection for obvious reasons you remembering those wonderful days

I suppose the 1970s had a positive side for me with wearing macs at my leisure until I got married in 1974

I made a good choice in 1974 when I decided too get married but sadly like many wives,partners my new wife didnot understand/accept my passion for macs so for 25 (long) years I had too "survive" with wearing macs when she was out

25 years as anyone will tell you is a lifelong when you are restricted from doing what you enjoy my case wearing macs

We split up in 1999...just happened and 12 years on we are good is a funny old situation!

So in 1999 I thought has the attraction of wearing macs gone...was the appeal I remember ordering a ladies nylon mac out of a mail order catalogue...I still have it now...and I tried it on

The wonderful feeling ...I just didnot want too take it off,...I knew then seeing I was planning to be on my own with no plans are getting into anymore relations at that time I started looking at other macs on offer in these catalogues and yes there was a lot of offer

Of course in 1999 I had no computer thus relying on catalogues

But joining the computer age in 2003 it opened up a whole new world for me with easy access too buying more macs and more so making new friends and meeting a few

Happy days

Comments by Susan on 26th July 2011  

I too remember seaside towns Peter, but on the east coast of England, where the shops had loads of plastic and nylon macs on display. They were hanging outside, in the windows, on rails inside. It was absolute heaven. The English Lake District was similar. That was at a time though when most towns had specialist rainwear shops just full of the most beautiful nylon macs and plastic macs.
You're correct I think, we will never see those days again but I will continue to publicly lament the loss.

Comments by PETER on 24th July 2011 

Hi Susan

Indeed this History World site really does get some interesting contributions all relating to one thing...Rainwear

I was looking at the galleries on the Plastic Unique site and as they say many of the macs being worn in the photos are no longer available and too think in the 1950s and 1960s you could buy these macs anywhere

And the very mention of the 1950s and this is when it all started for me...the attraction to many wearing them even indoors is not just natural but a way of life and good too know we can relay our thoughts too others who read our comments

My plans for the afternoon...a bit of tidying in the garden then back indoors ...a bath...then an evening in one of my nylon macs...maybe too bed in it as well

A wonderful end to a satisfying day

Comments by Susan on 24th July 2011  

When it comes to my colour preference for a plastic mac then I have to say I love them in every colour and I try to have one of each in my collection. I like to be able to team one up with the outfit I'm wearing. I have to agree with Brian (yes Peter, I know you like them too) about black or grey Pakamacs. They are indeed something very special. I bought a grey 'Genuine 1950s' plastic mac from Plastique Unique a while back and I was overjoyed to see how much it resembled a Pakamac. Even the aroma was different to that of more modern plastic macs. It made me feel, and still continues to, extra tingly when I put it on. I also have a thing for, what pvc-u-like describe as, a natural colour plastic mac. These remind me very much of the macs worn by ladies in the 1950s. Yes Brian, a lot of my macs are the 1950s style from pvc-u-like. Yes I do have some plastic macs in blue. I love pink too, and purple, and yellow and so on.

When it comes to a nylon mac, again although I have and love them in every colour, for me it has to be navy blue.

I'm loving the contributions here.

Comments by PETER on 23rd July 2011 

I am going too kill two birds with one stone (as they say) with responses to two comments

Hi Gareth

No fear of my sister reading the comments....she has no computer...lives in the dark ages but if I wasn"t such a gentleman I would say "Best place for her"

Hi Brian

I think I gave you the wrong impression as regards the "boring" black and dark grey plastic macs

I suppose I have too admit I do love bright colours and I suppose this was one of the attraction to ladies macs and still is

As regards the dark colours I have a black PVC mac and a unisex double breasted plastic/pvc mac in dark blue which I do find a joy too wear...also a dark blue ankle length plastic mac so contradicting myself with my admission to "boring" dark colours

Isn"t it strange how many of these comments turn back to our schooldays and recollections...I suppose our introduction to plastic macs with memories that stay with us

Good too see the Plastique Unique have reopened...must take a look at what they have on offer

They must feel there is a market out there with profitable returns

As i said in my previous comment..I live in my own little dreamworld...well several little being that a High Street store decides too include Plastic macs in their Spring collection...keep them simple....keep them at an attractive and sensible price and too see a young lady walking out of the store in a Plastic mac

Oh dear...I have just came out of my dreamworld into the world of reality...don"t like it

Dreamworld here I come again!

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 22nd July 2011 

Lovely remarks, Peter, and very interesting. But I cannot agree that grey and black plastic macs are boring, In fact, I am wearing one now. Some of my most intense waterproof experiences have happened whilst wearing or observing these beautiful macs, and I know John Paul will bear me out on this point. He models these macs really beautifully.
Susan, too, looks fabulous wearing grey-black see-through macs, except that her's are more modern styles, probably from PVC-U-Like or PVC Rainwear, their sister company. I love the way she makes her macs fill with air, and blow up like balloons. She certainly knows how to turn me on, and it will be wonderful when we get round to dating regularly.
At my junior school, when plastic macs for boys made their first appearance, I remember looking at one hung up in the cloakroom, semi-transparent, buttons outwards, the tag in the collar clearly visible, and seeing the word "Pakamac" for the very first time. And that word, which we are celebrating in these posts, has dominated my life ever since. When I started buying and wearing plastic macs regularly, I just kept repeating the word "Pakamac" over and over again.
These basic grey-black see-through plastic Pakamacs were styled for girls too, and this masculine colour made them look sexier than ever, especially when their macs were wet.
I do have a liking for sky blue see-through macs too, reminding me of Elizabeth. But I am hoping that Susan, too, will spring a pleasant surprise on me by strutting her stuff whilst waterproofed in this colour.
Finally, Plastique Unique rainwear have re-opened their retail outlet for a short time, before the owners, Susie and Alan, move to Spain. Their Sandy macs are well worth a try, black, swishy, see-through, slightly oversized and beautifully rumpled(assuming, of course, that they still have some in stock.)
Despite the scarcity of interesting rainwear currently on our streets, the macs are available, and it is down to us to beat the fashion promoters at their own game, and show the general public what plastic macs are all about. Full marks to John Paul and his friends at the recent Elton John gig. Perhaps Susan and myself should have joined you!!
More articles are in the pipeline...many more. Keep on enjoying and loveing your macs, both indoors and out.

Comments by Gareth on 22nd July 2011  

Peter if your sister ever reads your comments you will be in hot water.

Comments by PETER on 21st July 2011 

Brian"s latest comments says it all

We fantasise and hope...sometimes wishing we could turn the clock back to the days when not only plastic macs but all styles of macs were sold in so many stores and no matter what the weather mac wearing was commonplace

Think of a visit to the many who spent a week or fortnight away from foreign travel in our childhood it was always a holiday on the South Coast and it was common practice too buy presents too take into a gift shop and there in full view...on hangers were plastic macs

And on shelves would be plastic macs packed in polythene bags with the size on it and if designed for a man or lady

Ladies macs in wonderful attractive colours whereas the macs designed for the boys and men were always a boring grey or black

But what a thrill when I was asked..."Did I want another plastic mac" or if my sister was asked...the thought of seeing her in her new plastic mac and knowing I would possibly be wearing it at home if I was on my own

Yes...I do find macs designed for ladies attractive

On a trip to Malta in 2009 I was quite surprised too find plastic macs for sale...dead cheap and not really made too last but at least they were on sale in case of the unexpected showers and yes we got a few of them

Oh for the day when a high street store takes a gamble and takes some plastic macs in stock selling them at a sensible price

Who knows...young ladies might take a liking too them and start buying them...others see a friend in one and she buys one...thus the reintroduction of plastic macs

I know I am living in a dreamworld but let"s face many of us think back from time to time at happy times including seeing ladies of all ages in all types of macs

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 20th July 2011 

Yet more interesting comments from Peter and Gareth.
Someone once made the remark that the first exciting macs were rubber, then plastic took over, with these giving place to nylon. Now, according to this person, all we seem to get these days are wet T-shirts!
But do we even get those? Like so many of our regular correspondents, I have never known such a dearth of exciting rainwear in the best Pakamac traditions.
I do, however, have a liking for those bell-shaped glass-clear umbrellas, with borders of varying colours. One can always imagine that, were see-through macs available in the stores, the girls with the umbrellas would be wearing these macs too. One can but fantasise...and hope...

Comments by PETER on 18th July 2011 

So Anna makes her son wear a mac...maybe he could possibly rebel against her but on the other hand he may appreciate the fact that he feels she cares about him spending money on a sensible mac for him

There is always the chance a child will rebel against parents even if they have had everything they have asked for

Of course schools are too blame for the lack of rainwear being worn to and from school

Think back to the 1950s and into the 1960s...part of the school uniform in many schools was the gaberdine mac but now do we see a child in anything like a regulation school mac...or are there any stores stock a regulation school mac

Even into the 1980s a private school near me made sure the pupils wore a mac...every mac on every pupil was the same

Sadly not now so the children go to school in flimsy jackets and schools are afraid too make it a rule that all children wear the same style of coat

The rule of mac wearing taught us discipline...not only at home where mum would insist we wear our macs to school but at school where...if you arrived without it questions would be asked and at playtime no mac...then you stayed inside

No wonder children are running riot...they please themselves and they are the generations that one day will make decisions as regards the running of the country

Of course there is the possibility of Anna"s son getting bullied at just doesn"t take the wearing of a mac too get bullied at school as many will recall

If you didn"t fit in....I recall anyone with ginger hair...fat people.....those wearing glasses...all prime targets for the school bully

Anna is a caring parent...proud of her son"s appearance irrespective of possible disapproval from fellow pupils at his school...pity more parents don"t follow in Anna"s footsteps and let their children know until they get to a certain age they listen to mum for words of wisdom

I know I am living in my own little dreamworld but must admit the discipline we experienced as children...taught good behaviour...we worked for our pocket money....just letting us know that we respected those around us and I for one must admit it made me into a better person

And yes...the insistance by mum for me too wear my mac ....the end result was my attraction to macs all those years ago and remaining with me nearly sixty years on

Comments by Gareth on 17th July 2011  

Anna I admire the fact you send your son to Church but I think you go to far when you tell him how to wear his mac he is a young man now he may rebel against you and other boys could bully him if they knew his Mother made him wear his mac just let grow into a man and what about your self do you like wearing a nylon mac or are you attracted to men wearing a mac do not worry I sure your son will be fine.

Comments by PETER on 11th July 2011 

Hi Brian

Glad you found my comments interesting

Most of the memories of many rainwear "enthusiasts" reflect on our childhood days...our first attraction too macs...maybe just one type/style or like me....a lover of all types/styles of macs and this has remained with me for many years thus my collection of all types/styles of macs

A quick insight in how it all started with me....Plastic macs and school(gaberdine) macs...not so much mine but my sisters and this attraction too ladies macs my wide choice of macs has stayed with me for many years

My sister then on leaving school would buy fashionable macs for the "younger set" of that era(late 1950s/early 1960s),being Plastic,PVC even trendy Trenchcoats thus my attraction too these

Incidentally I found nylon macs by visiting our local C & A store long ago...all on hangers..I was hooked and bought one

So what is my attraction and I dare say others reading this...our attraction to macs designed for ladies and as you rightly say...too see a lady in one of those macs on PPVC-u-Like and similar sites

I suppose I have a mac for all occasions

A nylon mac for slightly cooler weather or the likelihood of showers...if not wearing it I carry it with me

A plastic mac for long walks in the countryside or along the seafront

I did with some time ago with a fellow mac enthusiast...we took his dog for a walk...both in plastic macs

A Trenchcoat for the cooler,wetter days of Winter...not only for the comfort and satifaction but it does look smart

As regards my collection of "ladies"macs...odd as it may sound I get a lot of enjoyment/satisfaction wearing these indoors....sometimes thinking of going out in one but they look so feminine and a lot of them would draw the attention of passers by with the colour

Your planned meeting with Susan,,,hope it goes well

I have met a few fellow mac enthusiasts and became "attached" too one such person..sadly the "relationship" ended when "she" got into financial difficulties and was forced too sell up and move...too far for me too visit but life moves on

My advice...from personal experience is if anyone thinks about finding a mackintosh partner go for won"t regret it

Oh for sites like this where we can be open in our memories of our introduction to rainwear...and know those reading any comments will appreciate the "thrill" of wearing a mac or seeing,possibly sharing the company of a fellow mac enthusiast

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 10th July 2011 

Peter's comments are really interesting. As I have mentioned before, some of my own most vivid rainwear memories date back to schooldays. Not only is this period of life an extremely formative one, but the fifties and sixties saw the "golden era" of Pakamacs, of which we may never see the like again. Having said this, I really wish some of PVC-U-Like's excellent styles would hit the streets.
One warm showery afternoon in May 1969, I was visiting my old school whilst studying at "uni". Because of the rain, girl's navy nylon schoolmacs swished, rustled, pulsated, shimmered and glistened everywhere. But amidst all of these, one girl was wearing an unbuttoned semi-transparent sky blue plastic mac, and, somehow, her mac was even more exciting(and, knowing my love of girl's nylon macs, that is really saying something!) She made me think of Elizabeth, a girl friend from 1965, who wore a simliar plastic mac. When I saw her wearing this mac, wet from a shower, we "fell in love" straightaway.
When one is a rainwear enthusiast, the rules of love, romance and (especially) sex, change completely. Susan and I are exchanging some beautiful, if rather naughty(!), correspondence, and we are becoming very close, and we are acknowledging that an intimate relationship may be possible.
I may mention that Susan has written a wonderful story about girl's navy nylon schoolmacs, and has posted it in "Lakeland Elements", and IT IS ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING RAINWEAR FEATURES I HAVE EVER READ!! I JUST CANNOT EMPHASISE THIS ENOUGH. IT IS PURELY AND SIMPLY SOME OF THE FINEST RAINWEAR WRITING EVER. It will be a wonderful inspiration to us when we start meeting, whether we wear nylon macs or plastic macs, and Susan, I am in the process of finalising my latest letter, and I hope to send it this week.
Sometimes I do feel the need to "space out" my enthusiasm-whether it is maturity or "senility", I am not quite certain!-but Susan is wonderfully understanding in this respect, and I hope we can make some real progress. I also hope some more of our regular contributors find understanding and sympathetic partners with whom to share their interest, and a blog site like this provides a perfect opportunity.
In the meantime, LOVE your Pakamacs....Long live Pakamacs...

Comments by PETER on 7th July 2011 

Hi Anna

As you rightly say the tendacies towards obedience was greater in the good old days

Indeed those three words *Good Old Days" really brings back fond memories too me and I dare say many in my age group

Your mention of your son"s mac being buttoned to the neck and a question is raised here

Were we being disciplined too harshly or being disciplined at all in our schooldays or was it simply commonsense and/
or looked smart that a mac be buttoned to the neck and belted

I went to mixed schools...primary school(5-11) and secondary school(11-15) and it was expected too see all school macs belted and the girls with their macs buttoned to the neck and hoods up

At secondary school it was a bit more "liberated" with mac wearing but girls seemed too wear their school macs but being permitted not too have the hood up unless it rained are not being too strict and it is a great pity that more parents do not advice their children not only on the wearing of sensible macs but on life in general

Comments by Anna on 7th July 2011  

Thank you Peter, yes the tendency towards obedience was greater in the good old days, these days, there are so many distractions for children, it becomes harder to maintain good order. But I guess that's another conversation entirely

My son needs far more persuasion than I would like, but its wworth it at the end of the day, if I know he's wearing his mackintosh how I like it - buttoned to the neck, and when he's wearing his gaberdine mac, belted tight

It's good to talk; I do wonder if I'm not too strict, but there's nothing as practical that I'd want him to wear, to be honest


Comments by PETER on 7th July 2011 

Hi Anna

Although many years ago I can"t recall my mum ever having to be a "persauvive beast" when it came too persuading me too carry a mac or wear it should the need be

I just followed mum"s advice and I think in those days it was commonsense with most people...if it was raining they wore a mac irrespective of age or were always prepared

I suppose even then there were those who hated wearing macs....Gaberdine(school) macs come too mind...part of the school uniform in my schools....many have admitted these coats were even "loved" or "loathed"

With me I loved my school mac...not just for schoolwear but also when out playing in the not so nice weather

The only time mum had to be "persauvive" was getting me too eat my vegetables....mainly cabbage...but that is another story

By the way...mum won the battle of the cabbage eating

Looks like another mac wearing day kind of weather

Comments by Anna on 6th July 2011  

Peter - Thank you for your nice comments. I quite agree with your sentiments. Children were always required to carry a mac in their bag, and my son is no different. Yes he does object, but we mothers can be quite persuasive beasts, dont you know?

Comments by PETER on 5th July 2011 

Hi Anna

How reassuring too know there are parents like yourself...although sadly not many...that make sure their children are prepared for the unexpected weather we do experience here regularly in the UK

This does take me back to my childhood days....a long time ago I must admit...Mum always made sure we carried our macs in our school bag in case of the sudden shower and even now when I go out I always carry a lightweight mac with me

Of course in those days...(the 1950s) plastic macs were to be found in so many shops but now it is getting so difficult too find anyone who stocks them on the High Street thus the convenience of the internet

May I ask you...does your son object too wearing a mac or even carrying one with him

So sad that other parents don"t think like you and follow in your footsteps as regards their children be dressed in a sensible mac

Comments by Anna on 5th July 2011  

Susan - Your comments about the pakamac are spot on, shame they weren't more universally worn, particularly amongst the younger generation

I ensure my son takes his to school , either worn or in his bag ready for the rain


Comments by PETER on 5th July 2011 

Thanks for that Susan

Although the attraction to rainwear(irrespective what style/material) is nothing new to us males it does make one wonder how we disclosed our thoughts before computers

Did we all think we were the only one attracted to mackintoshes until we got a computer and a whole new world opened up for us

And buying preference is macs designed for ladies(strange as it may sound) but although I used too look at them in stores like C&A(sadly now just a memory) I never bought one...I suppose being younger then...thirty years younger I was a bit self conscious

But now we are spoilt...just sit in the comfort of your armchair and look at what is on offer..see something you fancy and purchase questions asked

I think now...if I had someone with me I would buy a ladies mac even if I had too convince the shop assistant it was for a ladyfriend

But until that happens I will continue too look at websites...ebay...Susie High(another good site for plastic macs)

With so many macs do I need another one? has to be YES!

Comments by Susan on 4th July 2011  

I agree with you 100 percent Peter. A Pakamac is good for any weather. I too always take a lightweight one with me, where ever I go. I don't have to wait for rain to wear it. They give superb protection from a cool sea breeze or even a strong gale. Even in the sunniest weather it's a comfort just to have one rolled up but in the coldest winter, I'm never cold in mine. Of course I simply put one on because I adore the way they look on me.

You should count yourself lucky, in my experience, to be able to share your enthusiasm with other enthusiasts. I've loved reading your contributions here.

Comments by Peter on 30th June 2011  

Another interesting comment from Susan

I don"t think it is an aversion just to pakamacs but rainwear in general

Embarrassed to be seen in a mac...Yes!

Frightened in case someone sees them in a mac...Yes!

Are they boring....Yes!

And another topic comes too light here..Why should it rain before anyone wears a mac

A friend of mac...a keen cyclist as well as a mac enthusiast pedalled to his local Chemist and took his nylon mac with him.....On his way to the Chemist it started raining...he went into the Chemist with his mac on and the lady assistant remarked on his mac but said "you can always take it off if it stops raining"

I for one don"t have too wait for the rain before I wear my mac.....even last Saturday I decided on a walk to our local shopping rain but I wore my brown nylon mac

I wasn"t aware of anyone looking at me and wondering why I had a mac on even if it was dry

I wear my mac for enjoyment and comfort

I recently bought a unisex Plastic/PVC mac and visited a fellow mac enthusiast...we took his dog for a walk and it was a dream too walk along accompanied by a guy in a plastic mac

We saw joggers...other dog walkers but not one remarked on our macs and we both felt it was the ideal one was at all suspicious there was a couple of mac enthusiasts

Sadly the next few days are a bit too warm for mac wearing outdoors but old habits die hard...Irrespective of the weather forecast I carry my lightweight mac with me

Comments by Susan on 25th June 2011  

I think Peter is entirely correct but I think the aversion to Pakamacs extands to the now older generation too. Maybe they were derided for wearing a plastic mac or just want to fit in with the younger generation. Seeing the adverts for rainwear in the 40s, 50s 60s was possibly something that people of my generation would rebel against. I have experienced that myself, but it didn't put me off. I personally embrace my love of Pakamacs but I think others of my age are either frightened, embarrased or just too boring.

Comments by Peter on 21st June 2011 

In response to Susan"s there no interest

My personal opinion is...particularly with the younger generation it isn"t "cool" (if that is the right word) to be seen in a mac...irrespective what kind of mac it is

I have been a mac "enthusiast" for more years than I care too admit to and like many others have noticed the decline in those who wear macs and the amount of stores selling them

Me...I regularly wear my mac irrespective if it is raining or not...Why should it have too rain before we wear something that gives us undescribable pleasure

Like many others I say good job we have sites like ebay and yes there are bargains to be had

My latest purchase was a nylon mac(Trenchcoat style) oin Salmon Pink...price £1.99...the pstage cost more than the mac...the label was C & A...and that brings back fond memories too many who bought macs from them...all individually on hangers

There are many who see someone in a mac and inwardly think they would love too wear one but so afraid what others might say

Me...I have worn macs too long now too worry what others say or even think