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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by Susan on 21st June 2011  

I drove miles and miles today in the rain and didn't see another person in a pakamac. Is there no interest?

Comments by Rascal on 20th June 2011  

Shona how did the cruise go get in touch please old rascal

Comments by Gareth on 15th June 2011  

If all Mothers were like Anna we could put the Great back into Britain.

Comments by Susan on 15th June 2011  

I can't help but agree with John-Paul. Where have all those Pakamacs that were sold gone? Good for you and your companions to have worn plastic pakamacs in public. Sometimes I feel that I am the only one going out in one albeit more often than not a nylon one, since my plastic macs are quite precious.
Judging by the bids I see for various mac items on ebay, there must still be a healthy demand for them but I think people will actually have put them on in public to generate a revival.
Wear your Pakamac with pride.

Comments by John-Paul on 14th June 2011  

Public Pakamac Pleasures!. Last Sunday there was an open air
Concert by Elton John here in Shrewsbury.... and it poured with rain all day... SO... WHAT to wear ? I hear you all ask...
The answer, of course, as one of my "Genuine Plastic Pakamacs"... with two others lent to my Concert going friends.
Now its a long time since I wore a Pakamac "in public".. usually slipped on for relativly isolated country walks .. but on this occasion my confidence was considerably boosted by my two plastic mac wearing companions.
What was absolutly fascinating was the reactions we got... a LOT of curious staring but by the end of the evening ( and it did actually stop raining, we had been asked about our Pakamacs by twelve people!! "Where did you get them" being the most common question, then a few "Oh I used to have one just like that's". It was a fascinating experiance.Three chaps felt the need to touch them... with the jolly line "Oh I havnt seen one of these for years" as the justification!.
So the moral of this tale is WEAR YOUR PLASTIC MACS OUT!! WEAR THEM WITH PRIDE !!..... and the wish would be... WHY doesnt some manufacturer reintroduce these splendid mackintoshes!!. THe experience also raises the age old question .. WHERE have ALL the THOUSANDS of PLASTIC PAKAMACS that were made GONE??

Comments by Gareth on 13th June 2011  

Anna its good to hear you and your son wearing your macs to Church I just got back from the USA macs are thin on the ground there you sound a wonderful lady keep up the good work.

Comments by Anna on 12th June 2011  

Well the weather in the Uk has been absolutely awful today, wet and windy, but mild. But perfect pakamac wearing weather, although my son probably didnt agree. He wore his to church and back, and was bone dry at the end of the walk both ways. Not something you could say if he'd been wearing an anorak or cagoule, I daresay

Comments by Norman on 4th June 2011  

your on Brian, next time I leave sunny Australia for Old Blightey, I will come to Wiggan.
If you love the place enough to run this site, then it will be worth a look.

Comments by Brian on 3rd June 2011

Thanks for your comment Norman. Glad we clarified things by email. If you visit Wigan I'll buy you a pint.

Comments by Norman on 3rd June 2011  

I would just like to thank the administrator of HistoryWorld for clearing up a matter regarding this site.
I will no longer be posting here for various reasons,one being that this is a very public forum and this should be kept in mind when leaving Email adresses and so on.
Brian you are all right by me and all is forgiven. keep up the good work with HistoryWorld.

Comments by Brian on 1st June 2011 

Message for Norman: I couldn't add your message for various reasons including swearing. Feel free to email me to clarify your post,, thanks.

Comments by PETER on 17th May 2011 

I think the availability of nylon macs here in the UK is getting somewhat worrying

A lady on ebay...trades as Susie High regularly had a wide variety of nylon macs for sale but recently her stock has all she seems too have on offer is Plastic and PVC

But I must admit there are still a few come up on ebay like the red Trenchcoat style nylon mac I got for £1.99

Comments by Norman on 16th May 2011  

I think the rainydays Macs were about 12 Pounds (Sorry no pounds symbol on my keyboard). They come in grey and blue only. I was just supprised that you could get a Mac like that straight out of the packet still. Most of my stuff has been used because of the total unervalability of new Macs in Australia. And even Vintage Macs are getting harder to find.
No chance of buying a Mac on the High Street here.

Comments by PETER on 16th May 2011 

There is a shop in Midhurst.West Sussex called Rainmac who do some nice nylon macs but they don"t come cheap...I think they are about £39.00 each although you are paying for a thicker quality nylon mac

Comments by Gareth on 16th May 2011  

Are there any shop on the high street that sells nylon macs or have you got to buy online .

Comments by PETER on 16th May 2011 

Indeed there are some bargains on ebay...I was lucky enough too win a gorgeous Trench style nylon mac in red...price £1.99

Comments by Liz on 14th May 2011  

Just in case anyone is interested, there's a large 100% nylon mac on e-bay starting at 99p!

Comments by norman on 13th May 2011  

Just incase anybody is interested I discovered a shop on EBay called tshirts4fans.I found them under the listings for kalgool.
I purchased two long raincoats (Knee Length) from them in the Pakamac style.
The add said they were Polyester, but too my surprise when I got them they were Nylon.
The manufacturer is Rainydays and I got a blue one and a Grey one.
So have a look and tell me what you think. Like I said, they were a lot better than I thought they would be and isn't it nice pulling a traditional nylon mac straight out of the packaging for the first time.
I have no idea how waterproof they are, but they look and feel grrrrrrrrrreat. (O:

Comments by Gareth on 12th May 2011  

thank you Anna sounds like very good advice.

Comments by Anna on 11th May 2011  

hello gareth - A good dose of sensible traditional discipline usually helps

Comments by PETER on 9th May 2011 

On reading Brian"s comments as regards nylon macs...I have been a nylon mac enthusiast for many years and know the thrill one can achieve wearing one but how many times do we see anyone else in a nylon mac?

On Sunday with nothing planned I thought a walk into town just to plans too buy

No rain but quite a cooling wind so I thought the ideal opportunity too wear my nylon mac

In front of me was a lady in nylon mac...a lady in her early 60"s and indeed it was a joy too see someone else in a nylon mac

Too many mac enthusiasts and there are a lot out there nylon macs are the bottom of the popularity list but for me the rustle....the feel of it..just the thought of wearing it whatever the weather is a must for me

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 3rd May 2011 

Some more wonderful news. I have ordered two more male navy nylon macs, fully styled, which will be ideal for outdoor macking this summer. The retailer describes them as "very rustly when worn", so you can imagine my excitement. I hope they will inspire me to write many more contributions to this wonderful website. Thanks to Susan's persuasive enthusiasm, I am loving male nylon macs as much as I do male plastic Pakamacs. Indeed, I am wearing one of my beloved Stay Dry mackintoshes as I write this, all lightweight, swishy and rustly.
Susan, I am in the process of writing another e mail which I hope to despatch within the next few days. It would be really lovely to go mackintosh-shopping together at Weathervain, sometime, but do I wear a plastic mac or a nylon mac when we meet? Something for you to think about before I contact you again!
Thank heavens for this wonderful website and the ability to share so many waterproof thoughts, emotions and experiences. There are some really fantastic people here, all united by the basic Pakamac idea. I never thought those sessions in the boy's school cloakroom, trying on as many boy's plastic macs as possible, would lead to anything as lovely and lasting as this......

Comments by Gareth on 3rd May 2011  

Anna you must be a great Mother how do you get him to wear it if he dislikes so much email me and tell me how please Gareth.

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 29th April 2011 

Two more brands of nylon mac are worthy of note, both retailed by Rackham’s, Birmingham(now House of Fraser) in the 70s and 80s. I do hope you are reading this, Susan, as our mutual love of plastic and nylon macs is growing with every e-mail. Thank you for every one of them and I will be responding to your latest message as soon as I have finished this one(Yes, I did receive it!)
“Stourmac” of Queenborough, in Kent, were particularly beautiful. I remember going into Rackham’s girl’s schoolwear department, and seeing an array of smooth, lustrous, lightweight, girl’s nylon mackintoshes in both navy and brown. However, the way in which the fluorescent lighting impinged on the brown macs made them appear greyish, and almost plastic-like, and, for a moment, I thought they were genuine Pakamacs. These Stourmacs were lovely, and had a shiny cire inner proofing. One or two girls provocatively wore their nylon macs inside out with this shiny proofing facing outwards, unbuttoned, of course. They were also beautifully rustly and pulsated with many folds when the girls walked along wearing their nylon macs. The macs also appeared in a golden-brown colour, again designed for girl’s school uniforms. However, there were adult’s sizes too, and these have been known to turn up on e-bay. I vividly remember seeing a young lady, in her thirties perhaps, wearing a navy nylon mackintosh, glistening in the sun. What identified it as a Stourmac was the very wide sexy collar, and, indeed, these macs bore that mark of real quality in the best Pakamac traditions. And they rolled up to a really small size
And then there was “Graham” of Manchester, although I only ever saw these in girl’s sizes. There was a lovely range of colours-navy(of course!), dark green, brown, beige and grey. Unlike Stourmacs, these were hooded(and both brands were belted). It was whilst dealing with these Graham macs that one of the lady sales staff twigged on to my interest in rainwear-and she accepted it without question. She would have been a marvellous with whom to share my interest, but-yes, you’ve guessed it!-she was MARRIED!!

Comments by Gareth on 29th April 2011  

Anna nice to hear that he is a lucky boy.

Comments by Anna on 29th April 2011  

Gareth - Yes we do, invaluable at this time of the year when a sudden downpour can suddenly appear. He doesnt like wearing it at all but its a very practical coat, and keeps him dry when needed

Comments by PETER on 28th April 2011 

I have just discovered this site by sheer accident and reading many of the comments it really brings back wonderful memories of days gone by when everyone...from adults to little ones wore macs

I have been a mac enthusiast for many preference like many is macs designed for ladies

Nylon macs for me are the tops although I suppose I am an all rounder when it comes to macs loving all kinds

Do any others ever wear them indoors..I am lucky...on my own since 1999 after 25 years of marriage I wear them all day every day unless I have to go out then as soon as I get home off with my gent"s mac and on with my ladies ones

Comments by Gareth on 27th April 2011  

Anna are you and your son still wearing your macs.

Comments by Colin Porter on 17th April 2011
In reply to Susan and anyone else trying to find my Yahoo groups, have a go at pasting the addresses below into your browser.

Comments by Norman on 16th April 2011  

Hey Collin
Tried to find your site on Yahoo Groups but came up with nothing.....Any suggestions ???
Pouring with rain today so I wore my PVC Pakamac in to shore and then around for the day.Not a drop of rain on my clothes. This raincoat is brillian.
Having said that I do prefer the look and feel of the nylon version better, but I like to stay as dry as possible when I can. PAKAMAC=Brilliant (O:

Comments by Colin Porter on 11th April 2011 

Since no one else appears to have started a Pakamac group I've started a Yahoo group called Rainwear-bound and although it's going to be more extensive than just Pakamacs and rainwear perhaps it'll provide a launch point for the rainwear afficianados on this website.

Comments by kulshan on 7th April 2011 

Lost track of this forum for a while and discovered it again! OMG somebody else has a nad-tex clear raincoat. I managed to get one of these on ebay and wish I had more of them. Sexy they are! Smooth crackling material that begs to be worn. I've recently also discovered one and two piece transparent suits that are designed as wet suits for kart racing. They work for all purposes indoors or out. I've used them on motorcycle as they show off whatever sports gear you have on underneath. My first attraction was a Sears "esti-glass" packamac type raincoat back in the fifties that I wore to school on rainy days. Later came the frosty clear cheerleader style rain jackets that were worn for EVERYTHING..biking, hiking, skiing, sports events, you name it. can we get that tradition started once again?

Comments by Susan on 2nd April 2011  

I see men's styles (not my interest) had their own names too. There's been a navy nylon mac on ebay in the style named Ainsdale.

Comments by Karl on 31st March 2011  

I have been watched the contributions to this site over the past few weeks and it's good to see there is other likewised nylon mac people. Keep it up. In addition has anyone looked at the Rainmac site as they have updated their nylon mac range with a shorty version and when I phoned to ascertain if this could be purchased in a men style I was advised that it was something which they were considering.

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 29th March 2011 

Again, an urgent message to Susan-could you please re-submit your latest e-mail, as it "disappeared" as soon as I tried to open it! Many thanks in anticipation!
And-for all of our Pakamac enthusiasts-isn't it wonderful that the weather is improving and temperatures are rising! Soon our Pakamacs will be adorning the streets again! My next detailed contribution will probably be concerned with two more variations on our favourite theme. In the meantime, keep wearing them and loving them...

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 28th March 2011 

Rainstar macs were indeed lovely, as Gareth and Susan(my terrific contact!)have implied. I remember seeing a girl wearing a light orange-beige nylon one in 1992, and I just had to have one. It certainly lived up to expectations. And, yes, they made lovely plastic macs too, some of the lady's macs being see-through. Their male plastic macs were shiny grey, but unlike Pakamacs, were not see-through, However, they were very practical and exciting to wear, and do turn up occasionally on e-bay. I have one, from this source, beautifully "worn in" from many downpours, with the seller descrbing at as "lovely for splashing around in the rain"-a beautifully exciting selling point!
Another lovely brand of plastic and nylon macs was "Nad-Tex", which again occasionally turn up on e-bay. Their semi-trans plastic macs are always described as "sexy" and INDEED THEY ARE!! The macs are somewhat stiffer, and less supple than many others, and more stubborn to roll up, but they more than compensate for this by being so "noisy" and crackly to wear. These plastic macs are lovely to wear, fairly breathable and comfortable and, of course, fully waterproof, and generously hooded-ideal for enjoying the downpours, and for indoor pleasure and recreation too.
So, STAY-DRY and NAD-TEX, two more variations on the inexhaustible PAKAMAC theme, so beloved of Susan and myself. We have both been sharing really intimate thoughts and emotions about plastic macs, through personal e-mails, and we hope to take all of this much further. So, Susan, if you are reading this, I am assembling another message, which I hope to finalise and send in the next day or two. I could write about plastic macs for ever....

Comments by Gareth on 28th March 2011  

Pamela have you survied the harsh winter in your plastic mac hope you are well.

Comments by Susan on 22nd March 2011  

I can't understand why the Rainstar nylon mac disappeared. They were sold, in my experience, in some fairly large stores, like John Lewis for example. They certainly seemed to sell quickly in the 1990s. One of my favourite shops sold them but 'overnight' they disappeared, to be replaced with the YB Wet label. The nylon macs were exactly the same, the packaging was the same (except for the logo). In both cases the pakaging was very similar to the Pakamac packaging, that I recall from the 70s/80s.

Comments by Gareth on 21st March 2011  

What happened to the Rain Star nylon macs why did they stop and do any ladies still wear them.

Comments by Susan on 18th March 2011  

I hope you received my message Brian, last night. I'm afraid it was quite garbled, as I wrote it rather quickly and on rereading it this morning it didn't make much sense to me.
I hope we can exchange more messages regarding our love of foldaway raincoats and Pakamacs.

Comments by BRAIN HUMPHRIES on 16th March 2011 

Another lovely contribution from Susan-you are really stealing the show! Like you, I remember when see-through rainwear-both jackets and macs--hit the streets in the mid-late seventies. Like you, I tried the jackets first, but then found the full-length macs more appealing. The first time I saw a girl wearing an emerald-green full length mac, casually, I nearly went out of my mind with excitement, and I could not wait to buy some of these items for myself. And inside the collar, beneath the hood, was a tag bearing our favourite word-"PAKAMAC"-that absolue guarantee that these were simply the finest and most beautiful garments of their kind. C & A and Debenham's, however, did run them very close, and, in particular, I have a beautiful semi-transparent, emerald-green, draw-string C & A mac that gives me great pleasure when I wear it indoors.
Do try and overcome your apprehension of used items, especially when some of these are so interesting and unusual. Don't deny yourself these added pleasures, especially when their condition is frequently very good. One of my most beautiful plastic mackintoshes was acquired second-hand, grey with a slight hint of blue, and very slightly see-through. It rolls up beautifully to Pakamac size. This is a plastic mackintosh that I do want to wear out of doors, in the rain.
At this moment, I am wearing one of my plastic cagoules again, grey-black semi trans(the original Pakamac colour), all zipped up, and I feel as good as I look!! Although I was going to order more this evening, I may change to plastic over-trousers to wear with them, and be completely waterproofed. I will let you know the outcome. For now, the very best waterproof wishes to you and everyone.

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 16th March 2011

Susan, I feel you may have sent me a personal e-mail, but my e-mail facility is doing STRANGE THINGS, and it appears to have disappeared without my seeing it!! If this is the case, please, PLEASE keep sending it until I receive it and answer it, as its contents may be very important to both of us. Thank heaven for this website!!
At this moment, Susan, I am wearing one of those lovely PVC-U-LIKE see-through plastic cagoules, in grey-black, all zipped up, and it feels ABSOLUTELY LOVELY, just like a short zip-up plastic mac. I may be ordering more of these plastic cagoules this evening.
So, Susan, please let's hear from you. In the meantime, best wishes to the rest of you. Wear and enjoy your Pakamacs....

Comments by Susan on 16th March 2011  

I couldn't agree more with what you say about waterproof words, they are lovely to both say and write, repeatedly.
Yes, "Pakamac" did indeed mean quality so sadly missed. At least some delightful items appear on ebay. Sadly, for me that is, I'm only tempted when the item is sold as 'unworn'. I can just imagine though, what a delight that cape must be to wear.
No I haven't tried the zip-up plastic cagoules. I remember a style of plastic cagoule was everywhere in the late 1970s, I didn't have any probably because there was also a resurgance with plastic macs, even buttoning ones which were my absolute priority. I have always adored the lightweight foldaway mac, the style that Pakamac embodied, and been drawn to them for as long as I had the power of concious thought.
A search in youtube for pakamac also works, as it does in google videos or bing videos.

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 15th March 2011 

Susan, it is lovely to hear from you again. Like you, I was completely unaware that Pakamac manufactured nylon capes as well as nylon mackintoshes, but, with the name "Pakamac" goes quality. Their grey-black, semi-transparent, lightweight, swishy plastic mackintoshes(aren't long, waterproof words lovely!) were simply the best EVER, and, although the field has been somewhat more competitive in nylon mackintoshes, I am sure you can bid for that cape with the utmost confidence. GO FOR IT!! and then tell us all what it is like to wear.
I have been extremely lucky with my bids on e-bay recently, and amongst other items, I am awaiting another glistening, crisp, navy nylon mackintosh from Susie High. I am really looking forward to wearing it.
Also, Susan, you mentioned having purchased items from PVC-U-Like, in particular those lovely macs, in the style of the 1950s, and which are so reminiscent of genuine Pakamacs. I couldn't agree more. I have one of these in natural semi-trans, but, later in the year perhaps, I hope to be acquiring the semi-trans black and the semi-trans baby blue too-just right for my more feminine moods! In fact, on You Tube(plastic macs), the semi-trans black is beautifully modelled by an attractive young lady(possibly a cross-dresser? Does it matter?!). It is a breezy day, and the wind fills her mac and blows it up beautifully. She models nylon macs too in the same manner-similar to the Asian girl I have mentioned previously.
And have you tried their zip-up plastic waterproof cagoules too? I am wearing one at this very moment, natural semi-trans, and the feeling is incredible-garments like these take your mind off the rain completely. The plastic is beautifully soft and almost rubbery, and the length is very generous, almost as long as a short mackintosh. They are hooded too, and they will please Peter in this respect!
Where Isobel and Ansley are concerned, Gareth, I could write a book filled with fantasies about them wearing plastic, nylon and rubber mackintoshes. There are no two people I would more like to see all macked up. But I won't say too much at this moment-other duties call! More will be revealed, little by little, in the fullness of time. In the meantime,I am so taken up with these plastic cagoules......

Comments by Susan on 14th March 2011  

I was surprised to see that somebody has a 1960s Pakamac nylon cape for sale currently, on ebay. I seem to recall some queries last year and I for one didn't know that they produced capes. It's a pity the seller doesn't say what ladies name they were sold under, if they were at all, like the macs were.

Comments by Gareth on 10th March 2011  

Once again great comments from Brian I drove through Birmingham last year Brian and nerver saw one plastic mac call me a nosey old devil but please tell us more about Isobel and Ansley.

Comments by Peter20 on 10th March 2011 

I hate wearing gray plastic raincoats for men, they are not equipped with hood.
Now I have bought several seethru raincoats for ladies in various colors like seethru green, blue and colorless crystal clear with hood. I am enjoying them really very much
and I don't look sissy at all!

Comments by BRIAN HUMPHRIES on 5th March 2011 

There are some wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL people who are posting comments on this site. Thank you, Susan and Norman, for your contributions today. Whether you are male, female, or cross-dresser, what the blazes does it matter? With our love of rainwear, centering on the original Pakamac prototype, we have something that many others haven't, as I ONCE wrote in a letter to Julie at PVC-U LIKE. Could it be that our opposite numbers are jealous?
Returning to your comments, Susan, I have bought some of the "fifties" macs from Plastique Unique too, and they are breathtaking. I was lucky enough to secure three of the male ones, grey and beautifully see-through, rolling up to Pakamac size. It is these, more than any other macs, that I want to wear with John-Paul, when walking in green suburban Birmingham, in gentle showers and sunny intervals. I have mentioned Isobel, who lives with her close friend, Ansley. If only we could form a mackintosh-loving foursome! Time alone will tell.

Comments by Norman on 5th March 2011  

Good for you Susan.....I think this is a good forum for people that are into mac's and if you are trans gender or not should be irrelavent. We all need to be who we want to be in this life, without fear or care of what others may think. There problem not ours.
If we had a web site that we could put some pictures up on I think that would be fun. Ning does free sites for people if they want to set one up.
As long as there is no porn you can post pictures and add forums to your hearts content.
I wouldn't have any problem with posting a few pictures, it could be fun (O:

Comments by Susan on 5th March 2011  

I didn't buy the 'Sandy' style from Plastique Unique, in my many purchases from there, but did buy some of their genuine 1950s plastic macs. They were exactly as Susie described them on the site and so like what I remembered plastic Pakamacs were like. They had to be from the 50s, so different from the more modern ones. Having said that, I love the 1950s style ones that pvc-u-like sell. Not a million miles away from Pakamacs.
I hope you get back in touch with your friend Brian. I think more of us should be showing ourselves to the world. Our love for pakamacs is no different from the love expressed by people with a love for other things, we are just in the minority. I'm sure that we will always be the butt of derision but we have to stand up to intolerance just like other minorities. I'm sure that our 'community' has the same spectrum, good or bad, of people in any other 'community', but I for one am not skulking around in the shadows.
Before anyone asks, my name does not reflect my birth gender, just the way I live openly now.