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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by G on 25th April 2017  

Hi I sometimes think cars have played a part why don't seem to wear macs now they just dash out of cars into the shop most women seemed to have a mac once and if not raining they would carry it over the arm can't remember the last time I saw that

Comments by G on 24th April 2017  

Hi Rob I remember buying a nylon mac from Army and Navy stores the young lady assistant folded it up so expertly I could never fold them like that I think some ladies use to roll plastic macs up. sadly there is nothing like that these days.

Comments by Rob on 23rd April 2017  

Sorry I meant I can't really understand why they stopped making them. We've had lots of people ask us where we bought ours.

Comments by Rob on 23rd April 2017  

Yes I know what you mean. I think there is a special way because my wife can fold them up really small. Because they fold up easily is why I think people really like them. You can take them anywhere and put them on when it rains. Which is usually does! As I said I can really understand why they stopped making them.

Comments by G on 23rd April 2017  

Hi Rob you said you fold your macs up I remembered how ladies use to fold so tidy their plastic macs up then when it started to rain they would unfold them and put them on happy days never see that now most a pity

Comments by Rob on 22nd April 2017  

I agree G they might not be fashionable but they are really practical and its nice not to have to worry that it might rain if you are out for the day which is what usually happens to us!

Comments by G on 22nd April 2017  

Hi Rob I am no follower of fashion but a lot of women are and whatever is new in the shops usually sells I am getting on myself but still love pac a macs

Comments by Rob on 20th April 2017  

I'm not sure about other countries G. The furthest east we've been is Norfolk and the weather was really nice there! I haven't really thought about plastic macs being in fashion. I don't think ours are! But then you don't worry so much when its pouring down and you just want to stay dry but maybe thats just us and our age!

Comments by G on 20th April 2017  

Hi Rob good to hear your comments again plastic macs seem to be more popular in Asian countries and some South America countries sadly here everything has to be the latest fashion think you would need a celebrity to start wearing one welcome back Rob

Comments by Rob on 19th April 2017  

I don't know if it helps but I think ladies wear macs just to stay dry and plastic macs because they fold up easily and you can take them with you when the weather is changeable, at least that's my wife anyway! I think the reason you don't see people wearing them so much now is because it's really hard to find them in the shops and not because people don't want to buy them. I'm really surprised no-one has started making packamacs again because I'm sure they would still be popular.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 15th April 2017  

Hi Jean thank you for your honest comments it's refreshing to hear honest answers I searched for a lady who really likes plastic macs but in vain don't really THINK one exits sadly but you right life is to short

Comments by Frank Barnard on 15th April 2017  

Hi Jean thank you for your honest comments it's refreshing to hear honest answers I searched for a lady who really likes plastic macs but in vain don't really THINK one exits sadly but you right life is to short

Comments by Jean on 15th April 2017  

Frank, I am male and wear plastic macs and nylon macs for myself. I don't hide my interest in the hope that I please a woman, nor do I search in vain for a woman who shares my interest. Logic dictates that some women must share our interest in wearing plastic macs or even nylon macs but life is too short for fruitless searches and should be enjoyed if possible.

I am easily recognisable where I live through my 'trademark' navy blue nylon mac, which I wear most days, rain or shine. I am proud to wear these foldaway raincoats. My plastic macs come out on occasion but tend to be kept for the more inclemment weather, to limit perspiration.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 5th April 2017  

Hello Jean I read your interesting comments with great interest but am confused to knowing if you are male or female?

Comments by Jean on 28th March 2017  

Why care what women think about your wearing a nylon Rainmac John? Be proud of what you like to wear. I wear nylon Rainmacs, nylon Rainstar macs and plastic macs when I'm out and I don't care what women think. I'm 62 so there's still life left in me but I love my mac wearing far more than any need to please a woman. If only I could buy a plastic Pakamac to complete my collection.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 27th March 2017  

Hi John I would also like to know if women find men wearing nylon mac over a suit attractive sadly there are no women reading this to tell us

Comments by Stephen on 14th March 2017  

Hello Christopher,
Thanks for at least trying to get in touch, I checked the address and it is working from other identities, all seems well. Perhaps you could look at your returned mail to see if there is nay help there. Failing that I could send you a message if you have an e-mail address that you don't mind others seeing.
As you can see, there's already someone using the mail address I posted,even though the message was not meant for them, oh the joys of the internet.
Look forwards to hearing from you.

Comments by Beverley mr on 14th March 2017 

had e mail today title pacamas from name christopher tried to reply but would not go. I am still wearing my mackintoshes regularly and always on look out for ladies in mackintoshes sadly rarely seen . Beverley

Comments by Christopher on 14th March 2017  

Hello Stephen your email doesn't seem valid tried a few times to email you about macs but it failed to deliver Christopher

Comments by John on 12th March 2017  

I'm age 55 and have for as long as i can remember always had a nylon mac. At school in the 70s nylon macs had become more commonplace than the early pvc. My mothers thoughts was that Pakamac brand was a good make so that was it my destiny was set. I now wear nylon mac made by rainmac and I would ask of any female readers of a similar age.....would you look twice at a man of my age wearing a nylon mac over a suit ?

Comments by Stephen on 10th March 2017  

Hello Christopher. nice to hear from someone who actually likes so very proper plastic Pakamacs, instead of rainbonnets and things, such a breath of fresh air.
My own interst is for most types of plastic rainwear, but particullarly translucent ones, as long as they're untectured.

I've had that interest ever since my schooldays when proper genuine Pakamacs were often offered by school outfitter with a suitibly sized Pakamac in the blazer pocket, what days?

Oh, I have a temporarry email bucket at...
Where I would be very happy to share such memories with you.
All the very best, Stephen.

Comments by Christopher on 9th March 2017  

Hello Stephen I am only interested in plastic macs rain bonnet s do nothing for me whatsoever I have quite a few macs love them look forward to your comments

Comments by Pacamac on 6th March 2017  

Hi everyone.

Comments by Stephen on 6th March 2017  

Hello Christopher, the site has been morribund for some time now, generaly because so many off topic discussions,rainhats and things, but I too would like to discuss actual Pakamac Plastic Rainwear, so if you would like to reply I would be very happy to hear from you.

Comments by Christopher on 27th February 2017  

Hello just wondering if this site is on Facebook or any pac a mac fans thank you Christopher

Comments by Beverley mr on 11th February 2017 

Hello all i am still around and enjoying my mackintoshes. e mail address on the page do not open for me including my own ?

Comments by G on 10th February 2017  

Hi Rob it's been some time since I have heard from you hope that you are well and still enjoying macs love to talk to you got different email now hope I hear from you G

Comments by alan10 on 5th January 2017 

Its been some time since l left a comment here but l do read them regularly. It brought back memories when Brian mentioned the Rainspel raincoats. I bought my wife girlfriend then a blue one, it had a fantastic glossy effect and she wore it until that went dull and eventually started to peel. You sound very interesting Brian perhaps we could chat by email. Alan,

Comments by G on 10th December 2016  

Hi all old mac friends merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you all

Comments by BEVERLEY MR on 19th October 2016 


Comments by G on 19th September 2016  

Hi Beverly I emailed you no. reply deleted that address to. much spam enjoy the macs

Comments by beverley mr on 10th September 2016 

my e amail is open if anyone wants to mail me.plastic macs are my favourite but have rustley nylon on at present will look up atay dry bev

Comments by Brian Humphries on 7th September 2016 

Thanks "G", you are a vital and alert contributor yourself!
Yes, I do keep them all, apart from some which have inevitably deteriorated. Polyurethane macs, in particular, were very unstable. The liquid gloss would soon become dull and would peel off in a very short time. "Pakamac" did produce some lovely metallic polyurethane macs, in steel blue, buff, dusky pink, and turquoise, but I dare say they suffered the same fate as the rest. "Rainspell" they were called, and I would be interested to know if anyone else remembers them.

Comments by G on 7th September 2016  

Hi Brian you must have a new mac on every day fantastic do you keep them all or rewer them pity women didn't follow your example they are beautiful macs the Stay Dry you are like a breath of fresh air to this site thank you

Comments by Brian Humphries on 6th September 2016 

Dear "G"-Thanks for your support and comments-and enthusiasm!! I am not in the Guinness Book of Records yet-as far as I know(!)-but I do seem to have an ambition to collect as many macs as possible in several particular styles(if that makes sense!) Those Stay Dray navy nylon macs are a case in point. And, were the original grey-black see-through plastic Pakamacs available today, they would be included too.
I just keep adding to my drawers and wardrobes-I just cannot stop! It is an incurable disease, especially when I am considering purchasing more bulky female items too!!!

Comments by G on 6th September 2016  

Hi Brian it's good to hear from you your comments on macs are always welcome you have quite a collection of plastic macs are you in the Guinness book. of records welcome back.Brian hope you become a regular how


Comments by Brian Humphries on 5th September 2016 

I haven' contributed to this site for ages, having been deterred by some of the annoying back-biting posted by some trouble-makers. I think they know who they are, and such posts are out of place on an otherwise very good and informative site.
I am hoping to resume my contact again, but I will begin by praising, yet again, "Stay Dry", and the way they keep up the Pakamac tradition so beautifully and effectively. Their nylon macs are wonderful-comfortable, relaxing, noisy and sexy. I have managed to persuade at least one enthusiast, on the Flickr site, to try them, and I will be interested in his reaction. I, myself, have over 40 of the navy macs, I love them so much-a fetish within a fetish, if you like!!
Best wishes to all the regulars, particularly "G", Gareth from Wales, I'll be bound!!

Comments by alan10 on 4th September 2016  

l agree with Susan that this is a wonderful site for people like us who adore plastic macs. l think l may have had dealings with you Susan before but l may be getting confused not sure. l could write here every day about my life and how it has been influenced by plastic macs but not sure that anyone would really be interested. l would like to chat by email to anyone who is really interested in plastic macs and how they have affected there lives.

Comments by BEVERLEY MR on 1st September 2016 

I have spotted a very few plastic mackintoshes during the wet summer, can not understand why they went out of fashion so practical not to mention lovely to see and hear love the shrrart noise that a plastic mackintosh makes. Beverley

Comments by G on 22nd August 2016  

Hi Susan good to have you back hope your health is much better

Comments by Susan on 22nd August 2016

I have 3 plastic macs that genuinely date from the 1950s. I haven't owned them all that time, which is just as well because they would have deteriorated no doubt by now, with all the wear I would have given them. The quality of them is far superior to any other plastic macs that I remember. I didn't start wearing plastic macs until the 1960s.

The rest of my plastic macs are less than 20 years old. Unfortunately the 50s style plastic macs amongst them don't match the quality of the 3 I referred to at the start.

Despite the occasional negative comment, this is still a fab community page, especially knowing that the majority of contributors love plastic macs like I do.

Comments by Elizabeth Anne on 16th August 2016  

I'm with what seems to be the majority view also....this discussion has done amazingly well to last six years and stay interesting for more than 1000 posts, not many single-issue discussion boards manage anywhere near that, but as I see it now it is all over. Thanks for your stories everyone.

Comments by Rob on 14th August 2016  

I'm sorry but I agree with Alan.

Comments by G on 14th August 2016 

Hi Rob it's good to have you back any new macs not easy to get these days

Comments by Rob on 13th August 2016  

They are not quite as old but we still have the Leroco plastic macs we bought to go camping in the nineteen eighties.

Comments by G on 13th August 2016 

Hi Barrie wonder if that's a record length of time anyone has kept a pac a mac fantastic has anyone else kept a mac that long

Comments by BARRIE on 12th August 2016 

I wondered if Pakamac were still in Buisiness as I have a Pakamac my farther bought me when I was 17, I'm now 76 and the mac is as good as new, admittedly its spent most of its life in the door pocket of my cars with little use but is still usable today!!!!

Comments by alan10 on 11th August 2016  

Hi all I started visiting this site in 2011 adding many plastic pakamac stories, but soon realised there are a small majority of comments from people who appear to have no interest in plastic rainwear and only continue to put everyone else down all the time.
I stopped visiting this site for that very reason. This site was provided for people like myself who are devoted to plastic rainwear so l suggest if these people can not make any constructive comments relating to the subject this site was intended for then find something that they are interested and stop spoiling it for us. l am sure there are lots of people who have contributed to this site who will agree with me. in the mean time l will make enquires regarding the site anministrator.

Comments by G on 9th August 2016 

Hi where has everybody gone come on Mac fans let's hear from you RB are you still out there

Comments by Janice on 13th July 2016  

G I could not agree more I wanted to hear other people talking about macs don't think comments that have nothing to do with the subject macs should not be put on in my humble opinion Janice