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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by G on 2nd May 2016 

Hi Rob if you get in touch I will give you a few ideas ok

Comments by R&B on 2nd May 2016  

Hi G thank you. I'm not sure how many macs we bought because we went quite a few times and it rained a lot but probably 3 or 4. We visited lots of different places but the wettest was probably Killarney. I hope that is OK for you and I am really pleased you like the comments but it is getting harder to think what to write. Rob

Comments by G on 2nd May 2016 

Hi RB thank you how many macs did you buy from Ireland Rob I don't think that you know how lucky you are to have such a understanding wife as Beth and I bet she is gorgeous as well myself and most men who are into macs would give anything to be in your shoes can you please email me the details of the place in Ireland I might visit I send you a photo so that you know who you are talking to keep your comments coming really good thanks G

Comments by R&B on 1st May 2016  

Hi G thank you for your nice comments. I think you wanted to hear some more about our holidays and some of the nice things that other people have said to us when we have been out in the rain. It is getting harder to think of new comments to add but when I saw Janice's comment about other people it reminded me about the year we went to County Clare because the lady who owned the cottage there had a mac like ours but I think it had buttons instead of the poppers on ours. I remember she told us the weather forecast wasn't very good and we didn't have to wait very long because it started raining while she was showing us around. I remember we waited for it to stop but I don't think there was any sign of that because in the end the three of us had to go out in the rain together. Normally it is just us and I don't think it will ever happen again. Like the lady at Muckross I think she was pleased that we were ready for bad weather because I remember her saying you look like you were expecting this weather. Rob

Comments by R&B on 1st May 2016  

Hi Janice it is nice to hear your comments as well thank you and you comment reminded me that that we said we would add another comment for G about our holiday in Ireland. Rob

Comments by R&B on 1st May 2016  

We bought most of ours from Dunnes when we were on holiday in Ireland.

Comments by Janice on 1st May 2016  

Hi RB may I ask were you bought your macs I asked G he sent me a few places online thanks G it's just I like to try what I am purchase on in front of a mirror I sure that you understand that being a lady yourself I suppose that the demand is not there younger girls want something new all the time lovely to chat with you Janice.

Comments by R&B on 30th April 2016  

Absolutely agree Janice plastic macs are ideal for our weather because they fold up so easily and you wouldn't believe how many people have asked us where we got ours from. We can't really understand why the shops stopped selling them and like you hope they come back.

Comments by Janice on 30th April 2016  

Hi I have see a few ladies in plastic macs of late hope they do come back into fashion they are so handy fit into your bag ready for a downpour .

Comments by G on 21st April 2016 

Hi Beth you should have come this week it's been gorgeous hope you come soon

Comments by R&B on 21st April 2016  

Thank you G. We didn't need to pray for rain but some sunshine would have been nice. B

Comments by G on 20th April 2016 

Hi Beth if you were wondering what Betws Y Coed means it's Pray House in the Woods bit of info for you

Comments by G on 19th April 2016 

Hi Beth thanks shame your comments were lost sure I would give you some comment if I was to see you both

Comments by R&B on 17th April 2016  

Hi G thank you for your comment. I think our holidays are a bit quiet to be called adventures but you are right we have had quite a few in the rain and it is nice of you to say how much you enjoy reading about them. You obviously really enjoyed hearing about Betwsy Coed and some of the things that people have said to me when it has been raining so I will try to remember some more and add them. Rob did leave a comment about us going to Wales last year because someone asked about Bodnant Gardens but it wasnt printed but he will add a comment about one of the days when we had really rainy weather for you. Beth

Comments by G on 15th April 2016 

Hi Beth and Rob lets hear more of adventures in the rain sure we would all love to hear them

Comments by Ken on 8th April 2016  

Hi Frank maybe there is a pac a mac fan working for the tv company

Comments by G on 4th April 2016 

Hi R B fantastic thank you what a shame that I missed you in Betws y coed hope that you will email me next time love to meet up with the both of you C A have long gone I think I saw one in Belgium shame but it's the times we live in hope that you give us some more comments really enjoy reading them

Comments by R&B on 3rd April 2016  

Hi G thank you for your nice comment. As I said it doesn't rain everytime we go on holiday but I think someone likes it when it does so if you love the comments about us being out in the rain I think you might get some more. I think you are right that some people really like these raincoats because we get lots of nice comments when it is raining. The sort of thing people say are you look prepared for the weather or you look like you are ready for rain and a lot of people ask where they can buy them. When we went to Betsy Coed last year it was really raining and I heard one lady say to her friend I wish I had a plastic mac like that lady is wearing. All you could buy in the shops there were those thin cagoules and Im not sure they are even really waterproof. I can't really understand why the shops don't sell macs now if so many people want them. C&A in Bedford were really good but they closed down. We are just lucky because we bought quite a few in Ireland where they have the Dunnes shops. I don't know if anyone else knows where you can buy them but I hope that is OK for you.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 2nd April 2016  

Hi Jeff that program that had a brief showing of a woman in a plastic Mac the trailer showed nothing but that bit thought that was strange.

Comments by G on 29th March 2016

Hi Beth it's great to hear from you yes please we would all love to Hear all your comments about macs regardless of who is wearing them any doubts or queries please email me I don't bjte G

Comments by R&B on 29th March 2016  

Hi G when we saw your last comment I also saw that a few weeks ago you asked about our next holiday but we haven't booked anything at the moment. I don't want you to think that it rains every time we go on holiday but it does rain quite a lot. We are not really fans but they are very good raincoats and it is amazing how many nice comments we get from other people so we could write more about that. Rob was going to add another comment about us going out in the rain but we thought perhaps you have enough about our holidays! If it doesn't have to be just about us he thinks that the lady who owned one of the cottages we stayed in had a mac like mine and we went out in the rain together so we could possibly add a comment about that. B

Comments by G on 26th March 2016 

Hi happy Easter to all Mac fans new and old let's hear from you all

Comments by G on 19th March 2016

Hi a shop in a town near me has a cafe above a ladies fashion shop after having a coffee went through the shop there was a rack full of brilliant red pvc macs about eight full length and five 3/4lenth what beautiful macs I will be going back for another coffee very soon

Comments by Jeff on 7th March 2016  

Hi Frank, glad to have been able to help. I agree, the scene was too short. However, sightings of see-through plastic macs are very rare these days so we have to be grateful for anything we get.

Comments by Frank BARNARD on 6th March 2016  

Hi Jeff I saw that episode the mac scene was very brief still enjoyed the programme thanks

Comments by G on 28th February 2016  

Constance Constance where art though Constance

Comments by Frank BARNARD on 25th February 2016  

Hi Jeff good to know that there are still a few gentlemen out there thanks

Comments by Jeff on 25th February 2016  

Hello Frank, the scene with the woman in the red plastic mac is from the series "Moving On" which is shown each afternoon on BBC. The episode with the mac is 7.3 in the series entitled "Picture of Innocence". The episode is available on BBC iPlayer and the mac scene starts about 30 minutes into the program. By the way, I thinks it is a Primark mac. Hope that helps.

Comments by G on 24th February 2016  

Hi Beth I just seen a chap with one of them clear brollys strange as its a dry day here where is your next trip have you got anything booked remember to pack your mac

Comments by Frank BARNARD on 23rd February 2016  

Hi does anybody know what new program on the BBC a woman in a red plastic mac

Comments by R&B on 22nd February 2016  

It is kind of you to say so G but I just think these raincoats are ideal for our weather and I think a lot of other people would probably agree. It is just a shame you can't buy them now. If you want a see through brolly you can buy them in most big shops. I think they are called dome umbrellas and they are made from clear plastic with different coloured edges so I am sure you will find a red one. We have had quite a lot of rain recently but I seem to wear my mac more in the summer because it folds up so easily and is ideal for showers! If you are thinking of going to Ireland please don't be put off by all the rain we had one year because it is a lovely country whatever the weather.B

Comments by G on 15th February 2016  

Hi Beth it's good to hear from you again I been around the world but never to Ireland I might try it this year it's great to hear that you are wearing your Mac in all this rain don't think I have seen a red brolly they sound brilliant said it before but Rob is a very lucky man

Comments by Frank BARNARD on 14th February 2016  

Hi I would get a big shock if I saw a woman wearing a nylon or any mac

Comments by R&B on 14th February 2016  

I think you must have had a lot of rain and flooding in Yorkshire G. I think you are right see through umbrellas are usually ladies umbrellas although we both use mine but it is black which is quite a unisex colour. The one I took to Ireland was red and this is probably more of a ladies colour and yes they are ideal with a mac because they protect you from the rain very well but you can still see where you are going. When we had a few wet holidays one after the other we actually called them our summer brollydays. B

Comments by G on 12th February 2016  

Hi bj you have a better memory than me I think you are correct there was a static problem and the b probably was British and maybe the r was rayon just not sure

Comments by G on 10th February 2016  

Hi R and B also Jane thank you yes Rob great comments keep them coming I was in a hotel in Yorkshire just before Christmas it was raining hard the staff give me one of those plastic brolly to run to the car to feminine for me but sure for Beth and other ladies they are ideal with a plastic mac of course and to any other ladies lets hear from you all

Comments by BJ on 10th February 2016  

Now that the word has come up I have very vague early-60s in UK memories of 'bri-nylon' I think it was used for clothes of various kinds. My first guess would be that the 'bri' was short for 'British'. I just Googled it and it seems to have been a specific type of nylon with a specific formulation. (If that sounds vague, I did fail Form 4 chemistry so I'm no expert). One other thing that came out of the Google stuff is that it generated a lot of static electricity and that was a problem.

Comments by R&B on 9th February 2016  

Hi G we said we would add another comment about us going out in the rain when we were on holiday and I hope this is the type of thing you wanted to hear. We think it rained almost every day when we went to Killarney but I wondered whether it was quite as bad as we remembered so I searched on google for the weather in August 1997 and someone has saved some old BBC weather forecasts. Although they don't show Ireland very well you can see how much rain we had! Despite the atrocious weather we still had a lovely time and I think Robin is right because sometimes you can still have a nice time even when it is raining especially when other people are so pleased to see you like the lady at Muckross farm. She was really kind and she said she thought our macs were really good and because we also had wellingtons and a brolly I remember her saying look at you, you look like you are prepared for the weather did someone tell you it rains a lot in Ireland! We had so much rain that I think we could add a few more comments if this is the type of thing you would like to hear more about.

Comments by R&B on 9th February 2016  

Hi G sorry it has taken a long time to add another comment but I wasn't sure whether you wanted to hear more about our macs or more about us going out in the rain so we have added both and I hope they are OK. I think you probably have a good idea what our macs are like now anyway because you are right they are the type of nearly transparent clear and black plastic macs that you could buy in lots of shops. I think they are probably the most popular colours for ladies and gents macs and we are so pleased we bought them when we did because it is quite hard to find them now. We like them because they are completely waterproof and not just showerproof and they are quite long so we don't need waterproof trousers on so they are much better than cagoules. And because they fold up so easily we can take them with us if we are not sure whether it is going to rain or not so they are really good for days out. Beth added a comment about our umbrella and the one we took to Ireland was one of the see through plastic ones because they are really good for sight seeing and we don't really worry about rain dripping off it because we usually have our macs on anyway and I don't think we would notice the difference between this and the rain outside.

Comments by Jane on 9th February 2016  

Hi G we think Bri nylon was a make they came about or after Polin macs but do not quote me prefer plastic macs myself

Comments by G on 4th February 2016  

Hi when nylon macs first came out they were called bri nylon does anybody know if this was a make or were they different.

Comments by G on 29th January 2016  

Hi its great to have ladies writing comments I did try a few days ago to persuade a lady who used to write before to start again but sadly failed but I live in hope

Comments by Elizabeth Anne on 27th January 2016  

Hi Colin, that is exactly why I never waste my money buying cheap umbrellas these days, that are undersized, feeble, and you see them flapping in the wind and popping inside out, they last five minutes if you're lucky. Besides the Fulton 'bubbles' I was talking with Beth about, I also have a few of the near-original Knirps telescopics from the 70s and 80s, bought from Salvos or Vinnies, which have lasted me 10 years plus as the second owner. They're just better designed and better made, and I've never ever had one buckle in the wind.

Comments by Elizabeth Anne on 27th January 2016  

Frank, often-times your brother's right, it does get stinking hot at various times in most parts of Australia,but it also be downright miserable here, even during the summer. Melbourne gets exactly the same rubbish from the rest of the country about its crappy weather that Manchester does. Last Friday my daughter and I went into the Aust Open tennis, and it rained right up to mid-afternoon.

Melbourne gets about 600m of rain each year (no idea how that converts to inches), most during the spring but the spread month-to-month is more even than you'd think. In summer (usually) there tends to be heavier rain events with more time between, while in winter it can drizzle for days at a time. (Sydney gets more rain overall but has less wet days.)

Comments by Frank BARNARD on 26th January 2016  

Elizabeth Anne how much rain do you get down under my brother said that you could fry eggs on the payment

Comments by Colin Porter on 26th January 2016 

Hi Elizabeth Anne.

I live in Blackpool, England, which can be wet and windy at times (it's having a spell of them now) and abandoned umbrellas which have been blown inside is a common sight. They can also drag people off balance at times, so be wary of what kind of umbrella you choose.

Comments by Elizabeth Anne on 25th January 2016  

Hi Beth, it's nice watching the raindrops slide down the front when I'm under a clear brolly - and of course you can see where you're going, and the tips are pointing downwards, which makes us all safer from those morons who forget they don't own the street.

But I wonder, if I'm doing a lot of walking whether I'm better off with a proper full-size nylon umbrella, because the flatter shape and extra size means I'm not stepping out into the drops falling off the front edge all the time.

I absolutely draw the line at cheap Reject Shop umbrellas.

Comments by R&B on 24th January 2016  

Hi Elizabeth yes we have had a few of those Fulton umbrellas. They are good for holidays because you can see everything and we definitely had one when we went to Ireland. I stopped buying them for a while because they were a bit fragile but when I last bought one it seemed stronger.B

Comments by G on 21st January 2016  

Hi Frank them MS nylon macs that was a very long time ago must be over fifty years ago and Woolworths were selling long plastic macs nothing like that now

Comments by Elizabeth Anne on 20th January 2016  

Hi again everybody, we don't have the legendary Marks & Spencer here in Australia but we have always had shops like it. Back when I was at high school in the late 60s-early 70s, Coles besides their supermarkets had a 'department store' in every major shopping mall or centre.

These shops sold a lot of imported goods under the brand 'Embassy'. I remember it was the local Coles department store where the navy-blue nylon raincoats I wore for school came from. If I remember rightly the last one I had cost $2.99 (with two plastic rainhats in pouches thrown in for free as a 'back to school special'). They had the 'Embassy' brand, and I have a vague memory they were originally made in England. One of the two nylon coats I wear now, both second-hand but newer, has an Embassy label but was made in China.

I wouldn't be surprised at all to find the coats we had then were Pakamacs in all but name. There was absolutely nothing wrong with them then (except lack of 'cool'), and as I wear them again now for outdoor activities there is nothing better.

A while ago I gave my daughter a bright red nylon raincoat when I found it didn't fit me - now she wears it regularly, even to work. Believe me, if she thought it looked frumpy, or sloppy, or whatever, she would never touch it with a barge-pole.