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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by G on 7th September 2016  

Hi Brian you must have a new mac on every day fantastic do you keep them all or rewer them pity women didn't follow your example they are beautiful macs the Stay Dry you are like a breath of fresh air to this site thank you

Comments by Brian Humphries on 6th September 2016 

Dear "G"-Thanks for your support and comments-and enthusiasm!! I am not in the Guinness Book of Records yet-as far as I know(!)-but I do seem to have an ambition to collect as many macs as possible in several particular styles(if that makes sense!) Those Stay Dray navy nylon macs are a case in point. And, were the original grey-black see-through plastic Pakamacs available today, they would be included too.
I just keep adding to my drawers and wardrobes-I just cannot stop! It is an incurable disease, especially when I am considering purchasing more bulky female items too!!!

Comments by G on 6th September 2016  

Hi Brian it's good to hear from you your comments on macs are always welcome you have quite a collection of plastic macs are you in the Guinness book. of records welcome back.Brian hope you become a regular how


Comments by Brian Humphries on 5th September 2016 

I haven' contributed to this site for ages, having been deterred by some of the annoying back-biting posted by some trouble-makers. I think they know who they are, and such posts are out of place on an otherwise very good and informative site.
I am hoping to resume my contact again, but I will begin by praising, yet again, "Stay Dry", and the way they keep up the Pakamac tradition so beautifully and effectively. Their nylon macs are wonderful-comfortable, relaxing, noisy and sexy. I have managed to persuade at least one enthusiast, on the Flickr site, to try them, and I will be interested in his reaction. I, myself, have over 40 of the navy macs, I love them so much-a fetish within a fetish, if you like!!
Best wishes to all the regulars, particularly "G", Gareth from Wales, I'll be bound!!

Comments by alan10 on 4th September 2016  

l agree with Susan that this is a wonderful site for people like us who adore plastic macs. l think l may have had dealings with you Susan before but l may be getting confused not sure. l could write here every day about my life and how it has been influenced by plastic macs but not sure that anyone would really be interested. l would like to chat by email to anyone who is really interested in plastic macs and how they have affected there lives.

Comments by BEVERLEY MR on 1st September 2016 

I have spotted a very few plastic mackintoshes during the wet summer, can not understand why they went out of fashion so practical not to mention lovely to see and hear love the shrrart noise that a plastic mackintosh makes. Beverley

Comments by G on 22nd August 2016  

Hi Susan good to have you back hope your health is much better

Comments by Susan on 22nd August 2016

I have 3 plastic macs that genuinely date from the 1950s. I haven't owned them all that time, which is just as well because they would have deteriorated no doubt by now, with all the wear I would have given them. The quality of them is far superior to any other plastic macs that I remember. I didn't start wearing plastic macs until the 1960s.

The rest of my plastic macs are less than 20 years old. Unfortunately the 50s style plastic macs amongst them don't match the quality of the 3 I referred to at the start.

Despite the occasional negative comment, this is still a fab community page, especially knowing that the majority of contributors love plastic macs like I do.

Comments by Elizabeth Anne on 16th August 2016  

I'm with what seems to be the majority view also....this discussion has done amazingly well to last six years and stay interesting for more than 1000 posts, not many single-issue discussion boards manage anywhere near that, but as I see it now it is all over. Thanks for your stories everyone.

Comments by Rob on 14th August 2016  

I'm sorry but I agree with Alan.

Comments by G on 14th August 2016 

Hi Rob it's good to have you back any new macs not easy to get these days

Comments by Rob on 13th August 2016  

They are not quite as old but we still have the Leroco plastic macs we bought to go camping in the nineteen eighties.

Comments by G on 13th August 2016 

Hi Barrie wonder if that's a record length of time anyone has kept a pac a mac fantastic has anyone else kept a mac that long

Comments by BARRIE on 12th August 2016 

I wondered if Pakamac were still in Buisiness as I have a Pakamac my farther bought me when I was 17, I'm now 76 and the mac is as good as new, admittedly its spent most of its life in the door pocket of my cars with little use but is still usable today!!!!

Comments by alan10 on 11th August 2016  

Hi all I started visiting this site in 2011 adding many plastic pakamac stories, but soon realised there are a small majority of comments from people who appear to have no interest in plastic rainwear and only continue to put everyone else down all the time.
I stopped visiting this site for that very reason. This site was provided for people like myself who are devoted to plastic rainwear so l suggest if these people can not make any constructive comments relating to the subject this site was intended for then find something that they are interested and stop spoiling it for us. l am sure there are lots of people who have contributed to this site who will agree with me. in the mean time l will make enquires regarding the site anministrator.

Comments by G on 9th August 2016 

Hi where has everybody gone come on Mac fans let's hear from you RB are you still out there

Comments by Janice on 13th July 2016  

G I could not agree more I wanted to hear other people talking about macs don't think comments that have nothing to do with the subject macs should not be put on in my humble opinion Janice

Comments by G on 8th July 2016  

Hi RB don't listen to Frank let's hear your story's myself and I sure many more want to hear them

Comments by Frank Barnardnn on 28th June 2016  

Hi G can't believe they didn't write because of my comments if someone has something to say about macs they will wake up and smell the coffee G

Comments by G on 23rd June 2016 

Frank are you happy now we have lost RB stories don't hear yours

Comments by Colin Porter on 16th June 2016  

Agreed with G

Comments by G on 15th June 2016  

Hi RB take no notice of Frank he just likes putting cold water on things email. them to me if that's any easier Frank. is a professional moaner

Comments by R&B on 15th June 2016  

Hi G thank you. You obviously enjoyed hearing about our days out in the rain but as I said in January we gave up because of negative comments and perhaps this is why other people no longer post comments here. It takes time to find photographs and remember where you have been and what the weather was like but thank you anyway for all your nice comments. I hope you get to go to Ireland because it is lovely even though it sometimes rains. R

Comments by Frank Barnard on 14th June 2016  

Hi G probably just fantasy best get a fairy story from the library

Comments by G on 9th June 2016 

Hi RB yes please let's hear all about your plastic Mac story's yahoo and Gmail email are simply to set up and free

Comments by R&B on 9th June 2016  

Hi G, sorry as I said I don't have an email account myself but I am happy to write more comments here if you would like to hear them. Rob

Comments by G on 9th June 2016 

Hi RB been expecting a email off you yes of course I would be thrilled to hear your story of you both wearing your plastic macs email I don't bite

Comments by R&B on 7th June 2016  

Hi G would you still like us to write more on this site? R

Comments by G on 6th June 2016 

Hi both yes pleased to hear from you

Comments by R&B on 5th June 2016  

Hi G I am sorry that I did not reply to your post but we have been away on holiday. Unfortunately I don't have my own email account now but I might try to get one. R

Comments by G on 4th May 2016 

Hi Rob and Beth just driven through Betws Y Coed it's beautiful sunshine sadly not a mac in site you will have to revist

Comments by G on 2nd May 2016 

Hi Rob if you get in touch I will give you a few ideas ok

Comments by R&B on 2nd May 2016  

Hi G thank you. I'm not sure how many macs we bought because we went quite a few times and it rained a lot but probably 3 or 4. We visited lots of different places but the wettest was probably Killarney. I hope that is OK for you and I am really pleased you like the comments but it is getting harder to think what to write. Rob

Comments by G on 2nd May 2016 

Hi RB thank you how many macs did you buy from Ireland Rob I don't think that you know how lucky you are to have such a understanding wife as Beth and I bet she is gorgeous as well myself and most men who are into macs would give anything to be in your shoes can you please email me the details of the place in Ireland I might visit I send you a photo so that you know who you are talking to keep your comments coming really good thanks G

Comments by R&B on 1st May 2016  

Hi G thank you for your nice comments. I think you wanted to hear some more about our holidays and some of the nice things that other people have said to us when we have been out in the rain. It is getting harder to think of new comments to add but when I saw Janice's comment about other people it reminded me about the year we went to County Clare because the lady who owned the cottage there had a mac like ours but I think it had buttons instead of the poppers on ours. I remember she told us the weather forecast wasn't very good and we didn't have to wait very long because it started raining while she was showing us around. I remember we waited for it to stop but I don't think there was any sign of that because in the end the three of us had to go out in the rain together. Normally it is just us and I don't think it will ever happen again. Like the lady at Muckross I think she was pleased that we were ready for bad weather because I remember her saying you look like you were expecting this weather. Rob

Comments by R&B on 1st May 2016  

Hi Janice it is nice to hear your comments as well thank you and you comment reminded me that that we said we would add another comment for G about our holiday in Ireland. Rob

Comments by R&B on 1st May 2016  

We bought most of ours from Dunnes when we were on holiday in Ireland.

Comments by Janice on 1st May 2016  

Hi RB may I ask were you bought your macs I asked G he sent me a few places online thanks G it's just I like to try what I am purchase on in front of a mirror I sure that you understand that being a lady yourself I suppose that the demand is not there younger girls want something new all the time lovely to chat with you Janice.

Comments by R&B on 30th April 2016  

Absolutely agree Janice plastic macs are ideal for our weather because they fold up so easily and you wouldn't believe how many people have asked us where we got ours from. We can't really understand why the shops stopped selling them and like you hope they come back.

Comments by Janice on 30th April 2016  

Hi I have see a few ladies in plastic macs of late hope they do come back into fashion they are so handy fit into your bag ready for a downpour .

Comments by G on 21st April 2016 

Hi Beth you should have come this week it's been gorgeous hope you come soon

Comments by R&B on 21st April 2016  

Thank you G. We didn't need to pray for rain but some sunshine would have been nice. B

Comments by G on 20th April 2016 

Hi Beth if you were wondering what Betws Y Coed means it's Pray House in the Woods bit of info for you

Comments by G on 19th April 2016 

Hi Beth thanks shame your comments were lost sure I would give you some comment if I was to see you both

Comments by R&B on 17th April 2016  

Hi G thank you for your comment. I think our holidays are a bit quiet to be called adventures but you are right we have had quite a few in the rain and it is nice of you to say how much you enjoy reading about them. You obviously really enjoyed hearing about Betwsy Coed and some of the things that people have said to me when it has been raining so I will try to remember some more and add them. Rob did leave a comment about us going to Wales last year because someone asked about Bodnant Gardens but it wasnt printed but he will add a comment about one of the days when we had really rainy weather for you. Beth

Comments by G on 15th April 2016 

Hi Beth and Rob lets hear more of adventures in the rain sure we would all love to hear them

Comments by Ken on 8th April 2016  

Hi Frank maybe there is a pac a mac fan working for the tv company

Comments by G on 4th April 2016 

Hi R B fantastic thank you what a shame that I missed you in Betws y coed hope that you will email me next time love to meet up with the both of you C A have long gone I think I saw one in Belgium shame but it's the times we live in hope that you give us some more comments really enjoy reading them

Comments by R&B on 3rd April 2016  

Hi G thank you for your nice comment. As I said it doesn't rain everytime we go on holiday but I think someone likes it when it does so if you love the comments about us being out in the rain I think you might get some more. I think you are right that some people really like these raincoats because we get lots of nice comments when it is raining. The sort of thing people say are you look prepared for the weather or you look like you are ready for rain and a lot of people ask where they can buy them. When we went to Betsy Coed last year it was really raining and I heard one lady say to her friend I wish I had a plastic mac like that lady is wearing. All you could buy in the shops there were those thin cagoules and Im not sure they are even really waterproof. I can't really understand why the shops don't sell macs now if so many people want them. C&A in Bedford were really good but they closed down. We are just lucky because we bought quite a few in Ireland where they have the Dunnes shops. I don't know if anyone else knows where you can buy them but I hope that is OK for you.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 2nd April 2016  

Hi Jeff that program that had a brief showing of a woman in a plastic Mac the trailer showed nothing but that bit thought that was strange.