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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by Ken on 3rd November 2014  

Susan were the women I saw you with in Wick mac fans do you still meet

Comments by Sam on 3rd November 2014  

Hi Jeff its a long time till then.

Comments by Jeff on 2nd November 2014  

Hello Sam, I will be in Blackpool again next September. Keep an eye on this forum.

Comments by Jeff on 2nd November 2014  

Hello Susan, you are right, Blackpool is no longer a mecca for plastic macs as I remember in the 1950's, when every shop seemed to have a stock of plastic macs with many souvenir shops hanging macs of all colours outside, fluttering in the wind. Happy memories !

Comments by Sam on 1st November 2014  

Hi Jeff I was just down the road.

Comments by Susan on 31st October 2014 

Sounds like a lovely day out in a plastic mac Jeff. I'm guessing that Blackpool is not the mecca it once was for plastic macs.

Comments by Susan on 31st October 2014 

Very true Sam, but they are women who don't like them and very few do. That would go for men too. We are all of us, men, women or whatever, in a minority for our love of the Pakamac and it's a fact that even fewer women like them. That's not disputed. I don't care, I'm just enjoying being a part of the community that does like macs.

Comments by Jeff on 30th October 2014  

Hello Sam, I'm sorry but I did not see your post until I returned from Blackpool, I arrived Wednesday afternoon (22nd Oct) and left Friday afternoon. I stayed in a B&B near the North Pier. Wednesday afternoon I walked from North Pier to Bispham in the rain wearing my Jeantex see-through plastic mac and then went to Fleetwood on the tram. On Thursday morning I walked between the North Pier and Central Pier and back again in the rain and then went on the bus from Blackpool to Poulten-le-Fylde on the bus and the then walked around Poulten wearing my mac. I really enjoyed myself ! Would you have been anywhere near ?

Comments by Frank Barnard on 29th October 2014  

Hi Sam all the women that I have known were just like that.

Comments by Sam on 28th October 2014  

Hi Susan I am one of the doubters as soon as a woman knows you are intrested in her because she wears plastic macs or you want her to wear plastic macs you go down in there eyes they look at and think pervert sad but true.

Comments by Susan on 28th October 2014 

Ken, my interest in macs, particularly Pakamacs began at a very young age. They were still very popular then. It also coincided with my awareness of my gender confusion. Feel free to contact me by email. That goes for anyone because I always endeavour to reply openly and honestly.

Comments by Ken on 27th October 2014  

Hi Susan did your intrest in macs start as a boy or a woman how do they differ.

Comments by Susan on 25th October 2014

I'd be surprised if there were many women who read the contributions to this site although I'm sure there are many around the world who share the special interest that I have for the garment.
Despite the doubters, there are loads of women who are quite happy to be photographed wearing 'pakamacs' and have them publicly available, as I do myself.
Obviously, for anyone who has taken the time to look at mine, they'll realise I'm not the gender my name suggests. It's the gender I feel I am though.

Comments by Gareth on 24th October 2014 

Hi Jane not very many write in stil I live in hope

Comments by Frank Barnard on 24th October 2014 

Hi Jane yes I would like to know that well genuine ones not somebody taking the mick.

Comments by Jane Maxfield on 23rd October 2014 

Hi does anybody know how many ladies read this blog it seems to men only who write in are there any ladies who like plastic macs floral macs out there lets hear from you all.

Comments by Sam on 21st October 2014  

Hi Jeff were in Blackpool will you be

Comments by Gareth on 20th October 2014 

Hi plenty of people wearing plastic macs at last weeks Japanese Grand Prix

Comments by Jeff on 19th October 2014  

I'll be in Blackpool next week and will be wearing my see-through plastic mac when it rains.

Comments by Jane on 18th October 2014 

Hi mac wearing men are thin on the ground these days but have seen one or two about town.

Comments by Ken on 17th October 2014  

HI Ainslie I do not know were you live but I see a few pac a mac wearing men if you would like a date with one then I am free.

Comments by Ainslie on 16th October 2014  

Hi Frank I have not seen one mac wearing any kind of mac for years let alone a plastic one.

Comments by Colin Porter on 15th October 2014 

Hi Gareth,
If you're not already familiar with Rainwear Central I recommend it to you.
If you ignore spitfire 617 (and you'll see why I say that) who seems to be trying to take the whole site over, there's a lot of photos you'll like, including some recent ones of the woman who you asked me about a month or so ago.
I think her name is Hannah.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 15th October 2014 

Hi young people do not care what you are wearing some old men give odd looks who cares wear your macs with pride.

Comments by Gareth on 14th October 2014 

Hi Anna k I think I should have gone to Sweden being a big Abba fan and Volvo cars do you have many plastic macs now can you tell us about your walks in the rain Robin is a very lucky man many would like to be in his shoes myself included

Comments by Anna K on 13th October 2014  

There was lots of rainwear in Sweden when I was young. I cannot remember details because this had no special meaning for me. I used to have a couple of plastic macs that I wore for Robin.

Comments by Colin Porter on 12th October 2014 

Hi Ken,
You're right there, and I think a certain amount of smearing has been done by flashers, the mainly Sunday press and by comedians who used men wearing plastic macs as good for a cheap laugh.

Comments by KEn on 11th October 2014  

Hi Ainslie men do not wear pac a macs because they are afraid of looking like a big girls blouse but I do wear mine now and nobody bats a eyelid expect people who are intrested in macs

Comments by Rob on 9th October 2014  

It was really nice to read about your holiday in Ireland Robin, it reminded me of our holidays there. We have been quite a few times and always had some rain. It sounds like you were both well prepared though, did you have a lot of wet weather?

Comments by Ainslie on 9th October 2014  

Hi my husband was a big Pacamac fan yet he would never wear one himself in fact I have not seen very men wear them why not.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 9th October 2014  

Hi there is a old saying if something sounds to good to be true then its because it is.

Comments by Gareth on 8th October 2014 

Hello Anna k did you have plastic macs in Sweden and how many have you now we would all love to hear more off you I am sure.

Comments by Gareth on 5th October 2014  

Hi Anna k welcome hope we will hear more from you.

Comments by Anna K on 4th October 2014  

Robin asked me to look in here and write some words. Well, after so many years I am not so surprised that this place exists. From our beginning, I did not have psychological attachment to rainwear but Robin wanted to wear a plastic mac in the rain. I found it easy to join in and enjoyed the effects. It was fun for both us. He loved the Pakamac brand, but I had not heard it as I grew up in Sweden.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 3rd October 2014 

No comments off wife maybe no wife

Comments by jane on 30th September 2014 

Hello Robin sorry just thought it was someone I knew once.

Comments by Gareth on 29th September 2014 

Hi Robin good to hear your wife is alive and well does she read this page maybe you could ask her to comment on her side of things ladies are a bit thin on the ground here.

Comments by Robin on 28th September 2014  

My second wife, whose name is something other than Brenda, is thankfully still with us on the planet - and still with me. As we both approach our seventies (and over 60 years after the original advert that sparked this discussion thread was in circulation), it's perhaps more nostalgic and sentimental that we are still able to enjoy wearing plastic Pakamacs in the rain.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 26th September 2014 

Hi Margaret you have gone very quite or is it Mel Constance could be Chris very strange.

Comments by Gareth on 25th September 2014 

Hi Robin I am green with envy what luck is your second wife stil with you a bit of heaven on earth lucky lucky man

Comments by Jane on 25th September 2014 

Hi Robin is your second wife named Brenda by any chance

Comments by Ken on 23rd September 2014  

Hi Colin I can not remember that much detail they were from Woolworths they had plastic buttons it was well over Forty years ago the good old days

Comments by Robin on 22nd September 2014  

My second wife was initially less enthusiastic about wearing plastic macs in public but, as our relationship developed, she became increasingly supportive of my desire to wear a plastic mackintosh in the rain. She helped me to overcome a lot of my legacy inhibitions. In the mid 1980's, as plastic rainwear for men became less popular, my wife accompanied me to Millets to buy one of the long, grey "made in Taiwan" plastic macs that they sold in little plastic pouches. It rustled noisily and gave off a strong, almost noxious smell of vinyl. With my wife's encouragement, I wore it in public many times.

In 1988, whilst ladies see-through plastic macs were undergoing a bit of a revival, my wife surprised me during a holiday trip to Ireland. We were walking along in Limerick and it started to rain. She opened her bag, took out a brand new C & A blue see-through plastic mac, and proceeded to put it on in front of me. That turned out to be a pretty good holiday.

Comments by Colin Porteer on 22nd September 2014 

Hi Ken,
Are you referring to the stitched plastic macs with stitched hood strings that Woolworths used to sell?
Bought two of those together one time. It was raining outside and the assistant said it looked as if I'd need them both.

Comments by Ken on 20th September 2014  

Hi Robin the Winfield plastic mac was wonderful my wife had a few of them its a crime they are not about today

Comments by Janice on 17th September 2014  

Hi Frank I will second that BJ get a life.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 15th September 2014  

BJ what a horrible thought

Comments by Gareth on 15th September 2014  

Hi Robin can you tell us about your second wife

Comments by Gareth on 14th September 2014 

Hi Robin sorry to hear that but wow what a lady better than winning the lottery lucky lucky man

Comments by BJ on 13th September 2014  

Elizabeth, I can well imagine that cold wet plastic on your knees when you were wearing short pants wouldn't have been too pleasant, but I can assure Pete that in that respect nylon wasn't much of an improvement! Also I found that when I wore a knee-length raincoat over short pants, I always imagined people who saw me were wondering if I was wearing anything underneath!

I think I also know that 'new plastic' smell. When i was at high school, most of us carried our books in cases (now called 'airline bags' or 'sports bags') which were made of rubber or maybe PVC and when new, as most of these bags were at the start of a school year, the smell was unique, unmistakable for anything else.