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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by Frank Barnard on 18th March 2015  

Hi Jane I think they are much older probably came from America

Comments by Jane Maxfield on 18th March 2015  

Hi does any body know when the plastic mac first came out I had one in the late fifties as a school girl was it British made the first macs.

Comments by BEVERLEY MR on 13th March 2015 

hi di hi thurs peggy in white pakamc with rain bonnet

Comments by BEVERLEY MR on 10th March 2015 

on monday hi di high programe. very brief but about half way through girl in pink pakamac

Comments by Frank Barnard on 10th March 2015  

hi Agnes yes i know any ladies do have a plastic mac are over sixty and beyond but were are they I never seen any

Comments by Agnes on 4th March 2015  

Frank lots of women have plastic macs most are over sixty the younger women want the latest fashion .

Comments by Jane Maxfield on 28th February 2015  

Hi Frank Barnard you are wrong my friends and myself have plastic macs what do you expect someone to call in a mac wake up and smell the coffee

Comments by Gareth on 27th February 2015 

Hi does anybody in Canada read this blog in Tronto there used to be a shop under a hotel near the CN tower that sold just plastic and pvc macs must be some mac fans there lets hear from you.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 25th February 2015 

Realising that Susie now lives in Spain, I have to agree with Frank.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 25th February 2015  

Hi women wearing plastic macs in the UK Brian there is more chance of seeing the Dodo

Comments by Brian Humphries on 24th February 2015 

If any of our male contributors doubt whether or not women have a genuine love of plastic macs, I would invite them to investigate "Plastique Unique Rainwear" on the net, and view Susie's Gallery 1. If those pictures do not convince you, then nothing will. Good viewing!!

Comments by Ken on 23rd February 2015  

HI Gareth you are probably right I have not seen one been worn for many a long year most a pity

Comments by Gareth on 21st February 2015  

Hi I do not think they is any woman in the uk who has a plastic mac afraid they are a thing of the past

Comments by scotty on 17th February 2015 

Hi did anyone see the latest episode of East Enders as Dot Cotton sports a plastic raincoat. Perhaps this look will become more popular..

Comments by Colin Porter on 16th February 2015 

Hi Frank,

For once I agree with you.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 13th February 2015  

hi I thought this blog was for plastic macs

Comments by BJ on 9th February 2015  


View NO 100 000

Wonder if Brian ever dreamed his board would get so muchg attention....

Comments by Andy on 7th February 2015  

Hi you are right mate that's what I call a plastic mac in plastic mac art have not seen one of them for real for donkey years

Comments by Gareth on 4th February 2015  

If anybody wants to see a real plastic as they should be then look at Plastic mac Artwork

Comments by Jane Maxfield on 3rd February 2015  

Hi Ken I said I did not want emails off men thats why I have deleted my email and you are wrong ladies do read this blog and love macs a couple have been in touch and if anymore want to just write on this blog and I will give another email you and Frank just like to moan smile and the world smiles with you.

Comments by Ken on 29th January 2015  

Hi Frank I also read that It was more trench macs still they all help and Jane I thought you only wanted to talk to other women you will not find any here.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 27th January 2015  

Hi Jane I do think positive its just I tell the truth its said in one newspaper this week that the mac is back lets hope so

Comments by JANE MAXFIELD on 22nd January 2015  

HI Frank do you ever think positive.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 15th January 2015  

Ken you right but finding a woman to wear one a camel through the eye of a needle springs to mind.

Comments by Ken on 13th January 2015  

Why all the fuss over a hood the mac is what counts

Comments by Agnes on 7th January 2015  

Hi Jane and myself have seen a few ladies in all sorts of nice macs of late

Comments by sam146 on 7th January 2015  

I wave the flag in favour of the hood - integral or attached. Not only do you avoid the risk of the rain seeping through any gap between rainhat and mac, you also get the maximum sensual experience - the noise of the rainwater beating down and the PVC aroma, in particular. It's a lovely snug feeling to walk in the downpour with the hood tied up.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 2nd January 2015  

Elizabeth Anne red mac or no red mac stop flirting with me you are married now do you think the man in the moon is a mac lover as well.

Comments by Elizabeth Anne on 1st January 2015  

Hi let's get back to Frank

Comments by Scotty on 31st December 2014 

Well folks, my preference is a mac without a hood and worn with a folding rainbonnet/mate. I have lots of these in assorted colours and patterns.
The rainhat just sets off the classic look and carrying a folding rainmate in your pocket is easy to wear in emergencies as it is so small and compact. Mind you they are pretty fragile and tear easily when windy.
Not too keen on the rainhood type hat as they look so big. Perhaps we can start a mac and rainbonnet revival, what do you all think.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 31st December 2014  

Hi lets get back to macs

Comments by Susan on 29th December 2014  

I love the visor style rain bonnets too Roy. I have loads, bought 2 spotty ones hust last week.

Comments by Roy on 28th December 2014  

Hi Susan and Cole , it's nice to know that we agree that wearing a rain hood with our coats instead of a fixed hood is the preferred choice when out in the rain. But I still prefer wearing the visor type rain hood than the flimsy concertina one. The reason is because the visor type is made of a stronger material , covers more of your head and extends over you coat collar giving complete protection. You may not see many guys wearing them , but as I said earlier (7th Dec)I wear one that has a visor , is clear with black trim and fits nicely over my collar and there is nothing to beat them when out in the rain.

Comments by Elizabeth Anne on 28th December 2014  

Yes Susan and Cole that is the look I prefer also, although ldeally I have a good umbrella (ie not mis-shapen, a decent size and a nice bold color, and definitely NOT a $2 job from the Reject Shop). If a brolly is inconvenient or I don't have one, a rain bonnet is always a better alternative than a hood, especially if the coat you're wearing doesn't have one, which most of mine don't.

The only time I ever wore a hood was when the kids were in pushers in the 80s, when you needed both hands free and you couldn't buy a new plastic concertina hat that would last five minutes.

Peter and I hope everybody had a happy Christmas, and best wishes for 2015.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 24th December 2014 

Merry Christmas to all, although I don't think we will be seeing much rain.....

Comments by Susan on 23rd December 2014  

Yes Cole, that's the look I like to wear.

Merry Xmas everyone.

Comments by Cole Porter on 22nd December 2014  coleport39 

How about combining Roy's preferences (7th December) with Frank's likings (20th December)? A women in a hooded (and belted) mac with the hood down and a rainhood for her hair? Especially the concertina pleated ones.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 20th December 2014  

If a woman wears a mac with a hood up and has high heels and is slim it is great

Comments by Gareth on 17th December 2014  

Hi Merry Christmas to all pac a mac fans and keep the comments coming

Comments by Susan on 16th December 2014  

I agree BJ and Roy. Hoods should be worn down. I much prefer a mac with a collar and definitely no hood.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 15th December 2014  

Try hair spray

Comments by BJ on 14th December 2014  

I agree with Roy about hoods - I have always found them uncomfortable to wear, and completely unflattering on most women, as they hide their hair and ruin the shape of their face and head. On another forum somebody said they were like the bag they stick over your head just before they hang you.

But I know I'm in a minority. Put a series of pics up on flickr or somewhere of a lady in a hooded raincoat, and leave the hood down for a few of them, and you're guaranteed to cop whinging about it.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 12th December 2014 

I am still in waterproof love with Susan. I have a video clip of her, where she looks absolutely gorgeous, even before she puts on her plastic mac. Beautiful is too weak a word.

I hope we can reconcile our differences, somehow or other, and start meeting and macking.

Comments by roy on 7th December 2014  

Hi everyone ,I have only ever worn a pakamac once and that was in the 1980s in Bridlington.It served me well when I spent a few days there on holiday. But I now wear a water proof 3/4 length jacket that keeps me warm and dry in cold wet weather. I do not like wearing coats with hoods as they feel uncomfortable and move around a lot messing up your hair. To keep my hair dry and in place I wear a plastic rain hood which comes with black trim , has a visor and extends over my coat collar preventing rain water going down my neck.There is nothing to beat it for keeping you dry , as for what people think when they see me , well I don't really care I just think to myself this is 2014 and not the 1950s.

Comments by Ken on 23rd November 2014  

Hi Constance is it true that you have remarried of late.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 20th November 2014  

There are some very brave men about

Comments by Gareth on 20th November 2014 

Hi Elizabeth Anne and congratulations why does it become a problem most women I have known all say is it me or my mac you want why do you think like that if it was the other way around I would be only to happy to wear anything I bet Frank is heart broken good luck to you both Its good to have you back.

Comments by Sam on 19th November 2014  

Hi if there are any ladies who read this what do you think of men who wear Pac a macs or nylon do you think they are smart good or wimps or just silly old farts

Comments by Elizabeth Anne on 19th November 2014  

Hi everybody, in case anybody's missed me I've been quite busy for the last little while, getting married. Pete and I made it 'official' three weeks ago at a reception centre on the Great Ocean Road. Three weeks...who said it wouldn't last?

We all have 'preferences'. Pete does seem more attentive when I am wearing my nylon mac, or after I've been with him with it on for a while, but that is not the only way I can 'turn him on', he doesn't demand it on call, and there is nothing that can't happen without it. If I ever convince myself that the mac matters more than I do, or it is becoming a 'power play', then Houston we have a big problem, but until that day I am happy to accommodate his preference as long as that's all they are.

Supposed to be the wet season in SE Australia but apart from it raining all night last Saturday it's been bone dry.

Comments by Ken on 17th November 2014  

Hi Anna k or any other ladies out there Margaret lets hear from you or any other ladies.