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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by G on 23rd December 2015  

Merry Christmas to you all hope your comments keep coming and people who have not for some time please start again

Comments by Frank Barnard on 21st December 2015  

HI Janice my first wife had one only mac she ever liked.

Comments by Janice on 19th December 2015  

Susan the MS macs also had unique buttons I could always tell buy the buttons it was a MS mac I think other macs had there own as well.

Comments by Susan on 16th December 2015  

I don't remember those nylon macs at all Janice. It's probably because I didn't start shopping there until the 1990s. I always bought Rainstar nylon macs from John Lewis. There was a branch of Fenwick's that I visited frequently. They sold traditional nylon macs with an extremely feminine style of button that was quite unique.

Comments by Anne on 15th December 2015  

HI Janice i had a couple of them macs they were very good macs

Comments by Janice on 14th December 2015  

Hi does anyone remember the nylon macs from marks and spencer I had one that lasted years

Comments by Frank Barnard on 10th December 2015  

Hi Scotty raincoat day what a great idea we will have to put it to Prime minister mind you a lot women think a mac is something to do with a computer

Comments by scotty on 9th December 2015  

Frank your funny indeed!Is Jane not from the moon..Think its a raincoat day today!

Comments by Frank Barnard on 8th December 2015  

Jane the ladies you talk about do they live on mars or pluto

Comments by Jane on 4th December 2015  

Hi Anne has deleted her email because of all the spam she got we got a couple of ladies have been in contact seems there a few ladies who like floral plastic macs

Comments by Frank Barnard on 30th November 2015  

Hi rain and women still not wearing macs just a anorak over there heads very strange

Comments by Plastic mac on 28th November 2015  

Hi Susan I have that photo I promised do you still want it

Comments by Ken on 24th November 2015  

Brian were are you we all used to enjoy your comments lets have some more

Comments by Anne on 23rd November 2015 

Hi Janice you can get in touch with me and I will pass your details on to Jane

Comments by Janice on 21st November 2015  

Hi Jane how do I get in touch

Comments by Jack on 20th November 2015  

BJ it your aggression that's turned them off its a pac a mac site the clue is in the name and its for grown ups

Comments by BJ on 18th November 2015  

More likely Frank drove them away with his unending whinging

Comments by Jack on 17th November 2015  

Were have all the ladies who used to leave comments gone Beth Anna Margaret Constance did they ever exsit or were they some jokers sick joke starting to think Frank is spot on

Comments by Susan on 13th November 2015  

Frank, this is one of the clips available

Comments by Frank Barnard on 12th November 2015  

Hi Susan I could not find your film

Comments by Jane maxfield on 10th November 2015  

Hi Janice just got back from New Zealand yes you would be welcome to join us

Comments by Susan on 5th November 2015  

Gail, it's gone now from BBC iPlayer but it is on YouTube. Search for 'Marilyn Monroe church' or 'Eyesight to the Blind'.

Comments by Gail on 3rd November 2015  

Hi Susan what chanel was Tommy on please.

Comments by Susan on 29th October 2015  

I'm just watching the rock opera "Tommy". I'm pretty sure the plastic mac worn by Ann Margret, about 26 minutes into the film, is a genuine Pakamac. I have had a number of the exact same style, they were especially precious to me. Ann Margret's is pristine.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 28th October 2015  

I think Seti has more chance of finding Aliens than women wearing plastic macs

Comments by Gail on 22nd October 2015  

Hi Frank I have seen them Capes one for Xmas if Santa is kind

Comments by Susan on 22nd October 2015  

I recently watched a TV programme about the 'Cold War' period in Europe during the 60s. What a wonderful sight it was with so many guys in both plastic macs and nylon macs plus loads and loads of ladies wearing nylon macs in a delightful array of colours. It just confirmed to me just how real my memories are of those days.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 9th October 2015  

Hi Hunters sell some wonderful plastic clear capes and jackets

Comments by Gail on 25th September 2015  

Hi I have a angel sheer by French Connection mac it turns heads when I go out in it hubby is not keen but I love it.

Comments by Agnes on 22nd September 2015  

Hi Janice Jane is on holiday she will leave a old number for you when she gets back .

Comments by Janice on 18th September 2015  

Hi again Agnes I would like to join but do not want to leave my contact details on this site

Comments by Ken on 14th September 2015  

Brian lets hear from you

Comments by Agnes on 4th September 2015  

hi Janice yes three members are married I am a widow and do not want a man its just ladies enjoying emails shoping and coffee if possible and seeing places of intrest

Comments by Janice on 2nd September 2015  

Hi Agnes yes may be I will join you it is ladies only

Comments by Agnes on 27th August 2015  

Hello Janice yes could have been why did you not say hello we would have been pleased to see you why not join us .

Comments by Janice on 26th August 2015  

Hi Agnes I think we saw you in MS three of you looked good.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 21st August 2015  

Hi Agnes seen a few myself things are improving

Comments by Agnes on 20th August 2015  

Hi there are lots of macs worn in Manchester as well we are always in floral plastic macs what ever the weather does

Comments by anonymous on 14th August 2015  

rainy day in Chester ladies wearing wonderfull macs plastic pvc you name wonderfull

Comments by Agnes on 4th August 2015  

Hi Frank there are plenty of women wearing macs of all kinds I think its time for you to go to spec savers.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 1st August 2015  

Hi wet July and not one mac to be seen really sad

Comments by Susan on 17th July 2015

Agnes, a simple search for 'plastic mac' on eBay brings up lots of the styles of jackets I now see frequently. I would never class a jacket as a mac but maybe it's a generation thing.

Comments by Agnes on 16th July 2015  

HI Susan some of them jackets are quite long saw a woman of my age wearing one any idea who sells them

Comments by Agnes on 14th July 2015  

Ken quite right people should keep it clean and no bullies this a pac a mac site.

Comments by Susan on 14th July 2015

My observations on plastic jackets are purely my hope that they are an indication that Pakamac styles of mac could make a return. Actually, Pakamac did produce rain jackets.

Comments by Ken on 13th July 2015  

Hi I am on Franks side Brian was getting a bit lurid and Colin have you got a woman or is it just cartoons for you.

Comments by Colin Porter on 11th July 2015 

Well said BJ.

Frank is the antithesis of 'Think positive' and to stop pitying his hard luck because he can't find a woman who'll do what he wants.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 11th July 2015  

BJ you have the wrong Brian its a pac a mac site the clue is in the name and its not a playground pick a fight site .

Comments by BJ on 10th July 2015  

Frank it's Brian's site so he even more than anyone can talk about the price of sardines on here if he so's not as though you have ever done much for the site besides whinge whenever anybody else makes a contribution.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 9th July 2015  

Hi Brian this a plastic mac and nylon site not rubber macs or Jackets and your flirting with Susan is going to frighten the horses.