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everyone needs a Pakamac. Gents models from 17/6 - Ladies models from 10/6 ...but make sure it is a Pakamac. The original "Raincoat in your pocket"...

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Comments by Agnes on 20th August 2015  

Hi there are lots of macs worn in Manchester as well we are always in floral plastic macs what ever the weather does

Comments by anonymous on 14th August 2015  

rainy day in Chester ladies wearing wonderfull macs plastic pvc you name wonderfull

Comments by Agnes on 4th August 2015  

Hi Frank there are plenty of women wearing macs of all kinds I think its time for you to go to spec savers.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 1st August 2015  

Hi wet July and not one mac to be seen really sad

Comments by Susan on 17th July 2015

Agnes, a simple search for 'plastic mac' on eBay brings up lots of the styles of jackets I now see frequently. I would never class a jacket as a mac but maybe it's a generation thing.

Comments by Agnes on 16th July 2015  

HI Susan some of them jackets are quite long saw a woman of my age wearing one any idea who sells them

Comments by Agnes on 14th July 2015  

Ken quite right people should keep it clean and no bullies this a pac a mac site.

Comments by Susan on 14th July 2015

My observations on plastic jackets are purely my hope that they are an indication that Pakamac styles of mac could make a return. Actually, Pakamac did produce rain jackets.

Comments by Ken on 13th July 2015  

Hi I am on Franks side Brian was getting a bit lurid and Colin have you got a woman or is it just cartoons for you.

Comments by Colin Porter on 11th July 2015 

Well said BJ.

Frank is the antithesis of 'Think positive' and to stop pitying his hard luck because he can't find a woman who'll do what he wants.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 11th July 2015  

BJ you have the wrong Brian its a pac a mac site the clue is in the name and its not a playground pick a fight site .

Comments by BJ on 10th July 2015  

Frank it's Brian's site so he even more than anyone can talk about the price of sardines on here if he so's not as though you have ever done much for the site besides whinge whenever anybody else makes a contribution.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 9th July 2015  

Hi Brian this a plastic mac and nylon site not rubber macs or Jackets and your flirting with Susan is going to frighten the horses.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 6th July 2015 

Sue, it WILL happen. You WILL get one of these plastic jackets, possibly more, and model them SUPERBLY. I may get one, or more, for my own wardrobes. And let's hope the SBR dream comes true too. Always good to hear from you.

Comments by Susan on 6th July 2015

Over the last two days Brian, I have seen two different plastic jackets on separate women. Definitely a fashion statement.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 4th July 2015 

As regards buying an SBR rubber mac for Susan, the thought is always there, but the logistics are not, as Susan knows. However, I hope the barriers can be eventually dropped.
Incidentally, Sue, I saw another of those plastic jackets this afternoon, and I thought of you immediately. I hope we discover who retails them. There are similar jackets advertised on e-bay-could these be the ones?

Comments by Roy on 30th June 2015  

hi Brian lets hear from you did you buy a sbr mackintosh or a pac a mac for Susan

Comments by Ken on 27th June 2015  

Hi Brian have you got Susan a mackintosh yet

Comments by Frank Barnard on 27th June 2015  

hi maybe we should say if you want a six pack wear a mac or do not put yourself on the rack wear a mac.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 25th June 2015  

Hi if all the women in the UK read Jane comments about using up calories when walking in a plastic mac may be many more would wear them.

Comments by Susan on 22nd June 2015

Do you know, Brian, I have always wanted an SBR mackintosh, but never had one. However if the choice was between a plastic Pakamac or SBR, the Pakamac would win every time. When PVC macs were easily found, I was in the checkout queue with a plastic mac in it's distinctive Pakamac logo bag.

Comments by Brian Humphries on 16th June 2015 

Nice compliment, Frank, thanks very much!! I will try and post more.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 16th June 2015  

Hi Brian your comments about macs are like a tonic more please

Comments by Brian Humphries on 10th June 2015 

I think I know what see-through plastic jackets Susan has written about. Sue, I do hope you will purchase one (more than one, perhaps!), wear it and post it on Flickr, as you would model it superbly-as you do all waterproof items.
I would love to buy you an SBR rubber mac......

Comments by Jeff on 7th June 2015  

Hello Jane, what a great pleasure to chat with you; did you say you were one of the ladies on the Noel Edmunds show wearing your floral macs ? Yes, walking around Saddleworth in my plastic mac certainly burns off the calories but they are soon regained after a few pints of real ale in the excellent pubs in the area. Looking forward to walking around Blackpool in October, hope it rains. Regards, Jeff.

Comments by Jane Maxfield on 5th June 2015  

Hi Jeff its been a long time but i have done a saddleworth walk you can burn a lot of calories walking in a plastic mac

Comments by Frank Barnard on 4th June 2015  

Hi Susan yes I seen a few pity they were not the long macs still its a start

Comments by Jeff on 4th June 2015  

Hello Susan, I was in the Saddleworth area last Friday for the Whit Friday walks. As it was raining I was wearing my see-through Jeantex Toni plastic mac. I saw four ladies wearing see-through plastic jackets, one with a white lace design (would that be Top Shop ?), another had a gold shimmer to it and the other two ladies had semi-see-through natural jackets which I think may have been from Primark. I also saw another young lady keeping dry by wearing a long see-through plastic mac with a drawstring hood. As well as enjoying myself wearing my own plastic mac, some really good sightings.

Comments by Susan on 3rd June 2015

Has anyone else noticed the short see-thru plastic jackets that seem to have gained a degree of popularity with younger women? I've seen a few on ebay but I've been surprised to see them being worn by women out shopping too, in different parts of the UK. They are reminiscent of a style popular in the late 70s, not some horrid manifestation of a plastic poncho. I'd wear one myself.

Comments by ColinPorter on 1st June 2015  

Hi Frank - so you know where to go for a holiday next time.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 30th May 2015  

Hi Colin thanks but I like to see the real Mccoy

Comments by Colin Porter on 27th May 2015  

Hi Frank.

Not been there but there's loads of photos of attractive women in rainwear in Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand on the internet if you hunt for them.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 26th May 2015  

Hi Colin have you been and what country did you go to i just might vist

Comments by Colin Porter on 25th May 2015 

Don't go to the Orient during their rainy season Frank or your eyeballs will explode.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 22nd May 2015  

Hi I just have come back from a trip to Europe I seen quite a few ladies wearing PVC macs but back in the UK very rare.

Comments by Ken on 21st May 2015  

Hi I do not care why who or for what reason men wear plastic macs just let see some women wearing them

Comments by Colin Porter on 18th May 2015 

The situation re plastic macs has come about through the press, films and comedians all giving them a negative image and dragging them through the mire in doing so.
The Sunday press were delighted to adopt a high moral stance in reporting upon parties where the participants wore items of plastic or rubber for sex.
Films, including British television were inclined to use plastic mac wearing as a means of depicting someone who was a bit feeble either mentally or physically and some comedians also used the idea for a cheap smutty laugh and of course, there were the flashers who were known as the 'dirty mac brigade'.

Comments by Pacamac on 15th May 2015  

Referencing comments by Mr.E.J.Forbes on 30th April 2015

How can anyone think this about Pakamacs:

"I think they went out of fashion because dirty old men wore them, to carry out dirty things in public also they were thought to be part of a gay persons attire."

I am retired now and still love my plastic raincoats, and other plastic things dearly,I am ceetainly not Gay, nor are any of my friends who also like wearing plastic things, all married and all with children. The comment is abject nonsense and cannot be considered as any sort of truth.

I love my Pakamacs to this day, and I also love my wife, just as others who love plastic rainwear love their wives and girlfriends. So just ignore the original remark, it's just not worth wasting time on.

Comments by Susan on 14th May 2015

Of course wearing a Pakamac is nothing to do with being gay or being a dirty old man. Yes, some men can be described as dirty old men, but the wearing of a plastic mac is just something else some of them like.

I know for a fact though that some people in the same community I am in, love to wear a plastic mac as a visual expression of being sissy.

Comments by Billy on 13th May 2015  

hi men wearing pac a macs have always been seen as sicies not gay unless the mac was pink

Comments by Roy on 12th May 2015  

Hello everyone , it's been interesting reading the comments about plastic macs being associated with Gay people and Dirty old men. I don't know where or how this connection came about , but I disagree with it completely. A person should no matter who they are be able to wear what they like without fear of being persecuted or ridiculed. As I wrote back in December 28th 2014 , I wear a plastic rain hood when I go out in wet weather , but that does not mean I am gay or anything else for that matter. It just means that it happens to be the most practical and effective headwear to put on when out in the rain. I firmly believe in LIVE AND LET LIVE.

Comments by Chad on 11th May 2015  

Hello Susan
I wasn't quite sure what you meant in your comment, but thought it could be taken either way....So I decided you were actually being nice so I wasn't aiming what I wrote at your comment.....I think you are right about Plastic Macs ending up being ridiculed a bit by comedians and so on, but have to say I have never seen the gay tag attached to it.
I do have concerns when people try to pass off being gay as something dirty, or a lifestyle choice etc etc or equating a plastic Mac with a gay persons attire. If a person didn't want to wear one because they thought it made them look gay, then that is a bit of a worry.....These attitudes may be a thing of the past, but a piece of history that led to Bashing, teen suicide and even murder.
For me Plastic Macs and Nylon raincoats go right back in my memories to before I went to school..Having it indented in my mind like that I have always enjoyed looking at all the comments and opinions on this page....I find it really sad seeing somebody equating Pakamacs with flashers and then deciding to right off the GLBT community in the next breath.
Am I over reacting??? Could be,but I felt I had to say something.

Comments by Susan on 11th May 2015

I hope my comment was not misunderstood. I would LOVE to be identified as gay because I wear a pakamac. I took the comment by Mr Forbes as one about views held in the distant past and I think very relevant to this forum. Such views wouldn't have helped the popularity of pakamacs. That and the old men tag probably explained why my generation started to shun the lovely garment.
The wearing of a plastic mac is definitely not related to anyone like me in the LGBT community, nor does it label anyone outside that persuasion.

Comments by Chad on 8th May 2015  

Really, REALLY!!
A major strike for equality here!!....What does it matter if gay people, or whoever wore them..You think wearing a mac would make a person look gay or not....Great comment, nice to see people think like this in 2015....This page m has Straight people, gay people bi and trans gender contributing...Stick to the topic and leave out the minority groups please.It just makes you look like a bigot.

Comments by Ken on 8th May 2015  

Hi I never heard that they were gay men macs I have always worn one been married since my teens may be John Wayne and the like would not wear one but thousands of men just wear them to keep the rain off

Comments by pac a mac fan on 7th May 2015  

Hi yes them old macs did split very easy but they were wonderfull.

Comments by Susan on 7th May 2015

That's interesting your remark Mr Forbes, about pakamacs being associated with gay people. I have not heard that before, yes the dirty old men but not gays. I like the association though.

Comments by Frank Barnard on 5th May 2015  

Hi Mr Forbes do you and your wife still wear plastic macs and were you in the RAF

Comments by Mr.E.J.Forbes on 30th April 2015  

When I was young my mother took me into woolworths stores, she took me over to where the plastic macs were stored usually on long metal racks, the womens and young ladies were normally very bright blues and whites etc, where as the mens and boys. were very drab usually black grey or a horrible brown colour, mens and boys didnt have hoods, as they were women only.
My mother put a long length pvc mac against me it was bright blue, it had a large hood and two pockets that I could get into my trousers through the plastic pockets you were advised not to put your hands in the pockets because they tended to split easily.
At this time I was going fishing quite alot, so I saved up and bought a pvc walking suit to keep me warm and dry, but no hood as it had a label stating it was for men, and had a man smoking a pipe to prove it, later in 1967 I was out shopping with my new wife when it started to rain heavily, we dashed into a small shop, and bought a Pakamac for me and a packmac for my wife, they didnt feel very comfortable very rough,I think they went out of fashion because dirty old men wore them, to carry out dirty things in public also they were thought to be part of a gay persons attire.

Comments by Steve on 27th April 2015 

Hello all you Pakamac enthusiasts, can anyone explain why my previous comment are not appearing here, it is strange.