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Posted by Fred on 19th April 2015  

you can get Gibbs sr toothpaste at hanwells mill square storrington West Sussex

Posted by Ramona Giron on 6th April 2015 

I came across an old full bottle of Famil Syrup at a give away, wondering if it has any value.

Posted by Derek J Barden on 7th February 2015 

happy Days at Donshu Davidson footwear, a sad day on the 5th February 1983

Posted by Geraldine on 18th January 2015  

Does anyone know how I can contact David Devine who posted a message and photo on this website? Many thanks in advance

Posted by nik zaki on 24th November 2014 

Good information. Where can I buy Gibbs toothpaste?

Posted by Walter Crawford on 9th October 2014 

A fantastic website. I came upon it quite by accident and am delighted by the contents, especially the "Old adverts" they take me back to my childhood -"Happy days of yore" Thanks so much.

Posted by Keith Spann on 10th June 2014 

Just discovered you and dipped in. What a fantastic site. Congratulations.

Posted by M. Mullan on 30th May 2014  

I am descended from coal miners of Wigan, and as I look at your photos of them at rest, I marvel at the hardships they would have endured. Our modern complaints pale in comparison.

Posted by Brandy Butler on 16th March 2014  

My mother's family are Whitakers. She said that her family could be traced to the DOOMS DAY BOOK. She has papers showing a family tree. So, this is a neat website to see. To beat it all.... My father's side of the family is ironic.

Posted by Martin on 28th December 2013 

Agree with the previous correspondants, It has brought back so many happy memories for me as well, I probably wouldn't REALLY want to go back to those days, but life did seem so much simpler and more innocent then...

Posted by Roz Perk on 26th December 2013 

Thank you so much for creating this site. It has brought back so many memories of my childhood and times.

Thank you.

Posted by LES WOOLLCOTT on 22nd December 2013 

Just got on to this Web Page. I've got a number of things that may be of interest.
Here is one of them.
This is just an interesting thing that an English friend, Gary Mondon told me recently.
1958 in Great Yarmouth East Anglia England he was14.
He was riding his bike over the bridge over the River Yare.
The Police car pulled up beside him which was a black Vauxhall Velox. (Speed Cops)
The 'copper' wound down his window and said "Hey Sonny, we've clocked you
at 32 MPH in a 30MPH zone". It was dusk at the time so he also asked "where are your lights?"
So young Gary said to the 'copper', 'Next to my Liver" "Right sonney pull over" And he fined Gary 2 Pound 10 shillings for "Speeding" and 2 pound 10 shillings for being "Lippy". It was printed in 'Yarmouth Mercury" as the first "Speeding fine for a push-bike in England" at the time. Gary's dad gave him a good telling off because he had to pay the fine at the Great Yarmouth Townhall, which was then paid back to his dad through his paper round money.

Sincerely Les Woollcott(Gary and I now live in Tasmania, Australia. Been here for years.

Posted by Dale Daniel on 17th December 2013

What a nostalgic trip I have had and will continue to have on this brilliant site.
People who do not tune in to these pages are missing out on age that could be lost, but will not because of these pages. Brilliant!!!

Posted by Sam Neil on 15th December 2013  

Can I just say, this is one the best sites I have ever come across for old British ads of yesteryears. Well done and keep up the good work.

Posted by Martin on 13th December 2013 

Posted by Tim on 1st December 2013  

Photos are <b>great!</b>

Posted by steve talbot on 4th August 2013 

i have got arobertsons minc one token canadian moutie still on the jar can you help

Posted by Lizzie down under on 3rd June 2013 

Only a matter of time before I got here.....going to have a good look around.....has anyone ever told you Brian how amazing you are.....stop blushing now!!
Cheers, Lizzie :)

Posted by Thomas on 23rd May 2013  

Thanks for publishing the John Elkan advertisement - I now know a little more about the original retailer of my silver watch.The watch is hallmarked 1935 & the dial is signed John Elkan so is concurrent with the ad.

Posted by Tom Keogh on 31st March 2013 

Amazing to see the original advert for clipper stair carpet holders.

Just bought a set off ebay to put some character into my home.

Anyone know a site that shows exactly how to fit these? Still trying to figure whether the two points on the back plate are driven into the tread or not!

Great site!!