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Posted by Martin on 13th December 2013 

Posted by Tim on 1st December 2013  

Photos are <b>great!</b>

Posted by steve talbot on 4th August 2013 

i have got arobertsons minc one token canadian moutie still on the jar can you help

Posted by Lizzie down under on 3rd June 2013 

Only a matter of time before I got here.....going to have a good look around.....has anyone ever told you Brian how amazing you are.....stop blushing now!!
Cheers, Lizzie :)

Posted by Thomas on 23rd May 2013  

Thanks for publishing the John Elkan advertisement - I now know a little more about the original retailer of my silver watch.The watch is hallmarked 1935 & the dial is signed John Elkan so is concurrent with the ad.

Posted by Tom Keogh on 31st March 2013 

Amazing to see the original advert for clipper stair carpet holders.

Just bought a set off ebay to put some character into my home.

Anyone know a site that shows exactly how to fit these? Still trying to figure whether the two points on the back plate are driven into the tread or not!

Great site!!

Posted by Ursula Staszynski on 29th March 2013  

Thank you for this record. The Butler musical instrument business was started by my 3x great grandfather George James Butler in Dublin. He made his way to England between 1832 and 1834 where he later set up shop in Covent Garden then Haymarket. The business continued through his son and then grandson, with the last known record for the business in Haymarket being a 1913 telephone directory listing.

Posted by SCT on 2nd March 2013  

Super great romp through fashion history! Love to see more menswear. Great resource!

Posted by bob kijewski on 27th January 2013  

absolutely absorbing and fascinating collection of heritage pages thank you

Posted by Ellen Perrier on 4th May 2012 

Has anyone herd of a bumper for putting on Ronuk floor polish for wooden floors in country houses or large houses as trying to obtain one for a childrens home reunion and the ex boys keep talking about the bumper which was a metal ball on a wooden handle and used in conjunction with a square brush and was approx 12 x 12 with a hole through the centre where the metal ball was placed.

Posted by Michael Clark on 1st March 2012 

Enjoyed the Nostalgic pictures in particular those of Lambeth. Liked to see more from the Elephant & Castle Area in the 1940's & 50's Even the 60's

Posted by Andrew Simpson on 2nd February 2012

Liked the site, so much to see and remember. Posted the link on my blog
Good afternoon from Beech Road

Posted by Joe on 14th May 2011  

This picture is very nostalgic for me. I was in secondary school from 1948 to 1955. At that time the rule for P.E. was very thin white shorts and NOTHING else. Thus we boys (it was a boys only school) were effectively naked. Most of us loved it. If shorts were forgotten the rule was: three firm whacks on the seat or do P.E. naked. Most offenders opted for naked although if a boy continally "forgot", a stiff letter was sent to his parents.

Posted by Jennie Siddalls on 4th May 2011  

I am looking for The Toni Twins as I worked with one of them in the late 60's in Edenbridge, Kent. Can't find anything about them now, only American twins. Anybody out there know anything about them? The lady I worked with at Boots was called Joan.
Good site - I'd forgotten about Zubes -my gran used to suck them all the time!

Posted by Roy on 2nd May 2011 

My inlaws are moving house soon and they came across a 1958 cooks motor coach tour souvenir booklet in mint condition the tour takes in Belgium,Luxembourg,Germany and France, with a week by the Lake of Geneva and includes stickers from all the hotels they stayed at loose in the booklet, a collectable item to somebody out there.

Posted by John Dann on 12th January 2011  none

Hello Brian, I'm a researcher and writer, and must say you have an excellent, well designed web-site that is really impressive. I was searching for old Tootal advertisements -and 'bingo' there it was - brilliant!
I will contact you separately. Kind regards John Dann

Posted by Brian on 8th January 2011

Thanks for the comment Neil. Not given up, hope to re-write and continue updating as I have loads of material. The only thing I'm lacking at the moment is time! ;)

Posted by Neil on 8th January 2011  


Great site, love the ads.....

Not updated for a few years i see....have you given up ?

Posted by Anne Hamilton on 18th November 2010 

Hello. I am desperate to find an old Rozalex advertisement featuring my father. He was photographed in front of some machine tools & was paid three guineas by the photographer, not realising until he saw the ad in a newspaper, that the photograph had been used by the company. Rozalex have been doing their best to find it, with no luck so far. The ad was featured in newspapers and Engineering magazines between 1965 and 1975. It's Dad's 78th birthday on Christmas Day & we would love to give him a copy. Can you (or anyone else reading this) help in any way? Thank you.

Posted by Wendy Edwards on 12th September 2010 

Excellent website, bought back some wonderful memories including the milk & honey biscuits I was looking for. Thank You.