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Posted by Jim on 1st July 2010 

Love the site, been a Teddy Boy since 1980, always stuck in the 50s and thats the way i like it, great site, keep up the good work

Posted by Brenda AshVazquez on 17th June 2010 

My Grandmother was born in Kearsley in 1895 and her father Thomas Latham and her husband grandpop were coal miners as well as many of her Whitley family where miners too. Loved all the pictures but really loved the coal miner's photos it showed how hard their work was. I thought how old some of the men were but then I thought it was there work that made them look so old as many coal miners did not live a long life. I would love to hang the photo of the coal miner pushing the wagon full of coal today on my wall with a quote saying don't wind about your job, look what grandfather did.

Posted by bellwater on 29th April 2010  

Searched for sofono, from an an item on Antiques Road Show and found your site that way, I like it.

Posted by LINDA on 23rd April 2010  


Posted by Gloria Kavanagh on 8th March 2010 

Wonderful site very useful to me as I do reminiscence and recall work with the elderly.
It also brings back memories of my own childhood.

Posted by TERRY TAYLOR on 6th February 2010  

Re Maureen Whelan.maybe you remember me from 1954,the Wigan Emp,the cold and foggy nights,Ijust hope you are keeping well,fond memories for me,take care.

Posted by Janel on 12th January 2010

Cool site Thanks

Posted by ahmad on 6th January 2010  

wonderful website,brings back old memories,love it,keep up the good work,thanks.

Posted by Adrian Cook on 2nd January 2010 

Fscinating site, congratulations. I would contest your description of "Roundheads" though. Both sides in the Civil War wore their hair as the fancy took them - see portraits of Cromwell and Ireton for example

Posted by Josephine on 16th November 2009  

Great site! Brought back many fond memories. I'm researching 60's and 70's fashion and make-up for class. Thanks for your very helpful info and pictures.

Posted by Jo Hayes Adelaide Australia on 16th October 2009  

Looking foreward to to ATTIC section. I enjoyed browsing through the site. Cheerws Jo

Posted by Emma O'Neill on 6th August 2009 

I've really enjoyed looking at your site.
I'm currently researching pictures on behalf of Baracuta, who are putting together their company history. I've seen one of their early adverts on your website, and I was wondering if you have any more. I would be very grateful if you could let me know.
Many thanks and best,
Emma O'Neill

Posted by Ma\ureen on 2nd August 2009 

I found this sight looking for any information on Bertola sherry (family connections) and what happened to it. Still need more info.

Posted by Peter May on 31st July 2009 

The most wonderful moments I have had in many a year pure, wonderful nostalgia.
I grew up up in the fifties.
You are really contributing to history.
Very well done

Peter May

Posted by Alan B on 17th April 2009  

Very interesting. Another site to keep logging into!

Posted by barberbease on 19th February 2009  

wonderful web site, love the brylcreem adverts hope i can buy copies

Posted by Julie Clarke on 4th January 2009 

So lovely to find the poster with Tom Beasley as i said in the comments he is my great grandfather.
Do you know if i would be able to get a reproduction of the poster?

Posted by Hanako Whiteway on 18th December 2008 

Hello! I am from Whiteways cider family, i was wondering if you have a larger photograph of the old whiteways avdvert??

Hanako Whiteway

Posted by Lois Heller on 1st November 2008 

I have a poster that I want to sell. It is from a London,Eng. paper from about 1890. Any interest?

Posted by silvana davis on 22nd September 2008  

trying to find out about procea bread dates etc,, have a 1950s glass sign which reads "we are proud to serve you Procea bread once tasted-never wasted" it has a picture of a chef walking with a loaf of bread it has a blue boarder round and yellow insert.