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Posted by celina on 18th September 2008  

Hi am doing some family history and I am looking for any information on Champion & Wilton (Sadlers) from about 1890. I found the beautiful poster you have from 1925, just wondered if you had any earlier stuff. Will keep looking

Posted by Mademoiselle M. on 25th August 2008  

Thank you for the most lovely website, with thousands of wonderful pictures, prints and adverts! Keep up the good work!

Thanks again!

Posted by ian on 1st August 2008 

what a interesting site I was able to identify a vintage air rifle from your bsa adds thanks, now i,m gonna brouse.

Posted by Maureen McKevitt (nee Whelan) on 24th July 2008 

A very good site, I wish you had more people of an older age group, maybe I would find some of my friends from Wigan then !!

Posted by GILLIAN BROWN on 24th June 2008  


Posted by mary on 7th May 2008 

Lovely site for genealogists like myself. Enjoyed reading lots of things from the past. Does anyone know about Phillips stick - a - sole's? I need some archive material for a family tree I am working on.

Posted by S Sim on 5th May 2008 

Excellent and has brought back many happy Memories. I really like the old adverts.

Posted by Tracey Wood on 26th April 2008  

Fantastic to see old advertisement for Bertola Sherry - never knew they did one. My family brought product over to the UK. I have the original bottle as shown in the advertisement.
Many thanks

Posted by Kip Altman on 27th March 2008

Great site and collection of adverts and photos.

Posted by Jeannette on 11th March 2008  

Thoroughly enjoyable site. I visit every day and through looking at a few blogs, I came across this site. I really enjoyed looking at it. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Peter Mason on 10th March 2008  

Great site - excellent photos. Took me back with the old adverts.
Keep up the good work

Posted by John Ward on 7th March 2008  

great site, will come back to look at the ads and fashion photos again. brill.

Posted by Sue Ward on 27th February 2008  suewardy 

Really enjoyed it , only meant to spend 5 mins but spent an hour instead. Love anything to do with times gone by especially my home town WIGAN. Well done Brian don't know how you do it.

Posted by tony j on 24th February 2008  

what a cracking site this is, brings back lots of memories, well done.

Posted by Gerry on 9th February 2008 

Has any one photos of the queens visit to Wigan in the 60s /70s I know she walked up Wallgate

Posted by Stephen Holmes on 30th January 2008  

I love this site.
Especially the ads for Aladdin and Esso Paraffin.
I remember being sent with a container to our local hardware store to buy paraffin

Posted by Tom Tudge on 7th December 2007 

great site to accompany another one, wigan world. would like to see a good photo of the old Pemberton Police Station where I lived and worked for a few years in the 60's, it would revive some good memories. Hope youcan oblige. Tom.

Posted by Ray Hickey on 21st September 2007  

Great site. Loved all the old ads.

Posted by Phil on 10th September 2007 

I love to look at the old adds, being born in 1952 i can remember a lot of them. Your site brings back so many memories. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Posted by John Mellor on 11th July 2007 

This is such a well presented and professional looking site I was looking for the catch and guess what there ain't one.Just a fantastic site WOW, if you need any pics for your site let me know what you need.If I can help I most certainly will. Thank-you so much for putting it all together