Lambeth Walk, London

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Lambeth Walk, London

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The old man, seen Lambeth Walking at the top of one of the side-streets is a Lambeth institution. He is popular in the Walk, and there are usually a few to give him pennies. Taken from 'Life in the Lambeth Walk' Article.
Source: Picture Post. December 31, 1938

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Comments by Tessa Skola on 14th April 2020 

Looking for the Bolton family who lived at 17 Wake St,Lambeth Walk in the 1930's. 5 children. 4 sons, 1 daughter, Doreen, who was evacuated and adopted in Cornwall by Lewis and Brenda Poore in 1945.
Doreen is 86 and in a care home. She has one daughter, Tessa Skola, who is now trying to trace Doreen's brothers and their families. Mum's birth mother, Ellen Bolton, later had an address in Montacute,Somerset.
A long shot but hopeful.Thank you.

Comments by Dave Lock on 7th June 2019  

Family home No.3 Clayton Buildings until early 1950's, apart from the two evacuations my two Brothers and I endured during 'The Blitz'.
We were on the debris of the smouldering Lollard St School shortly after the Sunday incendiary raid [we having cheered when Dad woke us to say 'no school tomorrow, its gone']. Big Brother Doug spotted something shiny on the burning pile and pulled it down with a long stick, it was the brass school bell-too hot to handle and, of course, there was no handle left.
The bell stayed almost forgotten within the family for 75 years but when my Sister Valerie mention the new Vivian Baylis School erected behind The Oval in Kenninton Lane I
decided this was the 'Pheonix' of Lollard Street, the
School I first attended at 3 years old in 1939. I called their 'Principal', told him the story and presented the old 'ringer' to them. At last they had something tangible to put in their empty display cabinet! [And it didn't 'arf CLANG when rang]!.As my dear Aunt Mary once said at No. 3 'It's a bleeding invasion bell'.I had to warn them! DL.

Comments by leslie rahmatullah on 3rd April 2019 

My dad lived at 21 Distin street and my mum Ethelred street and her mum eve bishop lived at 36 goda street.

Comments by Tina Swetman on 24th November 2017 

One of these gentlemen, I think the one watching, was a relation of my father. I think the man's name could be Arthur..

Comments by Denise Edgeler on 27th June 2017 

I am trying to find a Bill White that l believe lived in Wake St. He was my mum's half brother.

My maiden name was Peckham. All my dad's family lived off the awalk.

If anybody knew the White family, please let me know by email.

Bill a White was married to Rose White.

Comments by Victor Hutchens on 7th June 2015 

My grandparents lived at 31 Wake street(Hunter Jackson Beardwell)and I was born in Silvertown on Oriental Road. Its such a nice thing to be able to see streets that no longer exist but are still remembered with affection.

Comments by Jane on 6th April 2015  

My second cousin twice removed, Stephen & Elizabeth Ayliffe lived at no 34 Wake Street between 1914 till his death in 1955

Comments by Joan Mutter on 24th February 2015 

MY MOTHER Florence Marjorie Pease known as Margi,lived at 44 WAKE Street, her parents were Bert Pease and Flo Pease,and she was bornin 1921 , SHE WENT TO lollard street school, and had two brothers Bert and Arthur,does anyone remember them .

Comments by HilaryS on 9th March 2014 

Lovely to see a picture of Lollard Street school. My mother, who lived in Lollard Street, went to this school around 1917 and I've been looking for pictures of the school and Clayton buildings were she lived. Interesting picture with lots of detail. She was Mary Bridges and had sisters, Alice, Charlotte, Ivy and a brother Alec.

Comments by philip wells on 26th June 2013 

my Stepfather Edward James Wells grew up in Wake Street he had (Ithink) 8 brothers and sisters. his parents (my grandparents) moved to a block of flats next to the railway shunting yards at Wandsworth Road. I recall my Stepdad having a sister Annie also known as Nan who had a son Rita and granddaughter Pamela who currently lives in USA. there was also a sister Shirley, brothers Walter (Wally) and Lou who also lived a few doors from my Grandparents in Wandswoth. They had several children. Teddy, as my stepdad was known by his family, was a great stepfather and father to myself and 2 brothers (Austin and David and a sister Heather. He also had a daughter (my lovely half sister Anne). I believe he married previously just as he left to go to war and was badly let down by his then wife who I believe ran off with a Yank whilst he was away! Teddy or Jim as he was also known, married my mother Audrey who had been abandoned by her then husband DD Stewart in Swindon That's life! Quirky old thing life isn't it? We, i.e. myself Philip and wife Shirley have a large family - just like Dad's in Wake Street. Any info would be most welcome. If you're searching - Good Luck.

Comments by Christine on 26th January 2013 

Discovered from the 1901 Census that my grand-father as a 19 year old and his family lived at No 41 Wake Street. A family of 9 children altogether. I don't know how they all fitted into those small cottages.

Comments by Janet Ward (nee) Sweeney on 11th July 2012 

I grew up in this street. number 30, right next to the bombed site of the school. As I was born in 1943, this is the first time I have seen the school, having often wondered what it would have looked like. Thank you for displaying the photo.

Comments by Tom Walsh on 3rd March 2012  

Any time you're Lambeth way any evening any day, you'll find us all all doing the Lambeth walk ,Hoy!

Comments by JJ on 25th January 2008  

I think its frost on the roadway, it looks like it on the pavement too,


Comments by john crow on 12th April 2007  

This street is Wake street and the building at the far end is lollard street school which was firebombed in the 2nd world war and totally destroyed .Later in the late 50s the site became the 1st adventure playground in the u.k.Sadly nothing remains of Wake st, but i believe Lollard adventure Playground celebrated its 50th year in 2005.

Comments by Dave Marsh on 21st June 2006 

Very interesting Photo with lots of detail.The street appears to be 'tarmac' which to an old Wiganer seems unusual as all the Wigan back streets were cobbled right up to the 1950's and later.