Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

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Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

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The wonders of nature are probed during a lesson in flower-dissecting, under the guiding eye of Mr. Eric Pearson (Biology master).
Source: Lancashire Life Magazine, November 1959

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Comments by Fiona on 30th December 2019  

Bradley - better late than never, I suppose. The microscopes we used at school had X5 magnification eyepieces, with objectives ranging from X10 to X40. Multiply the two together to get the overall magnification. And no, the microscope in that picture is a plain bog-standard optical microscope. I donlt know whether electron microscopes even existed back in 1959, but if they did they were high-tech research tools that would take up most of the space in that room,andf schools certainly didn't have them.

Comments by William (Eddie) Edmundson on 8th February 2018 

I am the elbow on the right of the photo. Pearson is standing next to my best friend at school - Brian Haworth.

Comments by Frank Chroston on 31st December 2017  

Difficult to tell really They look like the microscopes we used in the Biology lab.
Standard school issue I suppose.

Comments by Bradley on 24th June 2017  

Can anyone inform me of what magnification these microscopes would have provided? I'll assume they're not electron microscopes!