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Fleetwood Grammar School

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In the bright and cheery domestic science room, the girls are taught the art of cooking and other kitchen "chores" by Miss P. Green (third from right).
Source: Lancashire Life Magazine, July 1958

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Comments by Eileen Stephens(nee Hughes) on 9th January 2019  

I have still got the hat we made with my name embroidered in chain stitch. If I ever need a laugh I get it out and put it on.

Comments by June Jones (nee Davies) on 26th June 2016  june@junevalloryjones.co.uk 

Seeing this room fills me with the same fears. I hated cookery here, the race to the best cooking tables / utensils and ovens. I remember being last and burning the cabbage.

Comments by Joyce bayley nee Kerrone on 23rd March 2016  

I remember making the apron and head garment in the needlework class
Only then could you start the cookery class I'm sure we all started together

I remember my teacher was Miss Green
Every Christmas my job was to make the rough puff pastry for the sausage rolls .Ive never made either since!

Comments by Peter Green on 10th August 2014  Petergreen54@hotmail.com 

My enduring memory of this is having sandwiches prepared for the 1st X1 cricket team during home matches. Ms Greer would have had a problem with this as the preperation was by the GIRLS!

Comments by Marie Godfrey on 16th April 2013  rmngale@aol.com 

I can still "smell" this room after all these years. I loved this room - it seemed so grown up. Fantastic memories

Comments by John Hutchinson on 19th January 2012  hutcho@australis.net 

Strange how things turn up when not expected. This is a Second Form Domestic Science class. Fourth from the right, at the back of the room, is Anne Fryer . . Three years later we started going out together, eventually married, had a daugher and moved to Australia in 1974. We have now retired to the little town of Penguin in Tasmania, and certainly didn't expect this 'Grammar School Memory' to appear Down Under! We would love to get hold of a larger copy of the photo if possible - our granddaughters will have a good laugh!! Thanks for the memories . . . John & Anne Hutchinson