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Burnley Grammar School

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There's pleny of room in the modern-styled gymnasium for muscle developing, where the boys are supervised by Mr. R. Parry, the physical education instruction.
Source: Lancashire Life Magazine, December 1959

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Comments by Rob on 8th February 2019  

Michael, when I was at school at the time of this photo, any boy who wore glasses had to take them off for safety when we did PE and put them on a table just inside the gym door until the end of the lesson. There is another boy on the left of the picture also wearing glasses and and next but one to him on his left a boy is wearing black shorts, Did he forget to bring his kit and did they come out of the spares box? You can't see whether or not he he has bare feet.
Steve, I remember the sort of glasses that you had to wear and I'm sorry that your eyesight was so bad. I hope that you have since been able to get help.

Comments by Steve on 8th February 2019  stu151@hotmail.com 

I wore glasses at school, like the lad in the picture.

We wore simialr kit, but bare feet, thus all we were allowed was shorts - same applied to cross country, all year around.

It's true my glasses did slip sometimes, but they tended to have wire sides that went right around your ears, so were reasonably secure; anyway I couldn't see at all without them.

If you were lined up, waiting to be caned, hands on head, which we had to, you soon had other things on your mind other than glasses slipping, especially when you heard your surname and "6 strokes lad", get over the horse.

Comments by Michael on 7th February 2019  

In the header photo a boy wearing glasses can be seen at the back.

I hope he removed them before attempting activities such as the one shown.

He would have been well advised to do so, as back in the day, broken NHS glasses (sometimes unkindly referred to as 'clinic specs'), took quite some time to replace.

Any breakage could also have endangered his eyes and left pieces of broken glass on the floor; a hazard for bare feet.

Comments by John on 5th February 2019  

I think that the lads that got to swim naked at school were lucky. My cousin was made to swim naked at Senior School and enjoyed it and I know that I would have done too.

Comments by Stuart on 4th February 2019  

Paul et all re nude swim at prep school.

Our pool like others didnt relaly have a lot of room for spectators but at the annual swim gala some parnets usually mothers did attend, and i thik porbaby the most embarassing for the older boys was the diving competition as there was high and spring boards from which naked boys would perfrom, everythng on show.

At other tiems there were a few females members of staff who occasionally popped in and I always remember on saturday mornings when I was about 12 (year 8 today)our classwas the last one of the compulsory saturday mroning school.

The head was often showing rouund parents with their offspring who oftne included sisters of the boy who was a prospective pupil. No one batted an eyelid of th naked boys swimming (this was early - mid 1970s)

I remember specifically one instance when ofr soem reason I was standing out of thhe pool and this family of mum dad boy aged about 8 and a sister my age. The parnets wree talking to he Head and the chidlren walked further in and stood next to me and the girl said something like "youll be swimming nude" to her brother, a big grin on her face as she stared at me, he blushed. Im sure though once he started he got used to it.

Comments by Jamie R on 22nd January 2019  

Ben, How I agree with you, my 13 year old grandson comes to my house from school as its a 10 minute walk or so, until his dad picks him up after work, he is often in his football/rugby kit and thick in mud, I ask him why he doesn't shower after at school and he says he isn't bothered, I do suspect he is shy though about exposing his nude body in the showers to the other boys, and having my place near is a better alternative, though he does moan about having to clean out the shower after though.

Comments by Ben on 21st January 2019  

Jamie, you are right about the tracksuit bottoms. I can tell which days the kids in my neighbourhood have PE because I see them going to school in the morning and also coming back wearing tracksuit bottoms, so they don't even have to change at school for PE.
I think it is ridiculous making kids and teens wear tracksuit bottoms for PE, a far cry from when we were at school.
It is probably the result of our liberal 'diversity' society.

Comments by Jamie R on 21st January 2019  

Ben, We were supervised, the school had 3 PE teachers and 2 were accredited swimming instructors if my memory serves me right, doors were closed and locked so no-one else could get in, my son's old school had a swimming pool and they wore trunks and I remember telling them that I was nude at their age when doing swimming, I got rolled eyes and giggles in response.

So I guess the practice stopped maybe in the 70/80s as they were in junior/senior school early to mid 80s and their PE was done in tee shirt and shorts and now their children do it in tracksuit bottoms mainly, only shorts for football/rugby.

Comments by Ben on 19th January 2019  

Jamie, were you supervised by teachers during the swim lessons, or just a swim coach giving instructions?

I don't think this would happen today with boys taking swim classes in the nude in a public swimming bath, although this seems to have been not uncommon till the 60s.
I also presume that there are no schools left which mandate boys to be nude during swim classes even in schools that still have pools, or are there?

Comments by Jamie R on 18th January 2019  

Ben. It was a closed pool when we were there, like most municipal pools those days the windows were high up and the changing cubicles all around the pool in two tiers, where we stripped off. I was at that school until I was 15, then left to start work in 1963 and all that time the lessons were nude.

Comments by Ben on 18th January 2019  

Jamie R
Were your nude swimming classes at the local swimming baths reserved just for your classes or were there other people using the pool at the same time?

Also did you have to be naked for these swim classes throughout Secondary school or just in junior classes?

Comments by Jamie R on 17th January 2019  

Hi Guys, Reading the posts here about schooldays I thought I would weigh in with mine, I went to a village primary school never more than around 15 to 20 pupils mixed of course, PE was just basic in exercise, a run round the small playground and stretching and bending exercises and running on the spot type of stuff, we only had two teachers and both were women.

My dad was an estate manager, but when I was 11 he left the estate and got a job as a farm manager near Swindon, so we had to move, I went to an all boys C of E secondary school, now to me this was a culture shock from a small village school, I was an overweight boy, not obese but definitely had what my dad called a "tummy" this was pointed out at my first school medical not long after I started there, also having to queue up stripped to the waist waiting to be examined behind a curtained off area in the gym, scared me stiff.

We did PE Like some have said here dressed just in shorts and white plimsolls and showered after. The PE lesson was always the last of the day and I was given extra tuition on the advice of my parents to help me lose weight and instead of catching the bus to school I biked. Twice a month we were bussed to a local swimming baths and we had swimming lessons in the nude. Through all this at first I was mortified but soon got used to it and I think I really benefitted as a teenager with lots of confidence, I have encouraged my boys when they were young to not be ashamed of their bodies and they were always bare chested in the garden and around the house.

Comments by Rob on 17th January 2019  

TimH & Pipin, My maternal grandmother had rickets in the very early part of the C20th and although I wasn't told this until I was in my teens, I remember when I must have been aged about 7 and my mother asking me when we were outside in the sunshine if I wanted to take my shirt off. She was probably thinking that it would benefit me and help prevent me from getting rickets.I can still remember how good it felt outdoors wearing nothing on top. When I went to grammar school in the mid fifties I had no problem when we had to strip to the waist for P.E.lessons in the gym and outside, including cross country. My parents kept me in short trousers until the January after my 14th birthday, probably so that I could get as much vitamin D. The fashion nowadays, however, is to dress boys in long trousers from a very early age. After I started wearing long trousers to school and my mother saw me wearing them in the garden in the summer she used to tell me to come in and put my shorts on and get the sun and fresh air to my body. So I used to spend a lot of time stripped off soaking up plenty of vitamin D. I do believe that getting us exposed to the sunshine when we were young helped to reduce/eradicate rickets from children and nowadays I try to get out in the sunshine to build up my vitamin D to protect me from winter colds and other ailments.

Comments by TimH on 16th January 2019  

Replying to Pipin - yes - in the early part of the C20th the state of the 'national health' was not good - there was a conscious move (from all parts of society) to get the country fitter - think of the rambling movement, the start of the YHA, 'Women's League of Health & Beauty', scouting, etc. Rickets was widespread - my father had it in the 1920s - it is caused by a lack of Vitamin D, which you get from an exposure to the sun ... so stripping off on the sun and letting nature do its bit.

Comments by Edward on 16th January 2019  

Paul - Frank C.
At my school the pool had no space for spectators.Sometimes though the Headmaster's wife and family would be swimming in their costumes whilst we boys were naked. After a short time I became used to not wearing trunks which continued throughout my schooldays.

Comments by Andrew on 15th January 2019  

Much like Anthony I did indoor PE in little more than shorts even by the later eighties, so things hadnt changed much since the 60s/70s many posters refer to.

Comments by Frank C on 15th January 2019  

Hi Paul kindred spirits it seemed!There were the school open days a showcase for prospective pupils and their parents and family members.The best swimmers were selected to display there skills and aptitude in the pool including the twelve to thirteen year olds.Like you we used to the regime and quite enjoyed the free open movement without the restrictive effect of trunks.

Comments by Pipin on 15th January 2019  

I have just watched a television programme showing school days going back in time. The episode was between the wars. There was a sequence which showed an all boys class being taught their normal lessons at their desks in the playground. They had not tops on only grey shows. According to the sound track of the film this was introduced to make sure that they were exposed to plenty of vitamin d from the sun,because rickets was common at that time. So I wonder whether the rules for being stripped to the waist for P.E. and games followed on from that idea.

Comments by Rachael on 15th January 2019  

Robbie,interesting that although your kit listed a vest your teacher(s) made you strip off outside,and in the winter too. A vest isn't much but it's better than nothing. How did you cope with the temperatures, was this commonplace in UK schools?

Comments by Paul on 14th January 2019  

To Edward, Frank and others who were made to swim naked at school,

At my prep school in the 70s we had the same rule, not allowed to wear anything for swim classes.
It was not such a big deal since we were all boys and actually enjoyed it. But there was some embarrassment during swimming galas when we also had to be naked in front of parents, sisters and other relatives and guests, some of them women and girls our age.
The younger boys up to 10 or 11 didn't seem to mind, but at 12-13 it was somewhat embarrassing.
Did you also have swimming galas at your schools in front of mixed spectators?

Comments by Robbie W on 14th January 2019  

Hi Gary Though our outdoor kit comprised of a pale blue vest. In reality we were made to strip off to the waist as we did indoors, and regardless of the weather. We had 2 double and 2 single lessons each week.

Comments by June on 14th January 2019  

You mentioned you went to school in the 80s, and, therefore, i am intrigued as to what clothing you wore for outdoor sport. One also hears that today youngsters shower in their underwear or go home to shower! Was that your experience? What sort of school did you atttend etc.?

Comments by Anthony on 13th January 2019  

Yes we did pe indoors in just shorts and barefeet that was in early 1980s
I don't think it did us any arm at all

Comments by Gary on 11th January 2019  

Hi John

Indoors I was fine with stripped to the waist/bare feet.

Outdoors I think most boys would have liked to have been allowed to wear a top. As you will guess there was no debate, we did as we were told, or came back from the run to face a caning.

Comments by John on 10th January 2019  

Hi Gary,
Your PE kit rule was the same that I had in the 1970s. Would you have preferred to have been able to wear a vest or t shirt for indoor PE and cross country or did you get used to wearing only shorts and come to like it?

Comments by Gary on 10th January 2019  

My school was normal for the time (early 70's), indoor PE in shorts only, cross country shorts/plimsolls, stripped to the waist. We had 2 PE lessons a week, one inside, one cross country, so we ran all year around.

At the start of the 2nd year we had a lad move to the school, because his parents moved jobs. He was used to wearing much more kit, and was shocked on a frezzing cold day to be told he had to run minus his rugby shirt or vest, and in only his shorts.

Comments by Edward on 8th January 2019  

Further to earlier comments I recollect swimming without trunks at a boy's private school in the 1950s. I was reticent at first and wore trunks. I was soon ordered to strip off. I never dared wear them again swimming naked thereafter taking only my towel to the pool.

Comments by Frank C on 7th January 2019  

Stuart was bang on the money by stating that our parents were aware of the no trunks rule at the prep school mine from 8 to 13 just a clean towel to pack each week.Agreed the maturing issue could be problematic for some especially if they were self-conscious of their physique .

Comments by Rob on 5th January 2019  

Toby P, Just as John said, we boys were worked hard and always sweated profusely. I used to enjoy feeling the sweat running down my whole body and glad that I was only wearing PE shorts. We all used to look forward to taking our shorts off and getting under the showers to freshen up afterwards and had no problem about being in the nude together either.

Comments by Pipin on 4th January 2019  

I agree with all that you have written and as you state about showering at swimming pools, I to notice that youngsters shower in their swimwear. It is the modern society we have to blame. Sadly, the time has now come when I also keep my trunks on when showering at the swimming pool (certainly if there are younger people in the area) for fear of comments from other people about being naked in a male changing area.

Comments by Stuart on 4th January 2019  

Ivor, Pipin,

At my all boys prep school we had an indoor heated pool and we all swam naked from age 9. Most boys were perfectly happy with it certainly early on. Once puberty kicked in for some it was more awkward as they developed ealrier, but I found it probably more embarssing by the fact that I dveleoped late and by the time we left the prep school I was still a "boy" and most of my classmates were not. Havings aid all that back then we never thought of questioning what was a given - you swam naked, you shwoered naked afte pe and games and did as you were told. this was the early to mid 70s in the UK. Our parnets knew and accepted it as they snet us to school with just a towel.
The only times I recall females being present was when the Head was showing prospective parents around and ther annual house swim gala when the very few female members of staff were there.

Comments by John on 4th January 2019  

Toby P,
That never happened to myself or other lads because we always sweated profusely as we were worked hard. Shorts only for PE made total sense and was healthy, such a well thought out PE rule should still be the order of the day. As other people have commented there’s no problem as a lad doing PE shirtless even if PE sessions are mixed sex.

Comments by James on 4th January 2019  

My last post should have read,I felt ludicrous wearing short trousers when most of my contemporaries"were" wearing long trousers.

Comments by Toby P on 3rd January 2019  

I don't know about others but if we weren't sweating freely down our bare tops at the end of the lesson you went back to the gym after school and do the whole lesson again.

Comments by Rachael on 3rd January 2019  

Hi Fiona, Indeed! We do come out of things well. Fashion has benefited us a lot more than men. Buying something straightforward for boys can be difficult and most shops cater for females.

Comments by Ben on 3rd January 2019  

I also don't see what the fuss is all about with boys doing PE topless in just shorts, even if it is a mixed PE class.
After all that is the way all boys and men are on public beaches and swimminhg pools and no one seems to be bothered about it.
Unfortunately our liberal 'politically correct' modern society imposed on us this ridiculous mentality among other things.
Many schools, including the primary one in my town, make both boys and girls do PE in tracksuit long pants so as not to even show their legs, which is pure insanity if you ask me.
Many schools, probably most, have also done away with showers after PE, for the same reasons.
I have also noticed in the last 15 years or so that boys and youths shower in their swimsuits at my local public swimming pool. Gone are the days when we had more freedom and less to worry about when I was a boy growing up.

Comments by Pipin on 3rd January 2019  

Fiona, I agree with you as I have posted previously ladies can wear thong bikinis by the pool or on the beach but "speedo" type swim briefs are a no no for men especially in the UK. Although abroad the local men are not so inhibited.

Comments by Rob on 3rd January 2019  

Fiona and John, I'm certainly glad that since retiring I no longer have to wear a suit and tie especially in the hot weather which we experienced last summer.As one who was encouraged by my parents when I was young to get the sun and fresh air to my body and always had to strip to the waist for PE both in the gym and outside, including running cross country, I agree that it is wrong to prevent males from doing what comes naturally because of some ridiculous equality campaign. Little wonder nowadays in the summer that men prefer to wear shorts all the time whenever they can; lets hope they don't start a campaign against the wearing of them or there will be nothing men can do! In the meantime I will continue to take my shirt off when I am working in the garden, which meets with my wife's approval, or washing the car on the drive, which does not, because she says I am too old!

Whatever anyone says, men and women should be able to feel comfortable about their bodies and this begins when they are young through encouragement from parents showing their children that there is nothing wrong in allowing the fresh air to get their bodies, and continues at school including the stripped to the waist rule for lads PE which made complete sense and should never have been stopped.

Comments by James on 3rd January 2019  

Pipin,"there was no regulation"at the school that I attended as to whether boys should wear short trousers or longs.
My parents also took the decision to keep me in shorts into my late teens and I felt ludicrous wearing shorts when most of my contemporaries wear wearing long trousers.

Comments by Fiona on 2nd January 2019  

Rachael- yes, there are things that males can do, eg go topless in certain, generally sporting, situations, that we females can't, but there is also a lot more that we can do that they can't. Think formal dress, we can be bare-shouldered while our partners need to wear suits and ties. Or more informally in the Summer, a strappy vest or crop top is acceptable almost anywhere for us, but there is no equivalent for the boys, and full topless is usually taboo except at the beach/pool. And what about thong bikinis?

Comments by Claire on 2nd January 2019  

Hi Rachael and John, Boys at my school wore vests from the changing rooms to the gym or onto the field or yard. Once they lined up then they stripped off. I'm pretty sure their teachers were ex Army.

Comments by John on 2nd January 2019  

I totally agree with you. Men and women are different, both sexes deserve to be treated with respect and fairness. It’s wrong to prevent males from doing what comes naturally, most lads on a hot day would feel more comfortable playing sports shirtless but are being prevented from taking off their shirts because of some ridiculous ‘equality’ campaign.

The stripped to the waist rule for lads PE made complete sense, if you’re going to get too hot and sweaty exercising there’s no point in putting on a shirt in the first place. I feel sorry for lads growing up now.

Comments by Pipin on 2nd January 2019  

My last posting should have read "there was no regulation" regarding whether shorts or longs were worn as uniform. It was for the parents to decide.

Comments by Rachael on 1st January 2019  

NickK, Sadly we are the cause a lot of the problems. There is a culture of if females cannot do something, it's banned. There are some things females just cannot do and stripping to the waist is one... well we can but. Boys should be encouraged to strip it's just natural.

Comments by Pipin on 1st January 2019  

I do not how I would have coped with nude swimming. although as Ivor says parents would be aware of the school rules so I suppose I would have just got on with it. Like all the other schools at the time for p.e. we only wore shorts (no pants) plimsolls with no socks and we were shirtless. Our parents new about these rules because we were told when we attended an open evening with them before we joined the school, when we were advise on the full uniform, including p.e. and swimwear.

There was regulation on whether to wear long or short trousers and so my family took the opportunity to keep me in shorts until I was in my late teens.

Comments by John on 31st December 2018  

The School in Madrid looks like it is making boys strip to the waist for PE just as was common practice until quite recently in the UK. It didn’t do my brother and I any harm. This seems to be another sensible policy from a European country. I cannot understand why the UK ever changed this practice. There never was any big deal, it was nice after being in a hot stuffy classroom to get shirtless and put on shorts and pumps and enjoy doing PE without a hot and sweaty vest or shirt stuck to your back. It seems to me that this Spanish school has thought about what is best for boys when deciding on this rule.

Comments by NickK on 31st December 2018  

Further to Kevin's post (30 Dec)- there are a couple more pics of mixed PE class with most boys stripped to the waist here: https://colegio-estudio.es/instalaciones/

Scroll down to Instalaciones Deportivas

Amazing that today PE kit can just be shorts!

Comments by Ivor on 31st December 2018  

Just catching up with entries made since mine. To answer a couple of questions, firstly the school was boys only and all staff were men, so there were never any women/girls around the swimming pool when nude swimming was compulsory.
Secondly, although there were no swimming matches with other local schools, once a year at the end of the summer term, there was an inter-house swimming competition in front of the whole school, and school policy was followed in this: first three years, compulsory to swim naked, older boys trunks optional, but many still chose nudity. Given the thinking about this sort of thing nowadays, it seems unbelievable that we spent two lessons each week in the summmer term naked for swimming. We and our parents well knew that would be the case when we entered the school.

Comments by James on 31st December 2018  

Tobias,Did you wear short trousers till you were 14 because it was a compulsory school uniform or were they imposed on you by your parents?
I wore them at that age because it was strictly enforced by my parents.

Comments by Dean on 31st December 2018  

In the mid 60s, we started having to dress down for PE and shower communally afterwards from 5th grade on into HS, so you had to strip twice per day in the locker room, and for swimming, you had to strip and shower before and after getting out of the pool.
Shirts were optional during PE, and most chose not to wear them unless it was cold, or when split up into shirts and skins teams for games.
I guess nudity was not such big deal among kids back then, in fact we had no qualms about skinny dipping at the river in the summer, even if girls present or joining in.