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There's pleny of room in the modern-styled gymnasium for muscle developing, where the boys are supervised by Mr. R. Parry, the physical education instruction.
Source: Lancashire Life Magazine, December 1959

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Comments by James on 28th August 2019  

George Spelvin,I did attend nude swimming classes like the other James and I was allowed to wear a slip for the first few lessons until I got used to swimming nude.
Women teachers were present when attending and it was customary.
The slip that I wore for swimming did leave my bottom absolutely bare and it was never commented on,I was only allowed to wear it for a few swims so I could get used to nude swimming.

Comments by John on 27th August 2019  

When I was at school collective punishments were used as opposed to individuals being punished. If a few lads misbehaved we’d get a warning and if bad behaviour continued we’d all be punished. As we were already stripped to the waist for gym class it wasn’t possible for our PE teachers to threaten us with that, punishments normally consisted of a high volume of push ups, squat thrusts, star jumps until we were really exhausted.

Perhaps our teachers should have singled out the badly behaved lads and made them put a really thick sweatshirt on and then worked them hard. No
one wants to be singled out and made to look different to other kids in their class or year, that punishment would probably have been equally effective.

Being stripped to the waist was a much more comfortable way to do PE, it felt strange at age nine being made to do PE without a vest or a t shirt but we got used to it after the first lesson.

Comments by Jamie on 27th August 2019  

Reading Jason R's recollections from an all boys school, it's interesting that being stripped to the waist was clearly an integral part of punishment. This ties in closely with the practice at my school, although it sounds as if it was overall a bit more relaxed than Jason's. I started in 1989, when I was 12.
We usually wore vest, shorts, trainers (and gym socks) for regular PE lessons but this wasn't the case for PE detentions, which could involve laps of the field, press ups and sit ups, sprints in the gym, or more than one of the above. Sometimes there were shooting challenges with a ball and boys who failed to pass would get extra laps, press ups etc.
For a PE detention, you wore your usual kit - except the vest. Irrespective of whether detention was indoors or outdoors, you did it bare chested. I suppose this was a way of making us feel small and self conscious and, if we were outdoors, it meant other boys could see us and knew we were being punished.
There were also times during a regular PE lesson when a teacher might make you remove your top as a penalty for misbehaviour, not paying attention or something similar. I was made to play rugby bare chested a couple of times for answering back, which wasn't much fun in October or November, and it probably had the desired effect in that I made sure I shut up after that.
It occurs to me this may not have been so effective at a school where boys did PE stripped to the waist all the time!

Comments by Mahatma on 27th August 2019  

Yes! However, I swam nude for our public high school boys swim team and boys sem classes starting in 7 the grade. Nude swimming was used with a soap shower before swimming to keep the water clean and cut down on chlorine. It seemed normal at the time because society accepted it as normal. Contrary to what people today think this was considered standard across the US at this time in history. We did not allow ever at any of the schools girls to mix with the all boys nude swim classes and boys swim teams. The pool was just another part of the boys locker room.

Today for some reason swim teams are mostly boys and girls swim teams even though boys are naturally stronger than girls and it would seem only logical to have a separate girls team and a separate boys swim team or swim class. And it does not seem as if anyone takes a shower before swimming today?!?!?!??! I do not understand today's current logic except that we overcorrected to make sure that girls had 24/7 access to all swim pools at all times… they are Co Ed. And at the same time we did not allow the girls to swim nude!?!?! So there are increased costs for pool maintenance today.

Today inspite of better technology for filtration that many people are not taking soap showers and public pools are closed temporarily because the water is not safe or clean and this could easily be fixed with going back to soap showers before swimming.

So I still think there is a case to bring in nude swimming today. Maybe girls are naturally shy so maybe that's why they didn't have nude girls swimsuit? Nude male swimming has been the custom world wide for thousands of years and will continue in some way into the future and nude recreation is common in Europe, France, Australia, New Zealand and other places today.

The question about men swimming nude at beaches ….well it was common and considered normal for men to swim nude, but it was not a law, it was just a custom. We still have nude beaches in many parts of the world today.

Comments by George Spelvin on 27th August 2019  spelvin545@gmail.com 

Thanks, James!

That clears up a lot of confusion.
I still have a couple of more questions:
Did you attend nude swim classes which were interrupted by women teachers needing to confer with individual students, or was that another James?

And what does a slip look like on the other side?
Does it cover the culo also? Or does it leave it bare like a jockstrap?

I had to grow up under a domineering mother too, so I know how that is.
However, my parents were prudish. I was taught to believe that any desire to look or show was sinful.
So now I am left with a craving to look and show.

So we all have our similarities and our differences.

Comments by James on 26th August 2019  

George Spelvin,further to my previous message I would like to give you a more detailed account of my messages.
-- translucent gym shorts with nothing underneath.
-- being only allowed to wear shorts at home.
-- a school gym with huge windows through which girls could watch the boys.
- swimming class wearing slips at an all boys'school.
The slips that I wore were very miniscule and were triangular at the front with cords that went between the legs and then tied at the waist.
I wore these for ballet and swimming!
-- being forced to wear skimpy shorts until I graduated.

Comments by Jeff on 26th August 2019  

My first jockstrap was a Litesome, got it when I was 13 in 1970. At school wearing underpants for PE was not allowed. Nothing was worn under the shorts until you needed support, then you wore a jockstrap. From third form onwards all boys were expected to wear a jockstrap for PE and other sports.

I have heard of boys wearing swimming trunks for support. A friend at another school wore trunks for a while until he got a jockstrap.

Comments by James on 26th August 2019  

George Spelvin,thank you for your interest,some of the messages you refer to are signed by'James B',but I didn't go on a bike ride in a swim suit'or have an'embarrassing medical',however most or the other messages apply to me.

Comments by Leeds Lad on 26th August 2019  

I still have one of these Litesome "antiques"! All nylon. It says "Golf model" on the label at the back. Never knew a supporter was recommended for golf!

Comments by Dave on 25th August 2019  

Hi Graham,
Litesome never made many "swim Jocks" and so they were rare to find but a friend of mine had one and although they were sung to wear and all nylon to dry fast the waist band was still too wide to wear under swim trunks but fine under swim shorts.

Comments by George Spelvin on 25th August 2019  spelvin545@gmail.com 

Hello, James!
Hello, moderators!

Is there more than one James on this board?
I am interested in several messages which are signed James, but some of those messages seem to contradict each other.
So I am trying to figure out which messages have been written by which James.
If you are one of the Jameses, I would appreciate it if you could tell me which of these messages you wrote.
If you are the only James and I am mistaken in thinking that there is more than one of you, I would appreciate it if you could write back.
If you are a moderator and have this information handy, I would appreciate it if you could write back.

--proudly riding a bike on Sunday, wearing a swim suit and nothing else (March 18, 2014).
--an embarrassing school medical inspection (May 19, 2014).
--translucent gym shorts with nothing underneath (January 2, 2012; July 18, 2014; September 25, 2014; September 27, 2014; January 28, 2015).
--being allowed to wear only shorts at home (March 28, 2016).
--girls admiring boys who are shirtless for gym class (September 22, 2009; April 7, 2013).
--a school gym with huge windows through which the girls could watch the boys (June 29, 2019).
--towel dancing by boys of the present generation (December 11, 2013).
--nude swimming class at a boarding school (September 6, 2013), which was often interrupted by women teachers ordering individual students to get out of the pool and talk (October 20, 2014; October 28, 2014; October 30, 2014; October 31, 2014), and sometimes visited by a matron who bragged that she had seen every boy who attended the school for the past 12 years (May 28, 2014).
--swimming class wearing slips at an all-boys’ school (February 5, 2017). What ARE slips anyway? You’ll have to excuse me. I’m from the other side of the Atlantic.
--coed dance class which the boys had to attend shirtless (July 26, 2015).
--being forced by his parents to wear skimpy shorts until he graduated. This one I have paginated (February 8, 2014, p. 36; September 4, 2014, p. 33; October 29, 2014, p. 32; November 16, 2014, p. 31; March 30, 2016, p. 25; April 1, 2016, p. 25; December 25, 2017, p. 14; April 8, 2018, p. 11; January 3, 2019, p. 5).

Thank you.

Comments by Andrea on 25th August 2019  andreatwo@hotmail.co.uk 

At the time the mixed changing didn't bother me too much, as I was still totally flat-chested when I left primary school and became quite adept at pulling my shorts on before taking off my ordinary skirt or dress. I left primary school in 1971; when were you at primary?

When my son was at primary, the boys and girls got changed in separate areas for the final two years. Even so I remember a couple of the other mums saying they had bought their 9 year old daughters crop tops to wear during the final year of mixed changing. Unlike my classmates, very few wore ordinary vests.

Comments by Ben on 25th August 2019  

Hi Helen,
Maybe activities wasn't the word I should have used - I meant there were other PE situations where I had to go topless, not only for shirts against skins. For example, outdoor athletics in summer, or there was a gymnastics display where the girls wore leotards and boys wore just shorts.
When I first began to get hair on my chest there were only one or two other lads in the same boat, with more joining us as time went on! By that stage I think we were all used to stripping off in PE; it was a bit different when we started a few years earlier and yes, I certainly felt shy at first when I realised I'd have to go topless. But we just had to get on with it. I dread to think what reaction anyone would have got from the teacher if he'd asked to be excused being a skin on the grounds of not wanting to display his chest hair!

Comments by Leeds Lad on 25th August 2019  

I see a few people have been mentioning Litesome supporters. I still have an "antique" one! It is made of nylon (like the swim version, I suspect, but with a wider waistband). It actually says it's a "golf" model on the back label. I had no idea they were recommended for golf too!

Comments by James on 25th August 2019  

Hi David G,thank you for you reply,I attended secondary school from 1965 to 1970 in the midlands.
Like you we just wore shorts for dance and P.E,but we weren't allowed to wear pumps.

Comments by Jason R on 25th August 2019  

I started at an all boys school in 1988 shortly before my 9th birthday.

Though officially our kit was vest, shorts, trainers the reality was different. We were bare chested indoors and outside. Our PE teachers were all ex Army and didn't hesitate in enforcing a stripped to the waist regime.

It wasn't a warm September when we started and it wasn't long before we were out on the field exercising when the rain came down. Obviously with no vest on it made for quite a tough session but our teacher started to lecture us about the merits of being stripped to the waist! It was warmer in the gym but that only made you sweat quicker and by the halfway point in the lesson the whole class had sweat running down them.

The Head had a novel idea for punishment, you were handed over over to one of the PE teachers in our own time, where anything could happen from running up and down flights of stairs until you were told to stop or you physically couldn't move, then it was freezing shower afterwards, to remedial fitness, including laps of the field, which due to the size of the grounds was never popular amongst the boys or as a friend and I got once to shovel grit into the large bunkers for the winter. Each was done with you baring your upper body and make you "man up"

Helen, you've mentioned lads showing chest hair, a good few of my friends showed their chests off and they said it was a little weird during the first lesson but never bothered them after.

Comments by John on 25th August 2019  

Hi Andrea,
It was girls who had started to mature physically that changed into leotards. I think that it was wrong that girls and boys had to change together in the classroom when we’d reached the age of 10/11. The school should have been designed with a separate girls and boys changing room.

We should not have been allowed to wear the grey shorts that we’d gone to school in, boys should have changed into PE shorts. Most boys were happy to be shirtless for PE and it meant less washing for our mums too.

Comments by Graham on 25th August 2019  

Dave, Toby: my first jockstraps were Litesom. A bit over-engineered in some ways, and although I once saw a "swim jock" by Litesome, I was never able to get hold of one for myself.

Comments by David G on 24th August 2019  

James Hi, as a matter of interest, can I ask what years you went to school? I was in the senior school from 1961-66 in the north of England with a very similar experience to yours, in that boys were bare chested in shorts & pumps only & the girls were wearing much more. Our lessons were separate, to the girls, but occasionally we had lessons together. I don't think it bothered us boys much - but we didn't have a choice anyway.
I seem to recall it was more dance lessons if we were together.

Comments by Dave on 24th August 2019  

Hi Toby,
Yes I remember the Litesome jockstraps very well and I still have a couple from my school / college days.
It was the first jockstrap that I bought along with some shorts for running when I was 15/16 years old, wearing it felt quite strange at first but after a while I got used to it and felt very grown up I have worn jocks ever since.

Comments by Michael on 24th August 2019  michaelabbey@rocketmail.com 


Hi. Yes, I remember the Litesome jock. My schooldays were in the late 60's / 70's and I only wore a Jock when I later went to college.
If you would like to contact me please feel free.

Comments by Andrea on 24th August 2019  andreatwo@hotmail.co.uk 

For outdoor PE and games we could wear PE skirts or culottes and a long sleeved top, but not tracksuit bottoms.
In fact were weren't even allowed to wear tights with our school uniform, just ankle socks in summer and long socks in winter!

With regard to going shirtless in the summer, I was a bit of a tomboy and would sometimes take my shirt of like the boys in the hot summer holidays. The last year I was able to do this was the year we left primary school (ages 11).
By the following summer I had to make sure I was wearing a swimsuit top underneath if I wanted to take my T shirt off.

Comments by Andrea on 24th August 2019  andreatwo@hotmail.co.uk 

Was it mainly girls who had started to mature who changed into leotards, or was it younger girls too?

Comments by Toby on 24th August 2019  

Hi guys
Any of you remember the Litesome jockstrap?

Comments by James on 24th August 2019  

Hi Helen,thank you for your comments,I found it particularly
hard to strip to the waist for our sporting activities,especially when we shared the gym with girls.
There wouldn't have been any allowances made for boys for their age or whether they had hairy chests,it was a strict'shorts only rule'for all boys.
Even boys who were shy and self-conscious soon got used to this rule and wore just skimpy shorts, where girls were allowed to be more adequately attired.

Comments by Helen on 23rd August 2019  

Hi Ben & Matt, I wasn't against boys showing a hairy chest, I just thought it may be hard for those who were reluctant to strip to the waist. Ben, may I ask what were about the other activities you did topless and were there many in your group who were in the same boat. Matt, I'd be interested to read your experiences too.

Comments by Ben on 23rd August 2019  

Hi Helen, I'm slightly curious as to why you think maybe boys with chest hair might have been exempted from going topless in PE! Certainly it didn't make any difference at my school - all of us boys were expected to strip to the waist regardless for shirts and skins games, or sometimes for other activities. My chest hair began to appear when I was 15 and I was aware, as we all were, that girls would be watching closely when I was a skin and commenting on my body. If anything I think it was an incentive for us to work harder in PE as we wanted to impress the girls!

Comments by Matt on 23rd August 2019  

To Helen,

Why did you think that boys with hairy chests should not have had to strip to the waist?

Comments by John on 22nd August 2019  

At Primary School the girls did PE in vest and knickers and undressed in the classroom at the same times as boys did. A few girls went to girl’s toilets and changed into leotards. Some girls did PE barefoot but most changed into pumps.

Comments by Helen on 22nd August 2019  

Hi Andrea, we wore an uncomfortable bright yellow aertex top with black skirt. We were allowed tracksuit bottoms for cross country running during the winter or if we were playing netball on the school yard which had both basketball and netball courts painted on. We played a boys v girls basketball match once a year outside in either spring /summer. Part of the fun was making boys go topless. I did envy the boys going topless for PE, it just looked totally natural for them to be. I didn't begin to show until I was nearly 16 and could have played as a skin though my ponytail may have given me away. I was initially surprised when those with hairy chests were expected to strip and go topless too but it was all just part of being at school.

Comments by Andrea on 22nd August 2019  andreatwo@hotmail.co.uk 

What did you girls wear at secondary school.
For indoor PE we wore gym knickers and polo shirts. It was an all girls school, so no boys around!

Comments by Andrea on 22nd August 2019  andreatwo@hotmail.co.uk 

What did the girls wear for PE at your primary school?
At mine boys and girls got changed in the same classroom, stripping down to underwear, before putting on T shirts and shorts or PE skirts. We all wore pumps too.
The only exception to the changing arrangements were that in the final year, a few girls who had started to wear bras were allowed to change in the toilets.

Comments by Helen on 21st August 2019  

George, Although our school stipulated the boys wear vests, the PE teachers didn't hesitate to make them strip and show their upper bodies off. A hairy chest didn't make any difference to the teachers, the boys were expected to strip regardless.
I never objected to seeing boys topless, I think the majority were happy to go topless indoors or outside.

Comments by George Spelvin on 21st August 2019  spelvin545@gmail.com 

Sorry to respond four years late, but I just recently discovered this Website.

On February 25, 2015, Curious asked why it was so difficult to find newspaper clippings proving that boys at one time
were required to attend swim class nude.

He was referring to British schools, but the same thing was going on at about the same time in the United States, and the same question has been asked in the United States. A standard reply to that question is an article on page 12 of
The Sheboygan (Wisconsin) Press on Thursday, October 31, 1940. The article announced swimming classes which were meeting at a local school.

At 8:30, the girls met wearing swim suits. This was illustrated with a photo of a class of very decently clad young ladies. At 10:30, the boys met "minus everything except their dignity." This was illustrated with a photo of a full-length, rear view of an outstanding member of the class, standing on the diving board. The article identified the boy by name and address.

I wonder what his classmates said when he returned to school on Friday, November 1.

Comments by John on 20th August 2019  

At Primary School until age 11 boys went to school wearing grey shorts as part of the school uniform. We undressed for PE in the classroom and stripped to the waist in the presence of the girls and kept the same shorts on that we’d gone to school in, we took off our outdoor shoes and changed into pumps. Then we walked down the corridors to the school hall which also served as the gym.

Comments by George Spelvin on 20th August 2019  spelvin545@gmail.com 

Claire, I appreciate your message of June 26.
I have often wondered how women and girls felt about not being allowed to go topless.
I don't know how it is in the UK, but here in the United States, women and girls can wear short shorts just about anywhere and any time.
It is legal for men to wear short shorts, but we would get ridiculed.
Whenever I see a short shorted girl with a long shorted boy, I seethe with indignance at the girl for flaunting her privileged status at her poor oppressed brother.
Whenever I see a short shorted woman with a long shorted man, I seethe with indignance at the woman for flaunting her privileged status at her poor oppressed mate.
I imagine that you felt somewhat the same way when you saw your half-naked male classmates.

Comments by George Spelvin on 20th August 2019  spelvin545@gmail.com 

Ben, check out the Voy Forums.
That site contains dozens of messages from veterans of nude swimming in the United States, which seems to have happened at about the same time.
There were public schools, private schools, and Red Cross centers where nude boys attended attended swim class along with swim suited girls.
And the swim suited girls weren't always very lady-like.
Nor were the girls always very lady-like when attending nude swim galas--only we don't call them "galas," we call them "meets."

Comments by George Spelvin on 20th August 2019  spelvin545@gmail.com 

John, when you stripped in front of the girls, did you put on gym shorts?
Or did you go down the hallway wearing only underwear?

Comments by Bernard on 14th August 2019  

Graham - I agree with you completely. Fifty years or so ago when I was at school most boys were very happy to do without shirts whenever they could get away with it both in p.e. and out of school.
I never took part in any physical demonstrations for parents etc dressed like that but we did run cross country all through the year dressed like the boy's in K's photo except that our shorts were white and shorter. We left the school grounds through the rear gate and ran along a residential street to get to the open parkland nearby. Similarly, we ran along another residential street on the way back to get to the front gates - all dressed in just shorts whatever the weather. That was just the way things were - we thought nothing of it and got on with it. I wonder what has made boys so shy of their bodies now - it doesn't seem healthy or natural.

Comments by Graham on 14th August 2019  

I know a lot of water has flowed under the metaphorical bridge since my schooldays, but I still find the current angst associaed with being topless in a public situation a bit difficult to comprehend. PE classes were topless for sost of my school life, and I don't remember anyone complaining at the idea or feeling embarrassed by not wearing a shirt. It was how it was done back in those days. In fact my memory is that most kids were only too keen to get as many clothes off as was decent when the sun was shining, and not just when taking part in any form of physical activity. Shorts were de rigeur in my home for the summer months, and I needed little parental encouragement to leave my shirt off when out in the sunshine at any time of the year, both when playing out in the garden and when we went for family walks in the fields near where we lived.

Comments by K on 12th August 2019  

Hi Shin,

I am from the U.K but I am currently studying in Japan because my dad got a job there. My school is exactly like yours as we have to perform calisthenics shirtless during the annual sports day.

I am not sure if its a cultural thing but my local Japanese classmates were equally stunned and shocked as I was when we found out we have to do it shirtless. All the boys in my school including me hated being shirtless too, I guess being the only white guy made me stand out more which makes the whole thing worse.

Here is a pic my mom took last year during my sports day I am the only white guy in the pic.


Comments by Simon D on 4th August 2019  


It makes no difference if your made to go topless either indoors or out on the school playing field it could be unpleasant especially outside.

I did a TA selection weekend. We were told to bring a vest (absolutely no t-shirt) shorts and trainers for physical exercise.

Unfortunately the weather was cold and very wet all week. It didn't change for the weekend so it was obvious it would be tough.

In the gym we were each given either a red or white numbered armband for identification, mine was white no 17, these also represented our teams once we'd tied these to our arms we were ordered told to run to the front of the gym, drop our vests and run back.

Our selection group had lads aged from 23 to 28 and a good number had some level of chest hair and going topless was a bit of a shock to some, and then the session really started. I remember glancing at the large clock which showed we'd only been going for 15mins and I had started to show sweat due to the intensity of the workout. It's one of the hardest gym sessions I ever had.

The afternoon session was done outside and the white team were told to strip down while the reds kept their vests on which given the conditions they were rather smug about ... until a heavy downpour hit. Although their vests were completely soaked the PTIs ensured those lads kept them on until the end.

We also did football games in vests and skins. At half time teams would swap around so those in vests would strip and vice versa. Basketball matches were done with everyone topless but the armbands made it easy to pick out teammates.

I would be interested to know what age you were when you were tied out in the rain. and what else you were made to do, for example sports
you played. Did your military school allow you to wear a shirt or vest for exercise or were you always bare chested and how did you cope with sweating up all the time. Your upper body must have been well defined when you left?

Comments by Dr John Wilks on 30th July 2019  

I note the comment from Maltamon from Allentown in Pennsylvania dated 28 June 2018. I have a keen interest in gender discrimination and how it affected boys in the 1970's.

End dates for nude swimming at some schools can be documented by people who were there. Figuring out when nude swimming began at a school is much more difficult, because the earliest participants would be well over 100 years old by now.

Usually, it was the date the pool was built—which varied from school building to school building within the same district. Such decisions were usually made by the local school board, and applied to all schools in the district that had pools at that particular time. So far, we know the precise beginning and end dates at only nine schools—mostly latecomers built in the 1960s.

Allentown/William Allen HS 1940 (when pool built) -1970
Butler Junior High 1962-65
Cathedral Prep HS mid-1970s
La Salle College HS 1970s
several junior highs 1960s
junior high ended 1981
Peabody HS 1959-74
South Hills HS late-1960s

I wonder if you have anymore information on this Maltamon?

Please Help illustrate Lists - if you know of more school pools in the Allentown area.

Comments by Jack on 30th July 2019  

Andrew R, you say your lesson were hard because you do not know pe lessons in military school. First rule: gym kit was shorts and plimsolls, so that when we changed, we went outside restroom shirtless, no chance of having shirt on. Second rule: if you didn’t reach particular goals in tests inside the gym, you could try again, but outside, regardless weather (Remember you were shirtless). Third rule: if you didn’t reach goals outside, you received a warning. Fourth rule: after three warning, it was better to pray, because you had to be punished. Punishment wasn’t always the same. It changed according to teacher’s thought. I was punished several time at the beginning and it was very painful. The worst time, I remember, it was raining and temperature was around 38/40 F. In the ground, there were like rings used to open manholes. I was obliged to lie to the ground on my back, then my wrists were tied with a rope to that rings. Just imagine the scene, I was lying on the ground with my bare chest on the open air, with rain which hit me. It lasted 20 minutes. During these minutes I couldn’t move due to the rope. At the end I was untied and I could go inside. I think it was the worst punishment I have ever received.

Comments by Andrew R on 28th July 2019  

Jo, I found your post interesting. My PE/Games lessons were hard and as William said there was no place to hide. Laps of the field awaited anyone lacking effort and you'd be run into the ground at the end to teach you a lesson. I had the same PE teacher throughout school and he knew everyone's strengths and weaknesses.

Outdoors I and a couple of others were picked to strip off every time while for others it wasn't as frequent. I wish I knew why as our indoor kit was barechested for all.

Comments by William on 26th July 2019  

Andrew and Willy, Nude swimming at boys' schools has surfaced before in this discussion: try February, March and December last year for starters.

Comments by Andrew on 26th July 2019  andrew_bx@yahoo.co.uk 

It is curious the idea of nude swimming but its so hard to know the details about it because I think the participants are of a generation that aren't often net users, no longer with us or just don't think its odd enough to them to warrant any mention. I didnt give my (limited) PE kit that much thought until hearing what is worn today and others sharing their stories.
Swimsuits for males are a more recent invention than for females so its stands to reason men/boys didnt wear them and that was the norm until some point presumably as mixed swimming in public became common.

Comments by Willy on 23rd July 2019  

Several posters have mentioned that they had nude swimming classes for boys at school.
How common was this practice and when did it cease, if it ceased at all?
We didn't have the luxury of a swimming school at the schools I went to, or knew other schools that had.

Some have even mentioned that they had swimming galas also in the nude in front of family members as spectators, including girls like sisters. Was this also common?
Also was there an age limit when the boys had to swim nude, since some mention that this was only for juniors up to 13 or so, after which they wore swimsuits.

Comments by Willy on 23rd July 2019  

It seems that the only thing that kids practice today is sitting at the computer playing video games and looking at their mobiles and tablets.
We didn't have such gadgets when we were kids and so spent most of our time outside school or holidays playing outside.
We even organized athletic races between us or played football. Unlike today's kids it was a constant physical activity when outside of school or after school.
Girls would be jumping ropes in the street and other such activities.
Yes, fat or overweight kids were very rare.

Comments by Alfie A on 23rd July 2019  

I know "things were different in my day" circa mid 60's, but I think the problem with P.E. nowadays like all subjects it is results and target driven. For P.E. my teenage son P.E. just seems to be football, cricket dodge ball or some other organised games. Any gymnastics is for the "top set" only who actually are going for a GCSE grade in the subject. This means other pupils miss out on the actual exercise that we all had to do.
Furthermore until we left school at 16 we always had to go swimming at the local swimming pool each week. Summer & winter. We did wear trunks of the briefs style(that really was all that was available and what all males wore. So P.E. sports & swimming was minimal clothing and that was that.
How times have changed. When I go to the swimming pool at my gym, I see that teen lads are not only wearing longish swimming shorts, it is apparent from waistbands that are showing, that they also wear their boxer shorts under their swim shorts!! Why? It cannot be for support because most swim shorts have a netting inside as a support.