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Burnley Grammar School

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There's pleny of room in the modern-styled gymnasium for muscle developing, where the boys are supervised by Mr. R. Parry, the physical education instruction.
Source: Lancashire Life Magazine, December 1959

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Comments by Amy on 24th February 2017  

Hi Andrea

Yes, it was basically primary school ages, 4-11. Some independent schools go up to age 13 but ours didn't. We did PE with nothing on right through to when we left. It seems incredible that it was less than 30 years ago that this happened and was considered to be quite ok! I guess we were lucky that it was girls-only!

Comments by Andrea on 23rd February 2017  andreatwo@hotmail.co.uk 

Hi Amy,

What age were you when you had to do PE naked? You mentioned removing vest and pants, so was it a Primary School(up to age 11, or do the age ranges differ in private schools?

It does sound odd being allowed a skirt but no top. My secondary School uniform for indoor PE was gym knickers (without a skirt) and a white aertex shirt. Outdoors we were allowed to wear a skirt or culottes over our gym knickers.

Comments by Amy on 22nd February 2017  

It seems in the past we all had it bad but a lot of girls had it even worse than the boys. I went to a fairly small independent girls only junior school in North Yorkshire in the 80s. We had an old gym that was in pretty poor condition but we still used it several times a week. We all walked from our classroom over to the corner of the school where the gym stood. The changing rooms were locked out of use because they were old and leaking, so we all went straight into the gym itself. Once we were in there we were all expected to undress in silence, in a strict order. First our shoes, them our cardigans, our dresses, blouses, our shoes and socks, our vests and finally our pants. We were then ready to start our lessons. When we look back now it's amazing that we had to do PE wearing absolutely nothing at all!

Comments by Louise on 22nd February 2017  

Hi Claire

How odd that your school wouldn't let you wear a top, even a bra, but insisted on skirts - I assume with gym knickers beneath?

Comments by Archie on 20th February 2017  

Don, yes it was mixed. The girls knew we swam naked and di PE shirtless but these classes were single sex. Double standards as usual! Boys got CP but girls got detention...

Comments by James on 20th February 2017  

When I attended a naturist swim club,all facilities were mixed gender and we were not allowed to wear swimming trunks.

Comments by Don on 19th February 2017  

Archie, was it a mixed school and did you ever have females present during your nude swims?

Comments by Archie on 16th February 2017  

Willy, it was an independent day school - very traditional

Comments by Hilary on 15th February 2017  

Gerald, was it uncomfortable to wear these slips? Were they sold widely at the time or resort tend to schools? Were they common to wear at the time?

Comments by Claire on 15th February 2017  

Hi Louise,

We wore a PE skirt, always black, but footwear depended on what we were doing. Outside it was always black plimsoles unless it was athletics then bare feet were allowed. Gym sessions varied between bare feet or white plimsoles for gym including indoor netball and the dreaded fitness sessions which were always during a double lesson.

Comments by Louise on 14th February 2017  

Hi Claire

What else did you wear for PE? Did you have kit in the bottom half or just knickers? What about footwear?

Comments by Claire on 13th February 2017  

Hi Andrea,

I was left with little choice, either wear a vest and get laughed at, or go topless. I was relieved when I finally started to show and was able to wear a bra. The PE teachers said they preferred minimal kit and were quite brutal about it too. As far as they were concerned skins ruled.


Comments by Andrea on 12th February 2017  andreatwo@hotmail.co.uk 

That seems very harsh. I imagine you were relieved when you finally able to wear a sports bra?

Comments by Claire on 12th February 2017  

Hi Louise,

No, she didn't relent. I didn't have much of a choice other than to remain topless until late on in yr 9. It wasn't much fun but it did stop me being picked on as much which was good.


Comments by Willy on 12th February 2017  

Archie, what kind of school was this where you had to swim naked?

Comments by Gerald on 11th February 2017  

Willy, I have absolutely no idea why we had to wear them instead of swim briefs. The reason can't have been cost or availability since briefs weren't expensive and were available in most shops and were much more comfortable. I think it was mainly because it was a tradition that the school wanted to keep. The slips were provided by the school. It's just something that was part of the required kit. They covered everything that briefs cover.

The problem with these slips was that in order to avoid any risk of them falling off we tied them quite tight, which made them hard to take off after a lesson if they became knotted.

Comments by Archie on 10th February 2017  

Our teachers wore the sort of Slips that are being talked about - basically a g string made from cotton- whilst we boys were naked.

My father also had one he wore when he took me swimming to a private swimming baths that he was a member of. Suspect the design was linked to post war rationing!

Comments by Willy on 10th February 2017  

Hi Geraald and Turner, I never heard of these swimming slips, looks like something from the Victorian era.
What was the sense in wearing these slips which had to be tied with strings and not just wear plain briefs?
Were they supplied by the school or were they part of the school kit?
I imagine they just barely covered the front part and back.

Comments by Gerald on 9th February 2017  

I remember wearing the slips that Turner mentioned.

They were essentially a briefs-like garment that you had to tie at the side. They weren't very comfortable and were either uncomfortably tight or dangerously loose depending on how you tied them.

Comments by Reg on 9th February 2017  gary.adams2@btinternet.com 

Boys' boarding school in the 1960s. Twice daily showers in a communal shower room with 60 other kids supervised by a teacher; twice weekly swimming lessons no trunks until 5th form (now year 11). At scouts we were permitted to use the pool and gym in a local army base. Afterwards we all showered together while the scoutmaster "supervised".
Our teachers and parents had all gone through the war you weren't about to complain to them about it and as for the scout master we knew what was going on but he only looked and we regarded it as a quid pro quo for using the facilities. We kids were fairly hard nosed in those days.

Comments by Louise on 7th February 2017  

Hi Claire

So did you continue doing your PE lessons without a top until tr9 or did your teacher relent before then?

What else did you wear for PE: shorts, gym knickers etc?


Comments by James on 5th February 2017  

It was an all boys school and all the boys wore slips for swimming from 11 to 16.
It was considered a normal practice to wear slips,so it was not too embarrassing or humiliating when teachers or other school staff attended our swim classes,but could be when visitors attended and we could be seen through the viewing window.

Comments by Andrea on 5th February 2017  andreatwo@hotmail.co.uk 

Hi Jim,
Our secondary school was all girls, so all our PE teachers were female.

At primary school PE wasn't topless or in underwear but boys and girls did have to change in the same classroom. Mostly this was supervised by our class teacher, who was female but occasionally it was done by a male teacher.

Comments by Andy on 5th February 2017  

Was it a boys only or mixed school?
When you say it was for all ages throughout the school, what were the actual ages, since it obviously depended on the type of school.
Were there any particular times when it was especially more embarrassing and humiliating, such if you had other teachers or school staff or visitors present during your swim classes?

Comments by James on 5th February 2017  

Willy,sorry about the spelling error,I meant cords and we were made to wear them.

Comments by James on 5th February 2017  

Hi Willy,we used to wear slips for swimming at all ages through school.
The slip that I wore was a sliver of nylon attached to chords
to keep it in place.
No,we were not given a reason why we were made to them instead of normal swimming trunks,it was a requisite for swimming lessons.
Yes,I did feel embarrassed and humiliated when having to those flimsy slips,while other boys were quite brazen and arrogant.

Comments by RobinC on 5th February 2017  

Sorry Gerald for the late response.
1) I did not know of any schools at the time that swam without trunks. The school I went to was quite isolated and I didn't know anyone who went to other schools nearby. Our school was one of the last to have done nude swimming.
2) Our teacher was indifferent. He didn't seem to like or dislike the policy but he did his job as he was told to by the headteacher and heads of department, who only later ruled that we should do swimming with trunks.
3) eventually the school banned it because it just became very outdated. No one saw any reason to continue the policy. I think they should have stopped it earlier.

Comments by Willy on 4th February 2017  

Hi James, at what ages were the boys in your school made to wear these flimsy slips?

Were they made of nylon or cotton?

Did they ever give a reason why the boys were made to wear these slips instead of normal swim trunks?

Did you or the other boys feel embarrassed or humiliated by being made to wear these slips for swimming lessons?

Comments by Claire on 4th February 2017  

Hi Jim, We never had a male teacher it was an all girls school. It was hard enough going topless with just female groups. Girls can tease just as much as boys.

Comments by James on 3rd February 2017  

I remember wearing the slips that were mentioned and they were also tied at the hip to keep them in place.
I don't recall any'malfunctions'and they were quite comfortable to wear,albeit they were very minuscule.

Comments by Turner on 2nd February 2017  


It was boys only. I did not attend this school but came across the kit list so wondered whether anyone had experience of these slips that tie at the side. What did they feel like? Did they malfunction e.g. come untied or become knotted so you couldn't get them off?

Comments by Willy on 2nd February 2017  

Turner, was this a boys only or mixed school?
I presume that these slips were only mandated for boys during swimming at the school.
I guess that some schools really stuck to tradition, but at least a tiny nylon or cotton slip was a step up from complete nudity which was common in many schools for boys at the time for swimming lessons.

Comments by Turner on 1st February 2017  

King Edward VII Grammar School Sheffield Sept 1961 P.E. requirements:-
P.T.: black shorts and gym shoes.
Swimming: non-swimmers - white cotton slips, triangular, with tapes to fasten at the side.
swimmers - blue nylon or cotton slips.
These should be contained in a polythene or waterproof bag, as there are no drying facilities at the School.
Were these slips like the German Dreiecksbadehose? I thought they had been replaced by trunks with elasticated waistbands in the 1940s or 50s.

Comments by Jim on 30th January 2017  

Did you girls ever do PE in just underwear or topless with a male teacher?

Comments by Andrea on 30th January 2017  andreatwo@hotmail.co.uk 

Claire & Louise,
I can remember my sister telling me that my niece hated wearing a vest once some of her friends had started to wear bras, so even though she was still flat chested at that point Sis bought her some crop tops so she wouldn't feel left out.

When I was that age in the early 1970's there were no such things as crop tops (or sports bras). Until we were sufficiently developed for a 'teen bra' (a scaled down version of what our mothers wore), we wore vests or nothing under our shirts - just like the boys. Getting your first bra was a sort of rite of passage (which some girls looked forward to, but others didn't!).

Comments by Claire on 30th January 2017  

Hi Louise,

Up to yr7 it was just a standard vest and after yr7 a sports bra.
My simple problem was I didn't start to show until towards the end of yr9. To be honest, I was apprehensive about going topless in the gym but being average build I felt it was the only option. One thing that did ease off were the ribbings, they stopped after a couple of months which was a huge relief.

Comments by Louise on 30th January 2017  

Hi Claire

No way did girls have it easy! I think we've proved that!

Up to yr7 was it your underwear vest that you had to wear for PE? From yr7 was it just your regular bra or did the other girls bring sports bras to wear? How did you feel having to go into the gym topleas - I bet it was worse being the only one like that. What else did you wear in the gym?


Comments by Claire on 29th January 2017  


Poor you! PE lessons were an endurance test for me. Our kit on top was supposed to be a vest up to yr7 then just a bra. I was still flat chested at that stage and was told by the teacher to either wear a vest, and be the only one to do so, or go into the gym topless. I was ribbed enough as it was so topless was the only option. Who says girls had it easy?

Comments by Andrea on 29th January 2017  andreatwo@hotmail.co.uk 


I agree with Rob, that sounds awful. We were allowed just to wash ourselves in one of the sinks if we didn't want to use the shower at that time of the month.

As for making that poor year 9 girl do gymnastics topless, that must have been so embarrassing her! Even in year 7 some of my classmates definitely needed their bras and as far as I can recall pretty much all of us wore them by the end of year 8.

Comments by Rob on 27th January 2017  

Louise, that's terrible, I feel so sorry for you. They shouldn't have been allowed to treat girls like that. it must have been really embarrassing for you and the memory has stayed with you ever since. Boys should consider themselves lucky; they have nothing to get embarrassed about when they are in the showers.

Comments by Louise on 26th January 2017  

Rob - I think it was quite harsh making us shower even on our periods. But I can see that we were just as sweaty or muddy as the rest of the class so did need to freshen up somehow. For a lot of girls it wasn't too obvious but you're right about those with very heavy periods. I remember one lesson where I felt so weak and afterwards in the shower it was pretty messy and unpleasant.

Andrea - yes, in yr8 upwards if we forgot our kit we did it in a bra as well as our pants. For some girls that couldn't come a day too soon! I remember a girl who joined us at the start of yr9 who didn't have a PE kit. For some reason she didn't have a bra either so had to do gymnastics wearing just a pair of pants!

Comments by Peter B on 26th January 2017  

Following the comments by T & William in my era at secondary school, ie 1961 to 1966, it was not that long since ww2 had ended and National Service finished I think about 1963. Therefore in an all male school with all male teachers most of these had served in the war or national service as had our fathers they had experienced communal changing in military accommodation and to them it was just the norm. Furthermore it is only recently that changing arrangements had altered in swimming pools. I remember certainly up to a few years ago the changing facilities at swimming pools were segregated by gender and although there were a few cubicles generally all males changed in an open area and we were quite used to this arrangement so a changing room for pe at school seemed no different. Nowadays we have mixed changing villages, the trouble being at our local pool when busy there are not enough facilities which means having to wait and when you come out of the pool you are hanging around getting cold waiting for a vacant cubicle whereas previously in an all male environment you could just come out of the pool go the changing area and get changed.
Have we become to inhibited?

Comments by Gerald on 19th January 2017  

RobinC, did you know of any other schools that only recently stopped this practice? Fifteen years ago is quite recent. Were you okay with it? was your teacher ( a man I presume!) supportive of the policy or did he aim to stop it? And why did your school decide to ban the practice?

Comments by T on 19th January 2017  

To be honest, those pictures should never have been taken and in shocked that they were. I understand why nude showering is appropriate but a photographer should never have been given access to take those photos. I would have been absolutely horrified if an adult man just walked in on us and took photos while we were in that state. I'm glad that this is no longer allowed to take place. Where's the privacy in that?

Comments by RobinC on 18th January 2017  

I left fifteen years ago and I was one of the last years in the school to do their swimming lessons without trunks. Was a boys private day school.

Comments by William on 17th January 2017  

T, Interesting that your experience mirrors mine many years before: initially nervous, eventually confident and then not bothering whether you're nude or not in the showers queue or changing room. It helped that we had no choice and were all treated the same.

The photos I mentioned bear this out. The foreground figures in McBride's might well be posed but the boys in the background are not and seem entirely relaxed; and the American boys are unconcerned that they are all naked in the showers, as if it's completely natural, which I suppose it is.

Comments by T on 15th January 2017  

William, I have to agree with you that communal showers can help a lot in terms of not being shy. When I first started secondary school nine years ago, I was pretty shocked to hear that we were supposed to shower after every swimming lesson and that we had to take our swimwear off before doing so. Eventually, we all got used to it and didn't even bother covering up with towels in the queue!
So little things like this do boost your confidence

Comments by Andrea on 14th January 2017  andreatwo@hotmail.co.uk 


Our PE teacher was a stickler for us wearing the correct PE kit and made us wear some from the lost property cupboard which if we forgot our own (which we hated as it was usually grubby and smelly!).

She had a rather different attitude to bras than yours; far from forbidding them to be worn, she would sometimes 'suggest' that it was time that certain girls started to wear one!

I would imagine that for some, running around topless towards the end of year 7 must have been uncomfortable and embarrassing?

I assume that they were allowed in later years you were allowed to keep them on?

Comments by Rob on 13th January 2017  

Louise,I was a little more than concerned and wondered what a man who said that was doing teaching PE in a girls school.However, your female teacher doesn't sound much better and I can imagine her. She probably chose the kit she wanted girls to wear from year 8 onwards until you were aged 18 so I hope none of you ever forgot your kit.With boys it's different; we didn't need anything other than a pair of shorts in the gym or outside and as we got very hot and sweaty we needed to be naked in the showers together in order to wash properly and it wasn't a problem. However, your teacher was very insensitive making girls shower when they were having their periods and it must have been very unpleasant for any who suffered heavy periods.Surely, if you brought a doctor's note this would have excused you.She shouldn't have been snooping around in the changing room anyway, our teacher never did. We knew we needed to shower and all got on with it.But then again, we were all boys and had it easy.

Comments by Louise on 11th January 2017  

Rob, in fact we always had to shower after our PE lessons. Very often our PE teacher would be in the changing room or at least come in at some point so there was no way of not showering, even if you didn't want to. Being on your period didn't get you out of it either; our teacher said that you still needed to get clean after sweating in her lesson.

At the end of my earlier message it was supposed to read "I remember her saying we were lucky to be allowed our pants!" Sorry for not correcting the bad typo!